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I just wanted to pop in to give some encouragement.
I was a single mom of three for years. It was the most challenging time in my life. I've never lived off so little money. The kids went without the niceties for a while until I was "back on my feet". I did manage to survive without child support for a couple of years. My parents did help me a few times like when I needed a new car. They cut me an interest free loan and allowed me to make a very, very small monthly payment.
While I'm no longer single we now have two more children in our family and our income is just making it. I know this will be silly to some but I get much inspiration from the Duggar family, especially the early days when they weren't making nearly as much money. If they can feed and clothe all those children and have NO DEBT, so can I!

I wish you and your family the best.
s to you all