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is she just big bottomed ??

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here's the situation. i have a 9.5 month old dd who is pretty chubby , she's 20 lbs and 27.5 inches, (75% for weight, 50% for height). we use mostly prefolds and covers during the day with the occasional pocket dipe thrown in when we're out and about. we've been using fitteds at night since she was a newborn, initially because they were easier to change during those middle of the night diaper changes and because they held newborn runny poop better than prefolds (although i think dh and i are now experts at prefolds and could probably even contain the newborn poops with them...). over the fitteds at night we use a disana cover (when she was smaller we had aristocrats, we've loved both brands). we really love our stash and setup, except that the fitted diapers NEVER seem big enough for her.
right now she's wearing a size large disana pull on (good for 21-35 lbs). it fits her OK, but sometimes we have to pull it up in back to make sure that it actually covers her huge fluffy bottom. she's 20 LBS!!! WHY are we having trouble with a cover that she's technically not even big enough for yet not covering her butt??? the fitteds we have right now are under the nile fitteds. we love them and their absorbancy (we do have to add a hemparoos doubler and her pj's are occasionally damp but we're ok with that situation for now...) but she's wearing a size medium which is supposed to be good for 19-29 lbs and they BARELY fit her. wtf? i just don't get it. when we put them on her at night with the doubler in them (and even without the doubler, actually) if we pull them up enough in front so that they don't gape and give everyone a view all the way down into the diaper in front, she's showing an inch of plumber's bottom (butt crack just seems to crude for a sweet, sweet baby bottom ) in back. i just don't get it. we've had the same problem with fitted diapers and wool covers since we aged out of the newborn sizes (basically since she put on her chubs). when i bought these most recent sizes of UTN and disana dh and i decided to buy things that would be huge on her but hopefully last till potty learning. but here we are just a few months later needing bigger sizes when she's just BARELY into the weight range for these diapers.
so, sorry for the long setup, here are my questions. is there a way for baby bottom's to be shaped to make fitted diapers not fit them very well? (like does she have wide hips? or just an extra long rise or something? she looks normal to me, but she's my first babe, so i don't really have much to compare her to). we're looking to get more, larger sized diapers and need something that will FIT her!!! and be absorbent and allow room for a doubler (apparently she's a heavy wetter? i don't know but she sure soaks her diaper at night...) i've read that dream-eze fitteds are really absorbent and great for night time and i was looking into getting some but i'm nervous getting the medium (supposed to be good for 18-35 lbs) because with her current track record by the time she's 22 lbs (in a month or so at her current rate!) the'll be falling off her because they're too small again.
sorry this is so long, i'm just baffled. this is our first real "problem" with diapring her and i can't figure it out so i thought i'd come to you lovely ladies to help us figure out what's going on.
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I can't offer any advice as far as the different brands sizes etc, but my DD has the same problem. She is 6 months and 26lbs!!!!!! I think for her it is a combo of a looong booty crack and her chubby thighs. I think the thighs actually pull the diaper down in the crotch, if that makes sense. We use mostly homemade fleece covers and pfs and so the covers were our main issue. My MIL made them for me and I just got her to make the rise a lot longer and that has helped. So I guess maybe you should measure her rise and use that as a factor in the size you get.
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She must have an extra-long rise. My 24lb 22 month old wears size Large Disana and it comes up to her armpits. And she's the 2nd child to wear them, after DD1 used them for over a year, so they're pretty felty by this point.

I don't know what dipes to suggest as both my girls are kind of petite. ME Sandy's are BIG, though--the large Sandy's would still fit my 35lb 4yo easily. Also, babies shapes change as they grow. She may be a chunker now, but when she starts really moving she might slim right down and the fitteds and covers you have now will fit again.

Hopefully someone will be along soon to point you in the direction of some high-rise dipes!
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thanks for the replies ladies. i've been thinking more about it since i posted and she must just have a really long rise. lineymom i can't imagine the kissable chubs your little one must have!! but my dd's thighs are super chubby and i think she is similar in that she has a long "booty crack" and a chunky build... where are the diapers for super chunky babes??
alphabetsoup~ it's good to hear that the sizing actually does work for some people because i thought i must just be going crazy or doing it all wrong or something and i have thought that she'll slim down when she gets moving (she kind of inchworms around right now and walks with her little push cart, but no true crawling yet) and her weight gain HAS slowed in the past couple of months... thanks for the suggestion of ME sandy's. i'll definitely check into them.
and i'd LOVE other suggestions of good, high-rise super absorbent fitted dipes! i know i mentioned dream-eze fitteds in my op, but i've been reading more about them and everyone is praising them as "low-rise" which i'm realizing now would just probably mean that they would NOT fit my dd well at all, so now i'm back to the drawing board on trying to find new fitteds for her. (we've also tried kissaluvs but they also had the effect of turning my ever-so-dainty dd into a plumber... ) here's a pic of the plumber herself back at 5 months in size 1 kissaluv, 17 lbs)
keep the suggestions coming!!
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Your DD is gorgeous! Love the rolls, neither of mine were ever that chubbalicious! But there is something about that picture that looks wrong to me. The bottom of the diaper is down around her knees, is that because it's got so much stuffed in it? Or because if you pull it up higher it cuts in to her tummy or doesn't fasten? What happens if you yank it up in the back? It might be that her chubba thighs are getting in the way, not necessarily her bottom, iyswim.

Maybe try a side-snapping diaper. I think fuzzibunz are meant to be good for babies with big thighs, too.
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LOL so cute! Thats the exact fit we get, especially first thing in the morning. I think the thighs definitely pull it down!
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oh yes, this isn't really exactly what i'm talking about in the post, here her diaper was so wet AND so small that it just wasn't staying on very well. it had slipped down off her bottom. but there isn't as much room to pull it up as you would think. all we had in there was one pretty thin doubler and another pretty thin fleece liner. i think it's a combination of things, she has super chubby thighs, very short legs and a high bottom...
but even if i had tried to yank this back up it wouldn't have totally covered her crack. i just had to post it because it was so cute lineymom this IS first thing in the morning too! her daddy had just taken off her aristocrat.
she's just a chubby, funny shape, i guess. which is hilarious to me because i was about two pounds lighter than her at her age, and she's now got almost three pounds on me (when i was her age). her daddy was a chubster though.
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you know, i've always wondered, how do you measure rise? do i do it on her naked and just kind of loop the tape measure from the front up to where i would like the diaper to sit in back?
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I assume so. That's what I have done.
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Sounds like a long rise. Dream-eze fitteds have a pretty high rise, but I wouldn't use them for a night-time dipe. They're just not that absorbent. They make a great daytime dipe though - I have a dozen of them in Med. And I have to question 20 lbs being 75% percentile at 9.5 months - my guy is almost 8 months and weighs almost 22 lbs and is still wearing NB tees. He still fits into his small dipes, but we sized up to Med for the absorbency (they're all on the smallest snap fitting). And he's supposedly below the 50th%.

As for measuring rise, you can do it over a trim dipe. Just measure navel to above her crack. The main problem you're going to run into is that most dipes don't give rise measurements. Have you tried OS dipes? That may be your best bet at this point. Or PFs, since those do list measurements. Or having something custom made. And once you have them, I'd go ahead and sell the stuff that isn't fitting, make some of your money back.

I have also seen some dipes make Med Longs, although I don't know what brands those are. And for wool, I'd recommend having something custom made to fit. For night-time, I'd recommend Tunisian Crochet rather than knit, since it is so much thicker. I have some that I love because they're so thick.
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Originally Posted by cristeen View Post
Sounds like a long rise. Dream-eze fitteds have a pretty high rise, but I wouldn't use them for a night-time dipe. They're just not that absorbent. They make a great daytime dipe though - I have a dozen of them in Med. And I have to question 20 lbs being 75% percentile at 9.5 months - my guy is almost 8 months and weighs almost 22 lbs and is still wearing NB tees. He still fits into his small dipes, but we sized up to Med for the absorbency (they're all on the smallest snap fitting). And he's supposedly below the 50th%. .
Huh, I was pretty sure the average (50th%) 12mo was 22lbs.

Anyway, I have been comtemplating this little diaper issue a lot. When my DD stands up naked, her knees are bowed out but her upper thighs totally rub together. Lol, there is no possible way to wedge a diaper between those thunder thighs I betting you have this issue, too. I am thinking that we need a narrower crotch, I don't know.
When you decide what you are gonna get or find something that works post again, please!!!!
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i was going to suggest a one size. aren't goodmamas spossed to run big, or am i just pulling that out of nowhere?? we use crickett's diapers and like those as well. she looks like she's got a long booty crack to me- dd had one that made her look like her crack was splitting her back in half (LOL- that sounds weird). it was deep too, even at the top- like the freaking grand canyon! it has since gone away. some of the diapers that didn't fit in the rise at 6 months now fit her at 13 months. its weird how they change!
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My dd had this proble have u tried putting the leg bands in her leg fold like where your underwere would go kinda how u put on a g diaper that worked for my abby who had chuby thighs
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inky leeuhhh: thanks for the bit about your little one... it's good to know she might grow into her deep, long crack. i've wondered what it might look like on an adult!

nique 1012: i have thought about putting the diaper BEFORE her first roll, but when i've tried it doesn't stay there and it really doesn't look comfortable either.. and i do have a few g-diapers which fit much better in the rise, probably because they are so thin through the thigh area, but boy they sure don't last very long. i have to change her every time she pees or they leak (and i'm pretty darn sure we don't have build up issues, just a very big bladder ). thanks for the suggestion!

liney mom: i think what i'm going to have to do is special order some diapers with a narrow crotch and high rise for the next set... i'm also tempted to order just one mother ease sandy's to try it out. i think i'm gonna order some from lepetitowlet (a MDC WAHM , whose diapers look gorgeous)

cristeen: there are quite a few growth charts to look at, and most of them are based off of formula fed baby data, so it is all a bit relative, and there are also different charts for boys vs. girls. but for my dd, we just had her 9 month appt and on the charts she's actually just above the 75% weight-for-age, on the 90% curve for weight-for-length and just below 50% of height for age. so the "numbers" can be all over the place.
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