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prowraps vs. Thirsties for newborn and prefolds

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I have used Thirsties, but not Prowraps. What is the difference? And which works best for a newborn or over prefolds?
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we used prowraps for the newborn stage. they worked fine containing the poops but we had the velcro version (don't know if they do a snap version or not) and they scratched our daughter's legs pretty badly. we ended up taking little squares of terrycloth and putting them over the bottom half of the scratchy velcro side to save her legs. we didn't have any thirsites for the newborn stage but we've been using them since she was about 3 months old and both dh and i love thirsties. for my next babe, i'll definitely NOT be using prowraps because of the scratchiness issue, although we liked them besides that. our favorite cover was actually a bummis whisper wrap in newborn size. even though it doesn't have leg gussets we never had more blow out or leak problems than the prowraps and the velcro tabs are just so much smaller they never scratched her legs or her tummy. i think we'll get a few more bummis and probably some thirsties for our next one.
hope this helps!
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We've been using prowraps since DD was born (about 4 months). We like them. They've been handed down through at least 3 other babies before us and still function very well. never have had a leak out of the cover, and since her poo is runny it is great that they wipe clean. We have a thirsties small (bought before I realized we'd need the x-small for a newborn) and we use it now. Honestly they both function the same for us. I like that my prowrap covers don't collect hair in the wash. They don't have laundry tabs so I just close and turn inside out to wash (again, I have older ones so this may have changed). The velcro holds this way and doesn't collect fuzz, where thirsties aplix is a more traditional and exposed tab (if that makes sense) so it can collect hair in the wash.
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my experience with covers is with the proraps. I absolutely love them and will be buying more for this LO soon. I love the gussets on them and never worried about EBF baby poop blowouts. the gathers on the gussets caught everything (we used with prefolds) I also had the aplix kind although im a fan of snaps.

One trick I used when trying to keep the covers from snagging on my CD was to place them (covers) in a zippered pillow case cover and toss that in the wash.
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We used Proraps for the newborn stage too, they seemed to fit better than the Thirsties, and they had the cut out for her cord. DD's didn't fall off until about 8 weeks. I do remember that the Proraps seemed to hold a urine smell after each change though, so I had to rotate them. But they were very affordable. At about 2 months, we switched to Thirsties and Swaddlebees.
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