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Posterior tongue tie

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Has anyone found a local doctor who would deal with this? I was going to go see Dr. Coryllos, but she is apparently no longer practicing. Anyone have any other recs?
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Dr. Hillburn at Annapolis ENT. Be sure to see HIM and no one else.

I had to travel to NY to see Dr. Coryllos with DD because the other docs at Annapolis ENT didn't understand but when I took DS (who was 3), he agreed that something wasn't right and did do a clip on him (under general because of his age). I sent a friend of mine to him as well with her 4 year old and he also clipped her posterior tie too.

If this baby is tied, I will see Dr. Hillburn, even if I have to pay out of pocket (which I probably will, as we will have military insurance). I spent a ton of money on dentists and ENTs here before traveling to NY and was happy to find Dr. Hillburn. I <3 him, he is truly amazing with kids and is the only doctor I know who will admit that he was wrong and mom was right!

If you go and see him, tell him Felicia Miller recommended him. He may not remember me (I haven't seen him in a while) but he remembers when I tell him I have referred people to him for tongue tie clips.

Good luck!
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check out baltimoreent.com .

I took my two month old to Dr. Weiss. She was young enough to just have topical numbing with Lidocain. It was done in minutes.


ps.They have 3 locations.
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Did your baby have a posterior tie or an 'classic' tongue tie to the tip of the tongue? Most providers (especially ENT's) don't understand a posterior tie. I saw three ENT's, plus 2 pediatric dentitsts who told me there was nothing wrong with my child and that I just wanted something to blame the BFing troubles on. She was very severely tied, type 4 (which is as severe as posterior ties go) but no one here in MD would even agree something was abnormal!

Just curious, as it's always good to know of other ENT's with posterior tie experience. I only know of the one I've seen and dealt with so I love to hear of other places that acknowledge and treat them!
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DD was typical "tip of the tongue" tie.

Homewithtwinsmama said there is a CPM in SHippensburg pa that will do it.

you could PM her for the info
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I didn't know that there were ENTs who didn't "deal" with posterior tongue ties! My daughter was tongue-tied and it went unnoticed until I brought it to the peds attention & we only saw one ENT who diagnosed it and clipped it. Wasn't around here, though. I hope that you can find someone! It made all the difference in our nursing relationship (she was 3mo was it was clipped).
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There is a doctor in Philadelphia who was trained by Dr. Coryllos to diagnose and treat posterior tongue tie. I can look around for the name, but you might be able to find it through Dr. Coryllos' office, and it was definitely mentioned in another thread on tongue tie.

We were sent to a few ENTs in the DC area who could not diagnose it in our daughter and ended up going to Dr. Coryllos. She has since had a stroke.

Good luck,
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