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Cesarean birth support circle #8

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This thread is for mothers who are either planning a cesarean birth or recovering from a cesarean birth. This is a support only thread-please refrain from debate and judgment.
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Shall we do a roll call to see who is here?

Daughter #1 born via emergency c 3/2000
Daughter #2 born via planned c 9/2003

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Deb here-

unplanned CB - 7/02 dd
unplanned quasi-emergency CB 2/04 ds (came a couple of days before my scheduled CB due to an extreme illness!!)

I'm slowly transitioning to the Feb/March Babies Life with a Newborn thread, but continue to be interested in this support thread because I will never have a baby vaginally. Hopefully we'll be able to have a couple of more, but that's in mother nature's hands!

I am disappointed in the Mothering anti-CB bias - because it really seems to exclude those of us who have real medical need. I'm not a fan of scheduling c-sections just to have a scheduled birth, I would have prefered to deliver naturally, but there are situations when CBs are a real necessity - and a miracle (I consider both of mine miracles and wonderful birth experiences)!

I do think that many women don't have (or don't realize they have) access to the education/support that might make a CB less likely - and I think it is important to educate women about how they can do things to avoid c-sections. I do feel that the birth process has largely been hijacked by the medical community, and I'm glad that Mothering exists to educate and inform about more 'natural' options - and I believe it is helping us get back to our roots (so to speak - bfing, leaving boys intact, etc.) but I'm not a fan of using scare tactics and fear mongering to try and get women to avoid c-sections.

I wanted to try a VBAC this time, but couldn't because of my illness - my doctor told me that when she opened me up, I was 'a mess' inside and had I waited longer or attemped a VBAC, it is likely that I would have had a serious emergency. I laud the women who do VBACs and am saddened that that won't be in my future, but I do feel blessed to have two beautiful children and have survived my birth experiences in (relatively) good health.

Oops - both kids are hungry - boob for one, pancakes for the other. Keep the faith ladies!

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Lurking. Just watching these support threads.

Name: Kim 30
1st CB -- Emergency csection after failed version, transverse baby, broke ribs and mullerian anomaly
2nd Child - Adopted but born by csection due to pre-eclampsia
3rd Child my second csection -- planned and was wonderful
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Patty here

Daughter born via c-birth on 3/27/00 due to shoulder presentation breech as well as mishappen pelvis which won't allow for vaginal birth.
Son born via c-birth on 9/22/01- pelvis again!
Son born via c-birth on 1/23/04- pelvis again! Due to uterus opening prior to surgery, as well as lots of previous scarring- have been advised not to have more children

Finally at peace with all of my births, and simply thankful to be here with my beautiful babies all healthy!
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Luke- emergency c/b
Irelend- Trial VBAC, but ruptured emergency c/b
Landon Lee- Scheduled c/b July 12 Or sooner if things get rough.

I agree, i hope one day all mothers can come to term with medical neccessary c/b, but in all reality that will never happen.
I wanted a VABC so bad with Irelend, i got to pushing when we "discovered" that i ruptured. Although looking back there were some signs that pointed to that, we went to the hosp that morning because i started bleeding heavily. They attributed that to being in labour. But since then i have found out that it is a sign of a rupture.

I hope that this thread can be a safe heaven for mothers who have to do c/b. So we can learn from each other on how to plan them and cope with them.
I for one am going to plan things to the best of my ability for this c/b. We are trying to narrow down things right now.

Has anyone considered a tubal?
We are thinking about it, because with the more c/b i have the higher risk of rupturing again i have.
We are still talking because we want more kids but we dont want to put me or the baby at risk.
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Woohoo a new thread!!! I always like new threads

I'm Megan

Tracy born via c/b after failed induction
Bryce born via planned c/b. It was an absolutely wonderful experience!! i was doing vbac but decided at 39 weeks I wasn't really into it and would rather have the c/b without the trial of labor first.

i considered a tubal but decided against it because I've heard horror stories of periods being horrific post tubal and about how most who have a tubal end up with a hysterctomy before their time (which I'd rather keep all my parts )

Dh is planning a vasectomy after we have the money but it's 1000!!! like we have that sitting around!

A friend of mine had her c/b a week before mine and her utuerus is still soft 7 weeks later. I guess they started her on some sort of meds and if they don't work they are talking hysterctomy. She also has a uterine infection. She is 33 but isn't planning on more kids and had her tubes tied when she was opened up. She is a little sad but she figures if she isn't having kids why should she have a period. And she has more thigns to deal with. Her baby born 1/19/04 was born deaf.
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I've lurked on the c/b support threads until now... was waiting for the board. :/ As someone with medical concerns that put constraints on VBAC options, I was rather looking forward to it.

DD#1 was born via c/b 12/2001 after 24 hours of labour. She was 2 weeks past EDD and over 9.5 lbs. She never dropped. The Dr. was nervous about my being off anticoagulants much longer and my water had broken more than 24 hours before. Of course I ended up with a DVT anyway, but that was most likely because the damned Dr. took me off Lovenox at 2 weeks rather than the more usual 6 weeks post partum.

DD#2 is due early July. Haven't decided whether to try for a VBAC, but am currently leaning toward scheduling a c/b for 41 weeks and trying for a VBAC if labour starts sooner (Dr. willing). Also considering moving from Lovenox to heparin at 38 or 39 weeks due to the shorter half life of the latter. I have to be off anticoagulants for a certain period of time to have an epidural; depending on the anesthesiologist it's 12-24 hours for Lovenox. I'd rather avoid general anesthesia in case of c/b.

Typically those with my underlying condition (heterozygous FVL) are induced at 38 weeks, after being off anticoagulants for 48 hours. I didn't opt for this with #1 and I definitely don't want to be induced for a VBAC.

I briefly considered a tubal, but between the side effects relative to vasectomy and having to switch Dr. and hospital (Catholic hospital, unfortunately) we opted for DH to get snipped. He'll get it done 3 or 4 months after DD#2's birth.
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Kristine, just turned 34, woo hoo!
ds born via emergency C 6/01 (too long to explain, but necessary)
#2? due 5/7, planning a VBAC, but covering my bases, too

Which reminds me... who was it that said they'd send me a C birth plan? I have totally spaced out.... I'd take it pm, or I'll send an e-mail, if my memory is jogged. Thanks!!
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On The Fence Birth Plan

Cesarean birth plan

As this is a planned Cesarean birth we are looking forward to a positive birth experience. We want to participate in this birth to the fullest. We have listed our preferences below, these decisions have been made after research, consultation, and thought. Therefore your help in attaining these goals is very much appreciated.

We would appreciate preoperative blood work and tests to be done on an out patient basis, and hospital admission on the day of the birth.

My sister, *******, is to stay with me the entire time, even for procedures and administration of anesthesia.

I would like an epidural for pain relief with Duramorph. < this I changed to the PCAPump, which left the epidural cath in my back where pain medication was directly put into the spinal column, it was like having a walking epidural and I could dose myself before moving around or nursing)

I would like the catheter put in after anesthesia is administered.

We do not wish to have medical students present during our cesarean. < I did have a student nurse and would gladly take another one, they pampered me!)

My arms are not to be strapped down unless general anesthesia becomes necessary during an emergency.

We would like the option of viewing the birth either by lowering the screen or positioning a mirror.

Kim would like a verbal description of the birth as is occurs. Kim welcomes conversation during the process. (while some people want quiet, I didnt. That scared me last time. I want some conversation)

We would like to take photos as we did of our first child. (we did not do video, but you can add this. my pictures are graphic)

Kim would like to see the baby immediately after birth if at all possible. She would also like to be given the baby or have it held near her in the OR. (my frist csection I did not get to see my baby)

No mind altering drugs are to be administered without Kim’s expressed permission. I am aware that some hospitals routinely sedate the mom for the repair portion of the surgery. It is important to Kim not to feel drugged or be unable to remember the events of the birth. We wish that no pre-op or post-op drugs be administered that cause drowsiness or sedation.

We would like our baby to be with us in recovery. Kim wishes to breastfeed immediately. Please do not give our baby bottles of formula or water and no pacifiers. ( I had Jack with me 15min after he was born, I actually was sitting in bed on the phone)

Kim does not want to be deprived of liquids or food after her cesarean.

Please remove Kim’s IV and catheter as soon as it is no longer medically necessary. She wishes to get up and move after the birth of our baby as soon as possible.
Kim would like to be promptly discharged as soon as she is well enough.
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Amy Here!

Henry 11/10/03: unplanned c/b after 23 hours of labor with 2+ hours of pushing -- premature rupture of water with cord prolapse risk b/c ds didn't drop until pushing started, plus posterior presentation.

As for my recovery ... ds will be 4 mos. old tomorrow (3/10) ... so hard to believe -- time has flown by! I'm feeling generally good although my incision gets itchy at times and is still generally numb. Sometimes I feel stretching sensations, and if I bang the area (like with the laundry basket), it hurts a little.

I'm wondering something ... did any of you ladies find that af got more painful post c/b (or post any pg)? I've always had cramps (even when on the pill), but they're worse now. This combined with the fact that I am completely annoyed at the universe that, despite doing everything I'm supposed to do bfing wise, I got my period 3 mos. pp.
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My periods actually got better. I also got my period fairly soon while exclusively breastfeeding. That is a bummer.

I still have numbness at my incision site. I promise the itching goes away. Try vitamin E for that.
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hello..tracy here...

amy, i had my c/b just 3 days after yours...

darling ruby arrived 11/13 via emer c/b after 25 hours of labor at home with two wonderful midwives...

i am so ashamed at how little thought i gave to women who had c/b prior to mine...my first child was born after a five hour labor at a birth center - no drugs, no episiotomy, just a general plop and i picked her up and went home 2 hours later...

this time around i opted for a home birth...i did everything i possible could have done to prevent a c/b, but ended up with one anyhow (ruby simply wasn't decending properly, and the midwives and myself had tried everything - we transported to see if an epidural would give us some time, but i stuck at 6 cent. with a cervix swollen like a bagel...then reacted to the epidural and baby reacted to the epi for my b/p and then i had the c/b)

i'm feeling okay, but it seems very surreal to me...and i'm still itchy and sore and my tummy just isn't snapping back - it still seems swollen, if that makes sense...

my best friend had a c/b two years ago and i remember thinking "silly girl, that's what she gets for not doing FILL IN THE BLANK"...now i just wish i had offered to help her out a bit more...

all in all, my experience was very positive - the hospital was supportive of two lay midwives and a wailing woman in labor that they knew nothing about...the doctor was a young wonderful earthy female, very supportive of my choices...the nurses had lots of questions for the midwives - good questions, not bad ones! rooming in was nice, breastfeeding was well supported...i was still empowered...that was nice
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Some new faces here-welcome!
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After Tracy was born not only were my periods more painful they lasted 5 days longer!! My af before pg was about 2.5 maybe 3 days and light with barely a cramp. Post Tracy they were 8 days long, heavy, and crampy.

After my first m/c the period got a little better but when I ovulate is pure hell! I have dizzy spells, nausea, camping, vomiting....name it and I experience it! I'm hoping that when af returns this time it will be gentle.

Like some of you, despite doing everything "right" my ppaf with ds was at 6 weeks pp and like clockwork every 5 weeks. I'm pretty sure I ovulated this week. I'm expecting af anytime now :
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I have always had very regular periods, and before having kids they were extremely painful, heavy and long. Now, still regular when they come back (which is directly tied to nightweaning for me) and there is little to no pain, and the bleeding is lighter. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones- my mom was the same way.
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Hi ladies... I'm getting nervous for my upcomming c-section, but so excited to meet my baby!

I'm Sarah (24)
DS, Lucas 3yrs. was born my emergency c-section under general due to pre-eclamsia/hellp
baby #2 will be born by planned repeat c-section on 4/2/04
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Talk through any anxiety you have with us, I know it helped me a whole lot going into my last birth .
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Checking in!

Analisa, 30 and Eric, 33
Meg, 2, vaginal
Patrick and Catherine, 2-1/2 months, planned cesarean due to breech footling presentation, then premature water breaking necessitating urgent cesarean
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I'm checkin' in too

Kim, 36 Mom to Lance 2yrs. Labored 22+hrs, C/B due to posterior presentation/uterine fatigue!! (okay, big baby too)

Very Pregnant and due the 25th!! I'm watching the threads for all your great words of wisdom and support. I'm "planning" a VBAC but we all know how that goes. I feel I'm not committed 100% either way as to protect myself. With your help I've recovered from my feelings of failure....... My great OB and one other friend feels I need to be more mentally committed to the VBAC or it won't be a success, I think I'm at the point where I just want a healthy happy baby and what I've learned is not to judge other women (or their doctors) for those "scheduled" c/b.

It would be great for this little one to pick his/her birthday, regardless of method of entry.....

I'm babbling......still processing....thankful for this site.

Kim, ap, bf mama!
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