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Intro and q about conceiving twins...

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Hi, I'm new to this forum (I post a little on some of the other MDC boards), I'm mama to 3 wonderful kiddos and would like to TTC late this summer (for a May baby, if things go my way! ). It's always been our desire to have twins...thus my question:

Does anyone know of anything a person can do to "help" conceive twins (other than the obvious fertility drugs, LOL!)? The Shettles Method has successfully "predicted" the genders of each of our children, but I've yet to find any "natural" things I can do to increase my chances of twins. I do have several sets of twins in my family (DH does too), and I know of the normal reasons for increased chances like being over 35 (I'm 30), having several children, incidence of twins in your family... I guess I'd *really* like to be toldsomething like "drink grapefruit juice" or take Vitamin Whatever and that will increase your probability!:LOL

Thank you for any practical suggestions! I hope I have addressed this q to the proper forum.
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someone else asked about this awhile aho, and nobody came up with anything that I know of...

both my dh and I secretly want twins as well... they do not run in our families, tho, so you've got a better chance!
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Short of fertility drugs to make you ovulate more than one egg at a time....nope. Nothing you can do. And even the low dose fertility drugs only up the chance 10%.
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As much as I love my kids, I have to say I think your NUTS for wanting to conceive twins! Especially if you are an AP family, there are many aspects of having twins that are not ideal. I wish each of my babies had gotten a chance to be "the baby." They have had to take turns at things that I believe they should not have had to wait for.

That said, I do remember reading a study about folic acid and an increased chance of twins. . . I think it was something like if you are taking folic acid for x number of months before getting pg then your chances of having twins increase. I came across the study when I was newly pg and wondering if I needed to take extra folic acid b/c I was pg with twins.

Try a google search for folic acid and twins.


Good luck ttc (it's always been my dream to have a May baby too)!

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As much as I love my kids, I have to say I think your NUTS for wanting to conceive twins! Especially if you are an AP family
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Actually, I personally think it is crueler to have one child and have them be the center of everything and then pull everything out from under their feet by having another child -- that's what happened to me, basically (my sister was very high needs -- developmental and physical disablities). So I understand that my mom had to give her more attention, but it still sucks. Since I was the "responsible" one, my sister, who is actually only 2 years younger than I am, but developementally seemed much younger, sometimes accidentally calls me "mom.")

And my mom is a AP, in many ways. (She never called it that, but she was a hippie, so a lot of this lifestyle is second nature to her. However, I was weaned earlier than she wanted, due to my being a vampire child who liked to chew while bfing... it didn't help that I started teething when I was 2 months old! My sis was bf much much longer.)

So, pretty much the only way I will have more than one kid is having twins. Though we are trying to remain open to the possibility of having 2 -- but only if we are capable of giving all our attention to both, relatively equally. (Some people are, some people aren't. I'm not saying everyone with more than one kid neglects their first child -- I'm sure most moms here do not! ButI am worried about myself.)

Also, I must say that all the twins I knew (and my husband knew) in high school were extremely happy being twins. They had the best sibling attachments of anyone I knew. It was a blessing to them, to have shared one womb. So, that also influences my secret desire.

I'm sure it's tough to AP parent two children at the same time. But I'm looking at it more from the point of view of the children, I guess.
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I'm sure it's tough to AP parent two children at the same time. But I'm looking at it more from the point of view of the children, I guess.
Me too. Like when one is crying and I am trying to tend to the other. Or when one needs me... ME... no one else.. and I have to put them off or distract them because I'm doing something with the other. Or when one wants to read and have quiet time and the other wants to run around and play horsey with me. Now that dd and ds are almost 2, it's gotten so much easier in this regard, and is probably not much different from the experiences of moms with two children close in age (a 1 year old and an 3 year old for example). But many times, many many times during the first year to year and a half, it was heartbreaking not to be able to meet the needs of both of them. It's such a basic part of mothering, and almost every day I and other mothers of multiples fell short. Go check out the Parenting Multiples board - there are several great threads about coping with twins and being AP with twins.

Look, I think the whole twins fantasy thing is pretty common, and obviously you have very ingrained and deep running reasons for only wanting to have twins if you have more than one child.

But, as much as I am nuts about my two, it's just a completely unnatural, for lack of a better word, way to parent. I read somewhere that for the majority of human existence, the naturally occuring incidence of twins was between 1 and 3 in 100. And of those twin pregnancies, fewer than 30% resulted in both babies alive and well. A baby born just a few weeks early can have such severe latch on problems and too-sleepy-to-eat problems (and that's assuming they're completely healthy) that they just won't nurse enough for nourishment. Add to that TWO babies born that early (or earlier) and you have the situation anthropologically where the mother was forced to chose ONE.... ONE baby to focus all of her energy and effort (and milk) on. For every story you have of a mom who had a healthy pregnancy and delivered healthy babies at 40 weeks weighing 6 pounds each or whatever... you have 9 stories of preterm labor, long weeks of complete bedrest, heavy duty toxic tocolytic medications, one twin developing well and the other not, stress and worry every waking minute, premature delivery, crash c-sections, weeks-long long NICU stays, brain bleeds, cerebral palsy, apnea monitors, reflux, inability to nurse, feeding problems, oral aversions, failure to thrive, allergies, asthma, respiratory dysfunction, vision disorders (e.g., ROP), hearing problems, developmental delays, lifelong disabilities, AND/OR death of one or both twins.

But on a more philosophical level, everything.... every tiny little mothering instinct I have up to major decisions and behaviours... everything I have ever been taught about mothering to the pure animal mothering instincts... it all presupposes that I have one dear sweet little baby to focus on in the early months. You and I and others are not here today because having twins was a good way to ensure the survival of the species. We are here today inspite of that.

I got pregnant with my twins by accident. It runs strongly in my mom's family... as far back as my mother's great-grandma. Even though 5 generations of various women in my family have had twins, mine are the first to survive.

My mother's aunt had nothing but twins... three sets in a row. She is childless.
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Try Clomid. It will give you a 1 in 10 chance of having twins with no greater increase in higher multiples. ( triplets, quads etc) It also has almost no side effects except for a few people here and there. Also a very minor increase with high levels of folic acid.
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twin mommy -- everything you're saying is exactly what I think of whenever I imagine having more than one child at all! (except perhaps the consequenses during pregnancy -- but even still, in medicalized situations, moms of singletons run some of those risks as well.)

I am sure I cannot understand exactly how hard it is to AP twins. (Not to mention the back strain if you can manage to sling both babies -- I've seen pictures of that, btw!)

I completely understand you about the fantasy of twins, though, which is why we're not strongly hoping for it, just thinking way down deep in the back of my mind that if it happens, we will be happy. (And it is odd that both of us just have this weird feeling about it -- do you know what I mean? Like we are being prepared in some way? I don't know. I strongly believe in intuition about these things... we had never ever said we'd even be interested in twins until basically three months ago. That's curious, I think.)

Clomid <shudder>. I am so hoping it doesn't come to that, though my temping so far is inconclusive as to whether I am indeed ovulating.
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any of you are welcome to come stay at our house for a few days

good luck ttc!!!
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Punky? Do you have four twins?

if so, you could actually use all your hand-me-downs. Neat! Quite the effecient way to go...
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deeduls - boy I wish clomid didn't have hardly any side effects. Everyone I know had some sort of side effect - either hot flashes, mood swings, no CM, etc. Some of us had all of them.
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Sooo...apart from Clomid LOL and...

*possibly* a little extra folic acid, we haven't come up with anything to assist in the conception of twins, right? Is that an accurate summary? Darn. I was hoping someone would tell me to eat papaya or something.:LOL

Guess it's time to start praying!
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Actually, I do know of something!

I have the book The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage ..it is a book that stresses a whole foods approach...rather than supplements...to increase your chances of fertility.

One of the highest recommended foods is the yam (not to be confused with the sweet potato...there is a difference)

From the book:
Many cultures have linked yams to fertility promotion. Yams are promoted as fertility enhancers in the Ayuvedic literature. And studies on the native Yoruba tribe in Nigeria which has one of the highest rates of twins in the world suggest that their high rate of twins might be inked to their tremendous consumtion of wild African yams.

Yams conain phytoestrogens, weak estrogens that inhibit the body's own estrogn. Action much like the drug Clomid which is prescribed for women who are not ovulating, yams can apparently use this anti-estrogen effect to stimulate the ovaries to release an egg. ( Like women given Clomid, Yoruba women have been shown to display high levels of follicle stimulation hormone in the first part of their cycle.)

It goes on to say:

Unfortunately, yams may also exhibit the same downsides as the drug Clomid: Although yams stimulate ovulation by increasing follicle stimulating hormone early in the cylce, it is possible that they can also counteract the effects of estrogen on the cervix (making the cervical fulid too sticke to allow sperm penetration) and the endometrum, (inhibiting the softening and receptivity of the uterine lining.) Therefore, like Clomid, yams should be consumed only during the first half of the cycle, not after ovulation.

Good Luck!
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Oh wow, that is so interesting!

And it rings a bell, too - I remember reading something about yams once! Well, I'm gonna have to check the supermarket for yams! Wonder if a person could actually buy wild African yams anywhere? LOL I have a few months before TTC, so I'm gonna give the yams a try! Thanks a bunch! If nothing else, I'll have a lot of beta carotene, right?
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