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on Pampers' claims!

This was so preposterous to me that, as a writer who's written on the use of cloth diapers, I HAD to respond. I even made reference to Jennifer Margulis' piece on CDs in the last Mothering issue in this article I just published: http://gomestic.com/family/pampers-m...ts-a-critique/
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Coming from the PR business, I think P&G just did themselves no favor. Putting the blame on the consumer is the worst possible step... But we will see how it pans out!

Ok, so Pampers thinks since I used Pampers for the first 6 months of DS's life and then switched to cloth and all his rashes disappeared I now take all my time to start rumors about Pampers... Hmmm yeah right. And their lovely myth and truth about cloth section... Wow. They must be really afraid of cloth diapering parents. I think though that the overall trend to be more ecofriendly is what scares them... More and more people are looking for alternatives.

And for the washing... I wash our pockets and prefolds on hot and dry them. We have HE LG washer & dryer though, and microfiber and pockets dry in no time, the prefolds get hung semidry. Our energy nor water bill didn't even change after the switch to cloth. And I certainly wouldn't iron diapers, Pampers, I don't even iron my clothes!!! Too much work... They can spin it as much as they want, but sposies will always use more resources and create huge landfills. It is so self-evident! And frankly, my reason to switch to cloth wasn't the environment. IT's all about my child's health and best interest.
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Hey--Pampers just took this page down! Yeah, try to follow the link and the page is simply gone! Well, as the last post said, it is not in their best interest to have that argument!
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Originally Posted by earthmommy2 View Post
Did you all hear about the chemical burns being caused by the new pampers. I told my DH last night and he was like, "We are SOOOO not using the Pampers in the hospital!" Yeah I'm ever more unimpressed by Pampers!!
Originally Posted by CrystalCloud View Post
My DS got a rash and blisters on his butt from Pampers. Reason why I'm switching.
We didn't hear about the chemical burns until after DD was a victim of them. My poor baby's bottom was covered in blisters. She couldn't even sit down. I've contacted Pampers and they essentially blamed me. We only used them for a week on vacation, and never again. I'm trying to not use and P&G products now.
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