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Poll Results: What is your nursing status?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% (3)
    Not currently nursing.
  • 16% (11)
    Currently nursing and plan to wean.
  • 71% (47)
    Currently nursing and plan to continue and tandem nurse.
  • 7% (5)
    No plans.
66 Total Votes  
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17 mo dd is nursing and I'm already backing off a bit.I can litterally feel the energy being sucked from my body.Sometimes I'm happy to nurse her and sometimes I'm not.We're working on it.We are going to try moving her to the big girls room soon so That might help-me getting a decent sleep.I'd love to nurse her throughout,I also think she just wants a lot now with a big growth spurt and some teething.It's just rough timing.I LOVE tandem nursing in the early weeks post partum!It's so nice!I just need to be able to keep my nutrition up enough to not be a vegetable.
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My DD is 2.5 and still nursing probably 5-6 times a day. She would probably nurse more if I was home with her during the day. She loves nursing!

I am a little apprehensive about nursing through the pregnancy but will continue to take it day by day. I just want to make sure that the little one growing in my belly gets what he/she needs, and I don't really want to get to a state where I am really depleted of vitamins and minerals, etc. I am currently taking Opti Natal vitamins, which are partially food-based, not completely. The recommended dose is 6 tablets a day, but when my last midwife recommended them during my first pregnancy, she said I would probably only need two a day. I have been taking four a day since I found out I was pregnant, along with an extra 1000 mg vitamin C, a fish oil (DHA/EPA) supplement, fermented cod liver oil, and a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. I may go ahead and go to 6 tablets a day of the prenatals. My urine is really dark though, so I dunno. I have been slacking on the fruits and veggies lately , but getting plenty of protein.

I was reading about nursing during pregnancy in LLL's Breastfeeding Answer Book, and I guess in the two studies that have been done in non-third world countries, there is no adverse effect on the developing baby when mothers nurse during pregnancy, as long as she ate adequately and took supplements. One of those studies did show that mom's fat stores were decreased if she nurse through a pregnancy. But there are lots of studies showing low birth weight, etc in countries where mom doesn't have enough food and vitamins. I have always felt like I easily get vitamin/mineral deficient anyway, so I guess that is the source of my nervousness about nursing this pregnancy.

I guess the studies show between 60-70% of nursing mothers wean during pregnancy, for various reasons. Child is ready, mom initiates, mom loses her milk ... I would like to tandem nurse. I am just nervous about getting depleted. And I feel kind of guilty about that, because I always thought I would child-led wean.
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My oldest daughter will be four-years-old next month. She nurses a couple times a week. My other daughter is 18-months-old, and she nurses all. the. time.

I've nursed through all of my pregnancies and tandem nursed afterward. I don't mind it. I think it helps with the sibling transitions.
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I'm here too!

I have an older nursling...my DS will be 4 in August, and 4 1/2 when the baby is born. I dont think I've had much of a supply for a while, but I dont think it's really been affected by the pregnancy yet. DS usually nurses once a day on average, but sometimes he'll skip a day, and sometimes he nurses several times a day. He doesnt nurse to sleep anymore. He's had this schedule for a while now.

I'm open to tandem nursing.
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My DS is starting to wean I think...
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Originally Posted by mollybet View Post
I'm nursing two now. I'm hoping the older one weans and the younger one continues! I have no interest in nursing three people, but I'm sure I will if it comes down to it.
i kinda feel the same way about nursing 3, but i'm not ready for my daughter to wean. she was my first breastfed baby, and even at 5, i see how much she needs it and loves it. and i love that time with her
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i've been nursing my DD only once before bed since she turned about a year. right now i don't have specific plans for when the baby comes. i don't see myself wanting to nurse past two, but i've heard of people nursing more than twice as long as that who thought they'd only nurse 6 weeks, so...
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I'm nursing my just turned one yr old around the clock. I doubt that he will quit during pregnancy, at least I sure hope he won't. This will be my third time tandem nursing, so long as he keeps it up!
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I am currently nursing my 19 month old at nap and night, but she went down for nap today without nursing so I think the end is near.
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My DS will turn 4 right before I give birth. He is nursing about 3X a day although he would do it much more often if he could. I recently made a rule for having "tinis" in bed only....for my sanity otherwise he would ask all day long. I don't see him weaning anytime soon....so we'll see.
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I am nursing DD (2 yrs old, will be almost 3 when #2 is born) about 2-3 times a day: upon wake up, to go to sleep and at naptime (if we're not in the car). She was nursing all night, but we had to night-wean to get my fertility back. She's adjusted and I'd love to have her still nurse before bed but NOT to fall asleep. I have NO idea how to make this transition. Can my supply be diminishing already (5 weeks)? She had a hard time going to sleep tonight b/c after nursing for awhile the "milkies are all done."

So glad to have this thread!
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DD is 13 months and still nursing. I plan on seeing how things go, and plan to have her nurse as long as possible during this pregnancy. As far as after...we shall see. I am a go with the flow kinda gal.
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This will be my 3rd set of tandem nurslings (at one point I had a trifecta going on)
Tandem set # 1 - The first time I nursed thru a pregnancy (it was baby #3) I was a bit nervous as my baby was only 9 months and I did not want her to wean and I was afraid of a drop in milk. Around 5 months (which is common)there was a drop in milk but she kept nursing strong and and began eatting crazy. We did decide to wean from night nursing at about 15 months b/c I knew with a family bed that was my sanity line. So my husband and I had "sleeping buddies" he had our 18 month old and I had our newborn in our bed and occasionally our 5 year old joined us. My 18 month old nursed just as much as my newborn and I was happy to obliged as it was easier to keep track of her that way. I don't know how people parent with a newborn and toddler without tandem nursing!
Trifecta - I had 3 year old occasional nursling, 18 month old strong nursling, pregnant w/ #4. Both nursed through pregnancy (3 year old only occasionally) As baby #4 was due I had an almost 4 yo and 2 1/2 yo. I used my 2 yo to help induce contractions and let her nurse as much as possible as my water broke and it took 2 days for labor to begin. Soon after #4 was born my almost 4 yo weaned, my 2 1/2 yo nursed for another year.
Now- due w/ #5, and DD is 2 and nursing strong. I have no plans to wean and neither does she.
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My daughter weaned already I am at 9 weeks today. She skipped one session a few weeks ago, then stopped at night, then this morning she didn't nurse and feel asleep without nursing tonight. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly...before I was pregnant, she was nursing 3-4 times a day. She is 3.

I am sad, but it was making my morning sickness worse, I actually threw up a few times in the middle of nursing her.

I will say I am glad I waited so long to get pregnant, she had feeding delays and food allergies and I was worried my supply might be too low for her to keep weight on (she dropped to 21 percentile). I am glad I waited until she outgrew her allergies and started eating more before I got pregnant again, she is gaining on her own, so at least I don't have to worry about her health too.
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I am not entirely sure of my due date yet....late Jan/ early Feb I am guessing.

I am still nursing my 3 year old. Not sure if she will wean or not.

I have tandemed before for one year.
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I'm only around seven weeks and hope to be able to continue to nurse my daughter (2.75) throughout the pregnancy. She's really attached to her "milkies" and I would feel awful if she felt the baby had taken them away from her. (She's already told me that she'll be the one who will breastfeed the new baby when it comes though ).

I'm really worried about nursing aversion, as a friend of mine gave up nursing her daughter during her second pregnancy due to strong aversion. She tells me that I'll go through the same thing and it will be nearly impossible to breastfeed. At what point will I know that I'm safe from real trouble with aversion? I had some PPD/PPA problems and was surprised to find that nursing made me feel worse during that time period - my anxiety went through the roof when nursing and my skin would crawl. I could certainly nurse through that feeling again, but am hoping to avoid it.

Do most people experience strong aversion during pregnancy? I have a bit of soreness at the moment, but nothing too serious. My pregnancy symptoms were very mild last pregnancy and I don't remember having any breast soreness. Of course, I didn't have morning sickness last time either and I'm not so lucky this time!
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I chose "tandem nursing" but to be honest I won't mind at all if my almost 2-year-old self weans In the first week I had some soreness, kind of like a bruised sensation, but that has gone away now. But nursing does seem to make my morning sickness worse. Also in the first week it seemed like my supply was really low and DD asked for sippy cup quite often. But it seems like my supply is a bit better now. I'm kinda curious what to expect with nursing through a pregnancy, such as quality and quantity of milk, effect on my energy levels, messy toddler diapers, etc?
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AwW im sorry AFWife. That stinks. I just realized tonight now sensitive my nipples are when she unlatches...ouch!!

I have a 13 month old. Who will be 21 months when this babe is born. I am gonna just go with the flow to see what she does. If she weans she weans...if not then thats cool too.
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I am currently nursing a 2.5 year old. I really hope he will be willing to wean before the new one comes along. He will be a little over 3 by then, and that is really enough for me. I have been nursing at least one child and for a while two since Nov 2005. I am sure there are woman out there that have been doing it longer, but I really do not want to tandem nurse again. I would also love one or two months near the end of this pregnancy without a nursling.
That said I am not going to push my son too hard to stop, so there is a chance that I will be nursing two for at least a while come January.
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Alright. Well I am almost 7 weeks... and I AM SUPPPPPPPPPERRRR sore. It hurts so bad. And then she pinches on top of that! GAHHHH. Anyone else? i have to like grin and bear it. I dont know how much longer were gonna go.
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