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Need a recommendation for fabric type-washable and indestructible

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Hi! I need to make a new slipcover and pillowcases for my tailored couch. It came with a lovely cotton material (duck, maybe?) that I mistakenly believed to be machine washable. It wasn't.

I need to be able to wash the fabric frequently-a few times a month without it falling apart. It would almost help if it wasn't terribly expensive because I am going to need A LOT. The fabric needs to be quite sturdy also, as the fabric shapes the pillows-if that makes sense.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated!
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why wouldn't cotton duck be washable? did it shrink?
i would think you could buy duck or canvas and preshrink (wash) it and then serge and sew. but that would be a lot of yardage and money to cover a couch. I would try to use something less expensive and i would think if you tailored/ made it fit right then that would look fine....
we have an "Old Time Pottery" store nearby- i know it is a chain, maybe you do too? and i know they always have a large selection of decorator weight sturdier fabric and it is like $3.99/yard or something. they don't cut it tho, you buy all that they have....but i always see lots of patterns that might be enough yardage for a project that large. or maybe you could use ticking...i saw some in the home-sew catalog that is cotton and all white, so it could be dyed....cna't remember the price i think it was around $6/yard...

i personally would probably use a blanket or make a quilt ....or at least do it first with sheets or muslin... before i would attempt making a tailored sofa cover out of expensive fabric i would be quite daunted by that and afraid it would be messy or sloppy or not fit (right)...but it certainly can be done and i bet there are good tuts or maybe you already have those skills anyway, good luck- i hope you do it well and are pleased with the result!
i am NO expert; just noticed you hadn't gotten any replies. again, good luck!
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This place has some great bargains on home decor fabric-

Sign up for their specials and check online for coupon codes.
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I will admit to buying off the clearanced home decor fabric at Walmart - $1/yd for a full bolt. I've made curtains and a cover for my full size futon out of it. I prewashed the fabric and dried it on hot to pre-shrink... and I think the instructions on the bolt said "dry clean only"
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Go to a joanne's and ask for "trigger". It seems very stiff but will soften up after a few washes and is colorfast and indestructible. My friends use it for Renn Faire battle costuming because it holds up to repeated washings and looks great. It is generally available in several solid colors in 60" width. It might be called "poplin trigger" and is about 5 per yard or half that if you have a coupon.
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before we moved and put all FOUR large dogs outside, we had a store-bought denim couch cover. That thing held up like iron- the stains ALWAYS came out, and denim never looks bad when it fades. It took 16 doggie paws a long, long time to rip it, too.
I told myself if I ever need to buy or make another couch cover, denim is the ultimate way to go.
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