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Aspergers and boundaries

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My mother has expressed some concerns about my 2yo and 11yo boys sharing a room together. My 11yo has aspergers, adhd, and anxiety. She talked to a friend with an autistic son who said they absolutely shouldn't be sharing a room because he probably has no boundaries and could molest the little one.
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Oh the things people say! Man I would have loved it if I had a retort for that if my mom said that for me. But really good retorts never come to me in the moment. You know, like maybe our Asperger's kids learn about personal space later than others, but wow, mom, you still haven't learned tact.
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That's just mind boggling.
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wow. just wow.
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Jeez, the things people say when they have no clue about a situation. Unless the boys are having issues with sharing a room I would not worry about it. Have they always shared a room? My brothers shared a room from birth to 18 and one of them had severe emotional and behavioral issues. They loved sharing and I think it really bonded them.
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ugh, mama, i'm sorry your mom said something like that. my mom has come out with some good ones about aspergers/autistic kids, too.

my 2 middle kids are aspergers and pdd-nos, respectively, and the 2 oldest boys share a room and the 2 younger boys share the other. there have never been any troubles with that, except for if they didn't want to sleep!
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This is one reason why I am extremely selective with whom I share DS's diagnosis with because--people jump to some really dumb conclusions!!
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