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Daughter disabled due to birth trauma

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I don't know really where to begin. Not only was my my labor extremely traumatic, my whole prenatal care was. At 34 weeks I started show signs of early preeclampsia and was placed on bed rest. My blood pressure was somewhat high but not dramatically high so I was left on bedrest and had to come to the OB twice a week. There were 3 different doctors at my OB clinc. The one that had put me on bedrest I could not always see so I had to see others. When I did see the others they had no idea why I was there since I had already been there that week and didn't even know that I was on bed rest or why it was needed. At 39 weeks my blood pressure remained high and would not go down even laying on my side. My feet and hands were swollen so bad that I couldn't even fit in my slip on shoes and had to wear my husbands. I was sent to the hospital to be induced.

At 6 PM they started my on pitocin even though I was already dilated 2cm and contracting on my own. Labor continued pretty uneventfully. At 3:30 AM I requested an epidural because the pain was intense and I was only dilated 3 cm. The epidural did not really work. I felt evey contraction with very little pain releif and had really bad back labor. However my baby and I were still doing find so we kept pushing through. at 10 AM I was fully dilated and began pushing. It was just my husband me and the nurse in the room. The doctor came in an hour and a half after I had been pushing and was in the room for 5 minutes. He said he would be back in about a half an hour and if I still hadn't delivered we would opt for the c-section. I continued to push. Another HOUR AND A HALF later I had to DEMAND for the nurse to get the doctor back (she didn't want to call him). Doctor finally came back in and said he would try the vaccuum. If that didn't work it would be a c-section. Two contractions later and my daughter was delivered vaccuum assisted. I had a third degree tear all they way through my anus and it took the doctor 45 minutes to finish stitching my up. NICU doctors took my daughter immediately and I didn't get to see her until the next morning! Turns out she had what they thought was a subgalleal hemmorage from the vaccuum and her head was HUGE and extremely brusied. I was not able to go to the NICU to see her because about two hours after delivery and they took my daughter from me without me even being able to see her I started to hemmorage myself. I was losing so much blood I couldn't even sit up without almost passing out. I had to stay in bed. The bleeding continued pretty heavily on and off for the remainder of the night. Since I still couldn't get up to go to the bathroom the nurse had straight cathed me THREE times. The fourth time she came back to do it my vagina was so swollen she couldn't even get it in and I was screaming and crying for them to leave me alone. My doctor injected my IV with fentanyl to ease the pain (without my permission). They finally fully cathed me and left it in. The next morning I was finally able to get up to go to the restroom. When I stood up and walked to the bathroom a SOFTBALL sized clot fell out of me. These clots got slightly bigger each time and were falling out of me each hour. The doctor thought I might have some placenta left so he reached his arm inside of me and was scraping the inside of my uterus only to find nothing. The bleeding continued for the next two days and I was still having softball sized clots when they were trying to release me and send me home. My husband said he was not taking me home like that and they agreed that I could stay another day in the hospital. I was released 4 days after delivery and had to spend my time in the NICU because my daughter was still there.

Two days after I was released I had to go back to my OB clinic because I had chills and couldn't eat. I had a fever of 103 and ended up having a uterine infection (most likely due to the doctor reaching into me so many times after deliver). My daughter was released 8 days after her birth. At this time we found it she was profoundly deaf and has abnormal eye movements. My daughter is now 1 year old and cannot sit up on her own, will not bare weight on her arms and legs so she will not stand, she cannot even crawl. She has global delays. She also has abnormalcies in her brain that nobody can explain to us. We have had genetic testing and NONE of this is genetic. My husband and I complained immediately to the hospital about the care we received. On my six week checkup my doctor knew that we had complained and tried to inform me that I never had preeclampsia and that my daughters condition was unrelated to the birth. She also proceeded to call the NICU doctors (without my permission) to see if the cat scan had revealed why my daughter was deaf. (I'm assuming she was worried that they would be at fault) We also received a letter from the head of the hospital to where we complained and he told us "the doctors have done everything the should have and sometimes these things happen. You should take this time to focus on your daughters disability"! I WAS SO OFFENDED. We are still in the process of having our lawyer go through all of the medical records. This was ABSOLUTELY the most terrifying and horrible experience of my life. My husband and I are ttc number two and I am so frightened to go through that again.
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. Just .
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I'm so sorry, mama.
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I'm sorry, that's horrible
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I don't even have the words. I am so sorry
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and best wishes to you and your family. So sorry that happened to you.
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I am fighting back tears for you. No one should have to go through what you & your daughter experienced.
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Wow, Mama.

I would request a copy of all of your records NOW and consider talking to a lawyer. They can't be allowed to do that to someone again!
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If you hadn't said you had a lawyer going over the records, I would tell you to get one.

I am so sorry that you were treated so badly, mama. Vacuum delivery - any instrumental delivery - can be scary stuff. I would rather have a c-section than an instrumental delivery attended by a doctor who isn't 100% experienced and comfortable with the instruments, and I have no idea how anyone gets comfy with the instruments when all the patients are like me (and we're all like that for REALLY good reasons).
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thank you all for your support. It was hard enough going through that experience but watching my daughter struggle each day is a constant reminder.
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SO sorry, Mama. Thank you on behalf of all the mothers and babies you are protecting by telling your story and taking action.
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I am so sorry. Please know that I am thinking about you.
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So sorry mama. My DD had a birth injury as well, but the difference is my birth was fine. We don't know why she lacked oxygen, or even WHEN. While you may be tempted to sue, think it over carefully. DID they do everything they could? WAS there negligence? Standard hospital deliveries advise the use of pitocin and vacuums. Doctors have been taught to deliver babies this way. I don't agree with it personally, unless the baby is in serious distress (in which case lack of oxygen is a bigger worry). But that is standard care these days. Get a hold of your medical records, talk to your lawyer, but then sit on it a while. Lawsuits like that can be very long and drawn out and very emotional. You may get money, but aside from that, nothing will change. Doctors actually get *worse* about interventions the more lawsuits they get because they think getting the baby out quickly will lead to less birth injuries, which is completely false (try telling THEM that though!). Lawsuits make standard care worse in the U.S., not better. A lawsuit won't keep it from happening to someone else. It happens all the time, unfortunately.

It's hard to get past. My DD is 2 1/2 and the idea of another baby still scares me to death. But the truth is, there are no guarantees no matter what kind of birth you have. I had a peaceful, perfect homebirth and my baby never even had dips in her heart rate. We don't know why she had a brain injury and certainly don't understand why it was so BAD. Her's is about as severe as it gets and will shorten her life considerably. For a child who had a perfect heart rate...it just doesn't add up. And with that kind of birth, you don't even know to DO a c-section. There's no warning. It's scary, for sure, but it's also the exception, not the rule. Do what you can to prevent the same thing from happening, but also know, that this kind of thing happens at home, happens in the hospital, happens in birth centers, and it's very often not due to negligence.
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Thank you all for your support. It truly is hard. but on the brighter side we had a HUGE milestone today. she is 13 months and she sat up for 37 minutes on her own! For the first time ever. I am so proud of her. Good things do come from bad experiences, but the bad experiences shouldn't have to happen in the first place. I don't like the idea of having to sue the dr. but if something they did was wrong than there is no doubt in my mind. I don't expect them to do anything about it and I know that it won't change anything. I just want them to see that they DO make mistakes and maybe it will make them more aware in the future.
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I couldn't read and not send some s

I had two sons with severe disabilities and delays, though theirs were not from birth trauma. I hope you've discovered the special needs parenting forum here?? It's an amazing, amazing place and you'll get tons of support from parents who really get it.

I don't know the particulars of lawsuits, but to me even getting a monetary settlement would be worth it. Raising kids with special needs is expensive, and you might value having some support and wiggle-room.

Best of luck to you and to your daughter!
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i'm so sorry. much love & hugs your way.
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thank you all
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Oh god. I'm so, so, so very sorry. I would call a lawyer. Reading this makes me so angry for you!!!
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I sympathize with you....I have a smiliar situation where I delivered twins and my twins are 9 minutes apart. I knew something wasn't right when my daughter started to act different. I have a video of the birth and with everything that we have dealt with and me extensively reading I feel that my daughter has brain damage due to the fact they squeezed her head to tight with the forceps while delivering her and the person delivering her had little experience. I don't know what the statues of lilimations are on trying to sue and am scared to go through the process but my daughter will not ever be able to live on her own or various other things that her normal twin sister will do in their lifetime.
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