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Nausea again

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Crap. I either have a stomach bug or the nausea is back.
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The first few days of my third trimester I had some serious nausea. I decided it must be because the baby was growing and I needed more food. I have since been stuffing my face and no more nausea.
I also had the stomach flu around 24 weeks (caught from the baby I nanny) and the difference between pregnancy nausea and stomach bug was clear immediately. I hope you feel better soon
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My tummy has been upset too! It's so annoying. I don't think I'm really going to puke I just feel like crap all the time-so awesome!
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I get nauseous after eating and, of course, when heart burn attacks. Why I vomitted in the kitchen just last week. Really looking forward to the next 8 weeks. *sigh*
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My girls and hubby have had full-on vomiting and diarrhea this week. I have been fighting getting it, so have "only" had seriously crappy nausea. I've lost 2 pounds this week instead of gaining, so I hear you! I know many families around the country that are battling this stomach bug right now. I hope you get through it quickly!
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Unfortunately my nausea never left.........but I really hope you guys don't have to deal with it again, not fun! This is going to sound weird (wishing a bug on someone), but hopefully it was just a bug and you don't have to deal with vomitting for the next 8 weeks.
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Originally Posted by slgt View Post
Crap. I either have a stomach bug or the nausea is back.
A couple days ago I had this same experience. Turned out I just ate something that didn't agree with me. I felt really awful. Not good. If it's a tummy bug it'll clear out soon, then you'll know. Like a PP said, not wishing it on you, but hopefully it's just a tummy bug.
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