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Anybody out there with ADHD? How do you treat it?

My son was just diagnosed, and after looking at some of the adult checklists I realize that I have it too. It's kind of a relief, but now I'm wondering what to do about it...

I also have pretty significant depression, been on Zoloft for about 15 years now. I get PMDD as well, so I really, REALLY don't want to take any ADHD med that might cause depression, as some of them do.
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Talk to your doctor about alternatives.

My American Medical Association Family Guide to Health says that Wellbutrin can be used to treat ADHD. It's often the first choice for adults. Since it's an antidepressant, there's a low chance it will cause depression.

It's a different kind of antidepressant than Zoloft, BTW. Zoloft effects serotonin. Wellbutrin effects dopamine and norepinephrine.

Ritalin is a norepinephrine effector which also suppresses neuronal latency periods.
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There are different things you can do besides medications as well. I believe that if I was born and raised these days, I would be diagnosed with ADHD. My concerns with ADHD medications for children is they can have long lasting effects (ie:slowing down the growth process) and children are not taught how to cope with the way their brain functions. True ADHD children are bright, creative and energetic and I personally and professionally think those things can be channelled in good ways. I work in mental health and see a lot of kids on medications when there are other alternatives.


Behavioral options. This is strongly rewards-based which I do have issues with, but it is a good overview about how school could address his needs if that is where he is having problems..


Diet based ideas:



Feingold has been very successful for a few families i have known personally.

For you if meds are in order:


Good luck with whichever you choose!
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I have ADHD and depression, and I am taking 300 mg. Wellbutrin and 18 mg. Concerta daily first thing in the morning. Once I get through my Paxil withdrawal (Switched from Paxil to Wellbutrin), I'll let you know how it is. I have taken Concerta/Ritalin before, and it helped me immensely at work. Did not need it when I was a SAHM.

I think that if I could devote a lot of time to natural remedies and more exercise, those things would help, but with two kids (one with special needs) and a complicated job where you always have to have the ducks in a row (special ed. teacher), there is not much time for me to pursue those avenues. But I am doing more yoga and walking lots more. That helps. It is possible that I could go off the Concerta, but after the major depressive episode this Fall that made me have to go on health leave for a long time, I am not going to mess with success.
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Look into acupuncture. I've been doing it for over a month and a half and it really helps, and whats great about is that it's holistic, so it treats the whole body not just the symptoms. We have a bunch of community acupuncture clinics in our city, so I only have to pay $15 a treatment, which is significantly cheaper then what you might pay in a different setting.

P.S. I have ADD, and depression and anxiety that I'm getting treated for.
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Thanks all. Things have taken a turn for the worse around here as of late; I'm barely functioning. It sucks. :cry

I love acupuncture, but at $100/hr I can't do it every week. The Zoloft doesn't work as well as it once did, and I can't get in to see my psychiatrist until August 28.
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I have ADHD as does my 9 yr old dd. We are doing everything we can without medication. But, I HIGHLY recommend consistently seeing a psychologist who specializes in adhd. Also, it is recommended that you get a specific diagnosis through someone qualified because several other illnesses can mimic adhd.

I have found the book Driven to Distraction to be very helpful. I also struggle with anxiety/depression and am on Lexapro for that but it doesn't seem to do anything for the adhd side. I've also found that I have to be careful with sugar and caffeine. While caffeine can help me focus, too much can send me over the edge.

My therapist recommended CHADD?? I'll try to look it up to make sure I give you the correct website address.
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Oh, and exercise is supposed to help tremendously because it burns off the excess energy and helps focus (due to some chemical in the brain but I forget which one)
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Certain techniques of Energy Medicine as well as Energy Psychology (both are relatively new and not known to the majority in the medical field) It can be done via the phone and certain accu-points are involved in Energy Psychology. This is part of Alternative Medicine, with no side-effects and with a gentle approach. Check my websites for more information     http://www.empower-youth.biz


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Thanks for starting this thread!! The way we treat my ds(he's a 15 year old) ADD is constantly evolving. His body reacts badly (significantly elevated heart rate/ gastro issues) to the pharma options we have tried. Really gratful for the suggestions posted here. Did you see/hear this Mondays Democracy Now? http://www.democracynow.org/2011/5/30/dr_gabor_mat_on_the_stress

I am into the "don't believe anything but listen" philosophy (Don Micheal Ruiz). But, I got alot out of what Dr Mate' had to say. 

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Betsy hug2.gif It's been awhile since your last post, but if you're looking back here (and for anyone else struggling with this), I wanted to throw this out there. I haven't been diagnosed either, but I was doing some research on my DD5 to see if ADHD might be a possibility for her, and the more I read, the more I saw myself. Long story short, after lots of research, here's what I ended up trying, and it worked really well for me (except that I'm now having stomach issues, so I can't take them). I was already taking 50 mg of 5-HTP daily for mild depression issues, and then I added 25 mg daily of zinc. With the zinc in my system, I noticed a HUGE difference in my attention level. I'd take it in the morning, and by early afternoon, it was like the whole world suddenly came into focus. I was finishing tasks, remembering to close drawers, not walking into rooms and forgetting what I was there for, etc. 


If you're not already taking something else, you might try this combo. Just make sure you have lots of food in your stomach before you take the zinc, or link into OptiZinc or chelated zinc as a more tummy friendly option.


And more hug2.gif for you and anyone else struggling with this. Without my supplements, I'm barely functioning right now too. It's awful and crazy-making.

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Just got on here. Saw a psychiatrist today for my son who has recently been diagnosed with ASD/ADHD and a host of other things. I wanted to talk to her about treating his sleep, gastric, sensory and safety issues and she wanted to talk about ADHD meds - specifically Ritalin and another one (can't remember name just now). I sort of thought that meds were what you did after you tried everything else first but she seemed to see it as first port of call. Any experience in that? I homeschool my ds so I don't have an issue with us doing school while standing/pacing and I'm hesitant to put him on meds (he is only going to be 10 next month) if he doesn't HAVE to be on them (he seems to be able to focus for his few other group activities well enough with a little redirection at times).


Anyone on here with experience giving to their child or chosing not to do so but having success with other treatments (for ds, I mean)? I want to do my homework before I choose either pathway. Feel free to Private message me if that is easier. Thanks for any and all suggestions. He is already on a gluten free diet and has little dairy. I plan to remove dairy/casein in September. We do not eat foods w/artificial colorings or sweeteners and they get very little sugar in their diet (other than honey, rice syrup which is often added into g/f products or agave - ditto). We already have limited screen time (do not own a tv and no computer games or handheld devices other than a leapster which only comes out once a week at most). Screen time is limited to a DVD a couple of times a week. No iphones.


Suggestions invited and personal experience sharing most desired! I need to learn from those further down this path!

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There are some threads in the Special Needs Parenting forum about children's ADHD/ADD, natural and pharmaceutical options, that some of you might be interested in.

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