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I sympathize with you....I have a smiliar situation where I delivered twins and my twins are 9 minutes apart. I knew something wasn't right when my daughter started to act different. I have a video of the birth and with everything that we have dealt with and me extensively reading I feel that my daughter has brain damage due to the fact they squeezed her head to tight with the forceps while delivering her and the person delivering her had little experience. I don't know what the statues of lilimations are on trying to sue and am scared to go through the process but my daughter will not ever be able to live on her own or various other things that her normal twin sister will do in their lifetime.

I am so sorry! I definitely know how you feel. How old are your twins? We saw two different lawyers and unfortunately there wasn't enough evidence for any legal action. My daughter is now  2 1/2 and still cannot walk and she has cochlear implants but they do not work so she also cannot talk and has no form of communication because she also refuses to sign. According to our lawyers you only have until they are 2 years old to file a law suit otherwise you can no longer do so. We were within that time frame but unfortunately could not prove that they did things "below the standard of care". It is just really frustrating to me because I KNOW that they were at fault and it is SO expensive to raise a child with special needs but unfortunately cannot do anything about it.