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Backed out

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Well, little man has decided that vertex wasn't all it was cracked up to be and has now completely backed out of my pelvis and is transverse.
All I can tell is that his back is up and hands and feet are hanging down because he is making me miserable. My cervix is super sore from all his punching and kicking. You know that crampy feeling you get after a none-to-gentle Pap or after having your membranes stripped? That is how I feel.
I'm going to buy a pregnancy belt so as soon as he turns vertex again I'm going to strap him in I think my very stretched out uterine ligaments and abdominal muscles are allowing him these gymnastics at this point even with him being a bit on the big side.
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This little one is doing the same thing. He changed positions TWICE yesterday. TWICE! Ugh. Wouldn't be SO bad if it weren't SO painful.

Hope your LO goes vertex again soon and knocks off the turning all around thing, lol.
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Both my girls pregnancies were basically the same way. I went in to active labor a month early and was stuck at 3cm the entire time WITH full blown cxt. My dr finally explained to me during my 2nd pregnancy that instead of them moving down, they were going back up. I had to be induced b/c of this. Oh well, they both got here and are perfectly healthy.
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Ugh! Those kicks to the cervix really don't feel good... my first was a footling breech and I will never forget that! I'm so curious to know what position this little lady is in. I think I have it figured out, but what I think is the bum could be the head and that would really not be good, she's been in the same position for six weeks straight.
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Big hugs that sounds miserable. This one goes from breech to transverse, but the only pain it gives me is my sides near my hips feel like it's going to rip open.
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I hope baby flips back around and stays that way! Mine feels like he/she is trying to flip around my stomach is being stretched and pulled in all sorts of direction and man does it ever hurt!
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Same thing going on here with baby girl. She flip flops around and I think is breech at the moment. I still have 6 wks. so she better figure it out! Might have to do the "belting" in too!
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