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should I be worried?

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My SIL had a little girl this afternoon. She had a c-section (planned due to earlier c-section where they had to cut her the "wrong" way) and then they took her away from her for several hours (I will not rant and rave about how angry I am about that right here) since she had been with her, the baby has mostly been sleeping and my SIL is exhausted too. She says she nursed a little. When I was there I held her for a little bit, when I first took her she woke some, cried and made nursing faces and then fell right back asleep. I gave her back and she tried to latch on a little and then fell back asleep.
I wish I could stay with her and help but my own little guys need me at home.
I told my brother and my mom that I was concerned and suggested that my SIL would need help since she's so tired. When I left both mom and baby were sleeping.
Any words of wisdom?
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Sounds like DD and I after my section. I would talk to your brother and make sure she is at least offering frequently. I know that DHs support was HUGE for me! If she doesn't get baby to latch and nurse consistently they will likely start pushing formula. He may need to help his wife a lot at first. If the hospital has an LC hopefully they can help too. I know I was SOOO sleepy that it made things hard but just encourage her to keep trying. Even if it's for 4 or 5 minutes every hour!
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The more the baby sleeps the less energy it uses in comparison to nursing effectively - the cs drugs stay in the body for a long time and do make baby sleepy - if at all possible try and get your SIL to do some breast compressions whilst baby is on the breast - it will stimulate the baby to nurse - www.drjacknewman.com click on videos to see a good example
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If this is her 2nd, did she successfully bf the 1st? I say trend lightly. So easy to over-step your limits w/ SILs and bfing. I speak from experience.... She has the ability to control how much meds she is getting therefore how sleepy she herself is.
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When the baby is sleeping is it swaddled and across the room in the crib? That's not good. The baby should be stripped down to a diaper and skin to skin with her 24/7, as much as humanly possible, even when it is not feeding time. It really helps to wake sleepy babies, and for mom to be able to recognize early feeding cues and offer the breast frequently and easily.
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