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Trying to cut down on plastic bags at lunch!

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I relized just how much waste is going into my kids lunches with all the bags for sandwiches and snacks. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a good place to order those reusable sandwich and snack bags? I can't spend a huge amount of money, but I want to get at least 9 or 10 of them.
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Reuseable bags.com I could just sit there and drool.
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Originally Posted by gothnurse3 View Post
Reuseable bags.com I could just sit there and drool.
Off to explore!! Thank you!
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There used to be a lot of us who made them and sold them on Etsy. But a large company who makes their sandwich wraps in China has forced us all out of business. They said it was a violation of their patent. Now it is hard to buy any handmade sandwich wraps or snack bags. They are really easy to make though. For a sandwich wrap you can use a 13 inch square of PUL. Hem the edge and put something on the outside to close it. A ribbon or velcro. I lined mine with hemp jersey. So you sew the PUL and the jersey together with the right sides facing. Leave a small opening on one side to turn it. Turn it rightside out and then topstitch around the outside edge. This will close up the opening that you used to turn with. I put a small square of velcro on the inside in one corner and another small square on the outside in the opposite corner. You can wrap your sandwich in it and when you unwrap your sandwich you have a nice little placemat to eat off of. I have used hemp linen or cotton fabric a few times and it works just as well. The fabric is just something to keep your food off of the plastic on the PUL. A snack bag can be as simple as a rectangle of fabric that is folded in half and sew up the two side seams. You can close the top with velcro. I made mine with a fold over top like the old fashioned sandwich bags before they were all made with zip locks. For soups or wet foods we use jars or things like that.

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Wow, I bought some on Etsy last year! Sorry they forced you out of business.
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I pack my kids' sandwiches in something similar to this: Easy Lunch Boxes.

I also have Laptop Lunch boxes that we enjoy using. We have the older version, but the newer looks more useful.

More expensive upfront, but I bought the lunch boxes four years ago and could see using them for several more years to come. I have been looking again now that DD is about to start kindergarten - I've got to buy some for her.

I'm not too green in the rest of my life, but have found it easy to pack my kids' lunches with almost no disposable products at all. They also get cloth napkins and real silverware (well, stainless, not real silver ).

Lots of good lunch menu ideas that the Laptop site also.
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We pack a waste-free school lunch - SnackTaxi bags for sandwich and snack bags, Klean Kanteens, and reusable napkins. I have 2 kids and bought 4 sandwich bags and 8 snack bags. This allows me an extra day to wash/rinse out the bags - just in case I forget at night. We've used them the entire school year and they look as good as new!
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We have a lot of little stainless steel containers from http://lifewithoutplastic.com/ . They have some really small ones that are great for things like a handful of blueberries, etc. I also sometimes use wax paper sandwich bags which are not very reuseable, but they will biodegrade unlike plastic.
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