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Probably not. But some doctors are adept at justifying them medically on paper. I have never heard of insurance denying a C-section claim.
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Today on A Baby Story, the mother was 41 weeks before her labor was induced. The baby had dropped and the mother's cervix was soft by that point. The mother was given Cervidil to soften her cervix. After about 12 hours, she was given Stadol for the pain and she took a nap. At some point, she was give Pitocin to increase her contractions and then the mother opted to received an epidural for the pain. Her labor stalled at 5 centimeters. Her doctor called for a c-section and told her that she had a dysfunctional labor and that her pelvis was too small or the baby was too big.  The baby ended up weighing all of 6 pounds and 5 ounces.


I get mad at A Baby Story every time I watch it, but I got truly upset when I watched this episode. The mother originally wanted a unmedicated birth, but her labor and delivery ended up being a cascade of interventions. I've watched these kind of stories on A Baby Story before. I don't know why this particular episode got to me. I think it might be that the mother will have to fight hard (if she want to) in the future for a VBAC if she has another baby and she might be haunted by the fact that one doctor said she might have a small pelvis. Also, what would have happened if she had been allowed to get of bed and walk and move around to move the baby into a different position? Why didn't anyone suggest this course of action?


I really should stop watching this show. My blood pressure's high enough as it is.

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I sure do miss the first few seasons of a baby story, when they did more natural birth.
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