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Looking for a midwife to do a home birth

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I had my first daughter with Kay Johnson and it was amazing. This time around I wanted a home birth but had a hard time finding any information on home births so I went back to Kay and I am now 28 weeks pregnant. I have been having some insurance issues so I looked back into home birth and have found more information than the first time. Can anyone point me in the direction of a midwife who would take me on so late? Also how much do home births usually cost in Ga?
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Most local midwives charge around $3K, but I think they'll usually pro-rate that for any pre-natal visits you wouldn't need since you're well into your pregnancy. I would think most of them would take you at 28 weeks, but you probably just have to call and ask.

This practice is on your side of town: http://www.gamidwife.com/team2.html

Other options:

Good luck! Keep us posted on what you decide.
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Thank you! I have already emailed the midwives at gamidwives.com but I have yet to hear back from them. I think they are a great option for me because they are literally seven miles from my house. I wish they had a number I could call because I have been checking my email like a crazy person to see if either midwife has responded. lol.
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I love Beth Miller, www.birthingway.com.
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I second Beth Miller. I am 20 weeks along with my second, (my first was at North Fulton) and I'm going to have Beth in my home for the birth of our second little one!
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I third Beth!

She delivered my last baby and I am planning another birth with her this December. She is so sweet to me even though I am a not-so-crunchy mom.
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Fourth vote for Beth.

We Birthing Way families just love Beth...everyone teased me when I was pregnant because I couldn't stop talking about how wonderful my midwife was! She really is amazing. I had the most wonderful homebirth...I am SO not ready to have another baby yet, but I keep thinking I should just so I can have prenatals with Beth again. My prenatals were better than therapy.
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WOW! Thanks everyone for posting on Beth! I just set up a consult with her (I'm only 4 weeks). This will be my first homebirth out of 3. I'm nervous of course, but this makes me feel better.

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Angela, congrats on your pregnancy. I am in the same boat as you. I'm due late October & looking for a HB Midwife and i was very curious on the price. My last HB in Western Pa my insurance paid for it (it was prorated because i didn't switch care over until i was 28 weeks). This time i will have to pay out of pocket. GL !!!

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We're paying about $3,000 for our homebirth in a few weeks. That seems to be pretty average in Atlanta.  This does not cover ultrasounds/labwork if you need or want those services; thankfully, we have insurance that covers most of those costs.  Many midwives will also provide you with a superbill so that you can try for some reimbursement after the birth.  

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I don't mean to highjack your thread but i'm in the process of setting up my consultations with 2 cpm's practicing in GA. The price is $2800..thats brutal but I'm determined to make it work. GL with everything !!!

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I delivered with gamidwives in 2009. I would recommend them to anyone. I had an awesome experience after I switched to them at 29 weeks. Try this number (770) 381-2339.


Good Luck!

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