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Finally getting around to posting her birth story!

After my first son was 9 days "late", my 2nd son was 2 weeks early. So I was really not sure what to expect with this pregnancy. It was such a different pregnancy than my previous two - which were identical to each other. It was still quite easy, but just very different. Everything from the foods I preferred to my cute round belly that stuck way out. After 38 weeks I started to get a little antsy, I didn't want to rush labor, but I was feeling SO GOOD! I thought there was no way I'd have the baby any time soon because I just felt so awesome. No weird aches and pains, I felt so mobile, I was sleeping very well and I had lots of energy.
On Friday the 7th, DH had planned to get off work early and order a truck of concrete so we could do some work in the barn. I was looking forward to this because I was sure it would put me into labor. Instead, he got held up at work and we never got it done that week. I spent another week feeling great, keeping ahead on cleaning and laundry, baking and spending lots of time with the boys. We re-scheduled the plans for the concrete to the next Friday, the 14th.
That morning (the 14th), I woke up to a bit of bloody show! I didn't say a word to DH so he went off to work and planned to come home around 2pm for the concrete to show up shortly after. As the day progressed, I had light contractions every 10 minutes or so, so I knew I'd better do all those last minute things like dishes, laundry, mop the floor, bake some pies (I had an order for 12 that afternoon)... DH came home at 2 and said the truck may be delayed. This made me a little nervous because I was pretty sure as soon as that truck left, my labor would pick up. Thankfully it wasn't delayed very long and we were finished and cleaned up by 6pm. I had no intentions of making supper so we went up the road to the golf course restaurant. I figured I should tell DH that we would most likely be having a baby that weekend, now that the cement work was done. He was pretty surprised but also somewhat thankful I didn't tell him earlier as he would have been preoccupied and things wouldn't have gone as smoothly.
After supper we came home, puttered around outside a bit then he went to put the boys to bed. They fell asleep at 9pm and just then my real labor kicked in. I wanted to put the duvet cover back on but I just couldn't concentrate so I hopped in the bathtub for 45min or so. DH kept coming in and checking on me and I kept telling him we had awhile yet. The water got cold so I thought I'd try to go to sleep as I was VERY tired and could hardly keep my eyes open. DH had a quick shower while I tried to sleep, but before too long I was back sitting in the bathroom. I just didn't want to be alone anymore. DH shaved which I found to be funny later because I realized he HAD shaved but couldn't for the life of me remember when he had a chance to
I tried to go back to bed but it just wasn't comfortable, plus I was starting to feel queasy. It was 10:30 at this point. I sat on the couch instead, threw up (fish and chips actually wasn't a poor choice because it wasn't too nasty coming back up!), and called the midwife to let her know that I was in labor. At that point contractions were only 30 seconds long and anywhere from 5-7 minutes apart. She asked if I wanted her to come then, but I declined because I felt it was still much too early. After all, I was in pre-labor the last time for a couple DAYS.
From 10:30-11:15 I alternated from the couch to the bathroom to the floor, from 11:15-12am I paced around the office and from 12-12:45 I was laying on the livingroom floor. I still kept drifting off to sleep between each contraction, they got to be 3 minutes apart but were still only 30 seconds long. DH laid down behind me and would rub my back with each contraction which I think also helped keep him awake. Just watching a laboring woman for a few hours can get kind of boring! At that point we had a bit of a laugh because earlier in the day I had offered HIM a back rub that night after pouring all that cement in the barn! Finally at 12:45 I felt that I NEED to labor on the toilet. After only two contractions I started to feel just a little pushy and told DH that if he wanted the midwife there, that was the time to call. He went through the paging system, she called back and he told her that the contractions were 30 seconds long, 3 minutes apart and that I was feeling pushy. Then she asked to talk to me! hahaha I told her exactly the same thing and told her regardless - I AM PUSHY! As in: if you want to be here at all, please come now...
As soon as I hung up my body started those uncontrollable pushes. One and the baby slipped down, two my water broke, two and a half I tried to breathe through because the baby was *right there* and I was trying to not have the same tearing as last time and on the last of that push she was out, body and all. DH got to discover that SHE is a GIRL and we were both a little surprised. Okay, after how different my pregnancy was, I would have been more surprised if it were a boy, but it was still really exciting to see that she's a girl!
At the second push, DH was fumbling with camera batteries and I told him he had to stop because the baby was coming out NOW. So when I asked him if she was posterior, he honestly couldn't say as he said she just spun and flew out all at once That was 1am on the dot, May 15th which was my actual due date!
I needed to take a minute and process that she was actually out already as the whole labor just seemed to short overall to me. DH rubbed her back and cleared some mucous out, she only cried for 10 seconds, started to pink up then fell asleep as soon as we wrapped her up. After all, it was a long evening for all of us! We moved the show to the livingroom to stay warm by the wood stove then after 20 minutes or so we cut the cord so I could have some mobility as I wanted to nurse but sitting wasn't comfortable.
The midwife arrived shortly after and started to set up her stuff and made sure the baby was warming up well. My only complaint about the entire event is that it seemed to take FOREVER to get everything done so I could go to bed. I was still super sleepy and all I wanted was to take a shower, get some pajamas on and curl up in bed with my baby, but it just seemed to be one thing after another and we didn't get to bed until 3:45am.
DS2 woke up around 1:45 so DH brought him downstairs to see the baby. At first he was too preoccupied with the dog's ball and with playing shy towards the midwife that he didn't even realize I had a baby in my arms. But when he did see her, he was instantly fascinated. For the previous few days, him and DS1 had been regularly talking to my belly and saying "come out baby, it's time to come out!". A few minutes later DS1 woke up as well and came down to see her. He was smitten right away and couldn't wait to give her hugs and kisses and hold her and talk to her. They still haven't stopped fussing over her and seem to think she's just the greatest little sister.
As soon as she was out, my first thought was - wow! I could totally do this again! I was only dying for 4 hours, that's not so bad afterall! Plus my recovery has been excellent. My milk came in at a good time, I didn't end up with any stitches or tears that cause me grief, I have loads of energy and overall I just feel wonderful. So far she has been a very mellow baby, not gassy, rarely cries (just when she gets undressed), she nurses very well and is very content when she is awake.

Her stats were: 7lbs 11oz, 21in long 34cm head
I find the weight to be amusing because towards the end of my pregnancy my fundal height wasn't increasing and we were starting to get concerned about a too-small baby - but she's half a pound heavier than my boys were!
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Oh I love it! The whole shebang! Her name, her birth-beautiful!

Pass some fast easy uneventful girly labor vibes yes please!!!

Have a wonderful babymoon!
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