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Poll Results: If water spontaneously broke to start labor for your first, did it also spontaneously break to start

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#1 water broke first, no contractions, was induced due to being GBS+

#2 water broke first (at an ultrasound!), followed by contractions and a wonderful homebirth
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Yes with first, No with second

With my first, my water broke with no other signs of labor. I had my son 8 hours later.

With my second, my water broke are my daughter was crowning. Three hours labor in total.

Since my water never broke with the second (until the very end), I never really felt like I was in labor! (I guess I was just waiting for my bag to break to 'tell' me I was in labor LOL )
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My water broke to start my labor with my first, and not with my second (or any other, actually).
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#1 PROM at 36 weeks, stall, pitocin and prolapse

#2 MW advised I take lots of C, broken at 8CM by MW @ 41 weeks 3 days

#3 only 21 weeks pg

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My water broke when laying in bed 3 hours before my first was born. (That was when I first knew I was in labor)

My second baby I labored during the night and the water broke in the birth pool right before the baby came out.
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With DS1 my water didn't break until about 15 or so hours into labor. With DS2 my water broke about 2 hours before I felt contractions.
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With number one I got up to pee at 4 o'clock in the morning and my water broke . Contractions started 12 minutes later. She was born on her due date. My boys didn't break until well into labor.
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I am a statistical anomaly! My water has broken within 1-2 contractions of my labor beginning with all six of my pregnancies.
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My water broke in bed both times. The first I was asleep and woke up hot and as I went to sit up to push off the blankets my water broke. DS was born 2.5 hours later. With my second I was sitting up in bed playing sudoku and my water broke, DS was born 25 minutes later.
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MyBoysBlue - 25 min from start to finish!! #2 was 2.5 hours for me. I really don't want it to be any faster this time.

My water broke with #1 and contractions started an hour or two later.

With #2, I had a leak with the first contraction but it didn't gush until her head was born. However, I think maybe her head was blocking it and that is why. Her head was only about 1.5" inside the last week or two of my pregnancy.
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dd1- sPROM at 42+ weeks. Water broke, contractions started about 18 hours later.

dd2- SROM at 40 weeks with contractions starting within a half hour or so.

ds1- my odd one out...Midwife broke my water due to being on a 'vbac' clock (no midwife after 42wks, no vbac "allowed" after 42wks). So at 42wks and after weeks of prodromal labor I had AROM. DS was born 4 hours later. I think my body just doesn't know what to do till the water breaks, you know?
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I can now answer this - nope.

With DS2, water broke sometime during labor, not even sure when.
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With my first, my water broke as we were eating dinner (at 37 weeks). With my second, My water didn't break until my OB broke it (with my permission) at 10 cms. we are expecting #3, our first home birth, and we'll see what happens.
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My water broke with my first at 3 am in the morning and I started light contractions. I was threatened with a C-section when I got to the hospital (which was uncalled for and made me mad) I did a lot of fast walking and other things to get labor really going and from start to finish it took about 27 hours. With my second my water broke again at 3am (amazing!!), and contractions started lightly again, but came on harder without much walking or anything. From start to finish it was 14 hours. Expecting my 3rd and wondering how this one will turn out. I would be okay either way (what choice do I have) It didn't bother me much for my water to break and I am very thankful I had some of the depends underpants on hand just for that reason, they came in very handy, otherwise I would have had to live on the toilet, or change my clothes a lot.
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With #1 my water broke about a week after EDD. Did not have any contractions for 24 hours+ and was then given oxytocin. I think they tried the gel first though.

With #2 my water broke on my EDD but had no contractions for 12+ hours and was then given oxytocin.

Oddly enough, both times my water broke on the same day of the week and at around the same time of day -- 4 pm for the first, 5 pm for the second. Even the same doctors on call!
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My water broke in the middle of the night with both of my dds. Slow leaks both times. With my first, labor started right away and she was born about 7 hours later. With my second, nothing really happened for hours, and then labor started in earnest and I went from 2 cm to holding a baby in under two hours.
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Both times my water broke first thing in the morning (though interestingly, different times of the morning... but the first time I got up to pee). First labor, I hadn't had any contractions. Second labor I *thought* I hadn't been having contractions, but since contractions started/picked up immediately after water breaking, and I'd had a shittier-than-normal night, I decided in retrospect that I must have been having contractions during the night. :P

First labor I had a medical midwife and was talked into pitocin mere hours after my water broke (and contractions hadn't started... though I don't think they really had much chance since I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I wonder if I'd slowed down and just let my body do it's thing if they would have gotten going on their own.)
Second labor I had a different midwife (and doula) who had other strategies to get labor going, and turned out I didn't need them. :P
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With my first, my water broke spontaneously when I got up that morning and contractions started within the hour (though she wasn't born until the next day).

With my second, my water didn't break until the very end of labor, as his head came down into the birth canal. Labor started very much the same in all other ways -- about an hour after I got up that morning. It was even the same day of the week. He didn't wait until the next day to be born, though.
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