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Heroes Cancelled!!

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Anyone seen this yet?

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I'm not surprised at all. Season 3 completely ruined the show for me. Season 2 started off very promising with the introduction of Adam, but was harmed by the writers strike. But 3, it was dreadful and it's never recovered.

I will Sylar, Peter and HRG though
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I will miss some of the characters. DH will be really sad/mad.

I can honestly say that even though I didn't ever miss an episode, I was really confused about where the plot was even going. Too bad we'll never find out!
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I'm not surprised it was cancelled, but I was hoping they'd get one more season to wrap things up and make some sense out of things.
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I'm so bummed out. I'm going to miss Sylar
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I'm very much not surprised yet a little relieved. Although the last season was getting slightly better, it was a chore to watch and yet I felt the need to keep watching in order to see what happens. But a world without Sylar is a very sad one.
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I'm half relieved/half disapointed. I REALLY didn't want to sit through another horrid season like last season BUT I NEED toknow how its going to finish.

Im hoping for at least a 2h movie or SOMETHING!
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Originally Posted by ~Boudicca~ View Post
I'm so bummed out. I'm going to miss Sylar
I like Sylar too. I am so behind we were watching them on DVD
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Originally Posted by caiesmommy View Post
Im hoping for at least a 2h movie or SOMETHING!
You may be in luck!
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I was really disappointed too. The last few seasons have been iffy, but I watched every week in the hope that the once great show would regain some steam ala Lost. No go.
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