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Crazy Nipple Pain During Pregnancy

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I am experiencing crazy nipple pain with pregnancy #2. I get shooting, searing pain in my nipples and they are so sore most of the time that I can't let anything near me.

I'm wearing a good bra, day and night and I haven't breastfed since February.

Any suggestions?
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I had that with my second pregnancy. Luckily I haven't had it this time. And it did not last beyond my pregnancy, thankfully. It is SO painful. I was told it is called Raynaud's syndrome. The only thing that helped me was to keep my breasts very warm. I wore a fleece bra-top thingy under my shirt that whole pregnancy. Vests, too. Anything to keep them warm. Sometimes I had to heat one a rice sock up and use it against my chest. I hope you find something that works for you.
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Yeah, I have that. And I'm still nursing. This is the only time I've cried while nursing.
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Yes, definitely vasospasms.


Raynaud's can cause it, but so can trauma. I have had it during pregnancy and while BFing. Warmth is very important. I was always in pain if I got too cold while pg! And it may just be because I'm sipping Natural Calm as I type, but magnesium may help... Cal/Mag is okay, but mag is often more deficient and harder to replace. Natural Calm is a great type.
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Yup, Raynaud's. I've had episodes of it since i was a teenager, and it recurred more problematically during pregnancy. I think mine tends to be associated with breast fullness....when they were growing a lot as a teen, or swollen due to menstrual hormones, or growing due to pregnancy. And sure enough, it's come back recently. Suuuuuucks. I call it the purple nurples.

Raynaud's tends to affect extremities (hands/feet, and apparently nipples) in response to cold, but not necessarily cold of that area. Keeping warm in general helps. I've taken to wearing more layers on my torso than I might otherwise to prevent it when I'm exercising in colder weather. I had a football player (I'm an Athletic Trainer) who needed to wear a wool cap/neckwarmer whenever possible to keep his hands from losing circulation.

TMI solution...DH has been willing to "help" draw blood back into them. It's pretty instantly relieving.
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