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Originally posted by Daffodil
Do your kids all turn their spoons upside down when they put them in their mouths? At what age are they able to move the spoon to their mouth without doing that?
Practice, Practice, Practice! Raven at first turned the spoon up-side-down, but it only took her a couple of times before she figured it out. I helped her along, holding her hand so she wouldn't tip it, so that she could feel the contrast between twisting her hand and keeping it straight.
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Originally posted by Daffodil
Do your kids all turn their spoons upside down when they put them in their mouths? At what age are they able to move the spoon to their mouth without doing that?
You're giving your dc silverware & they're using it?! Never even occured to me! :LOL He will yank the spoon out of my hand occasionally and lead it to his mouth, but then he just bangs it or SMACK!s it in the bowl to splash the yogurt or whatever. I actually started to give him drinkable yo-baby yogurt cause I was too lazy, lol.
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See, this is why it's great to hear other people's experiences. I had been assuming that holding the spoon right-side-up while moving it to the mouth was probably an advanced skill that there was no point even trying to teach until Lindy was quite a bit older. But I guess I was wrong.

I was also assuming till recently that using a fork was an advanced skill compared to using a spoon. But then I got the idea one night to let Lindy give it a try and realized (duh!) that using a fork is actually easier than using a spoon.
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Er, maybe I'm making the spoon-feeding thing sound a lot smoother than it really is.

Mind you, when she is done eating, there is yogurt in her hair, on her arms, on her body, on the table, and on the chair!!!!

She knows how to scoop it out, and she knows how to get it in her mouth relatively straight. She does tip it at a 45-90 degree angle a lot.

I just go with the Montessori principle of letting kids figure out how to do things for themselves. I try to let her feed herself as much as possible. Tonight we had watery soup, however, and I took control, because it was just too liquidy and I knew that most of the soup was goign to wind up everywhere but her mouth.

Just because one kid is doing something, does not mean that every kid that age should be doing it. For example, I posted earlier that Raven does not yet want to drink out of a cup by herself.

Daffodil!!! I never thought of using a fork, either!!!! Duh....I suppose that will be our next project.
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Well, we use a fork but we spear the food and then give dd the fork. It works great...the food actually has a chance of making it into her mouth. DD does the "flip the spoon upside down just as it gets close to your mouth" thing too.

If we give her a bowl of food and a spoon she just plays. She makes no attempt to get the food actually into her mouth. So, we still spoon feed her for the most part.

As for sippy cups, we gave up on the no-spill one. She just couldn't suck hard enough to get anything out. Now we use ones that have an open spout. More mess as she usually wants to turn the cup upside down, but when she's thirsty she can now drink out of it.

As for teeth brushing, well we try. DD loves to suck on her toothbrush herself but hates it when we try to brush her teeth. Also hates having the toothbrush taken away from her but I am not comfortable letting her run around with it in her mouth. So, she's not allowed out of the bathroom with it. One of my biggest worries is that dd will get dental carries because of all the nursing she does at night. I freak out about it every couple of days and really try to brush her teeth, then I get complacent again and give it a rest for awhile.
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I got irritated wth the sippy cups as well -- what's the difference between those & bottles -- I mean geez! So I switched mostly to those cups with the straws in them -- they still minimize spills/leaks, and he enjoys them. My friend actually took their special straw out and just put a regular one in to make it even easier to suck.

Ian has started throwing finger food on the floor, but he will eat it if you spoon (or fork) it into him?? It took an unfortunate episode with fruit cocktail & later on one with (smooshed) peas to figure this out.... : :LOL
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Island Mommy, I did a search about breastfeeding at night and its connection to cavities, and there really wasn't one! For instance, skulls of children from many years ago show no sign of caries in the baby teeth. It didn't start happening till bottles came around. A bottle will drip in the mouth after the child is done sucking (called 'pooling') a breast doesn't. Dylan does the same with the toothbrush, sucks it and won't give it up!

She had Four new words today

She can point out eye, nose, ear, and mouth and say them all, except 'nose' which she insists is a "DaaaaDaa" and then cracks up laughing:
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Well, what do you know? Lindy CAN stick her finger in her nose! She did it yesterday. Looking at the size of her fingers and the size of her nostrils, I was sure it was impossible, but I guess noses are pretty stretchy. It was a tight fit, though, and it didn't go in very far.

She'll be 14 months old tomorrow, and still isn't using any definite words. (Except "hey," which she says all the time, but I don't think that really counts.) She might have been trying to say "water" the other night, but she might have just been babbling. I read last night that a 14 month old typically can say about 10 words and understand about 100. I tried writing down and counting all the words I could think of off the top of my head that she knows, and got about 145, not including animals, or people's names, or letters and numbers. I know there are plenty more that I didn't think of. So I guess she's doing fine there. I just wish she'd decide to actually SAY one of those words.

So how are all you moms feeling these days, compared to a year ago? Getting back to normal mentally? Or am I the only one who stopped being my normal self after having a baby? Toward the end of Lindy's first year, I started noticing that I was feeling more like my old, pre-baby self - less irritable, able to think better. Nowadays I'm feeling quite a bit like my old self - though I found recently that I couldn't remember the formula for the area of a circle, so I guess I'm still not quite there. I'm still more irritable than before the baby, too, but it's much better than it was.
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Hi Daffodil,

I was just going to look for this thread when your post popped up. I'm much less irritable than I was before...I don't snap at dh nearly as much and can handle dd's nightwaking alot better. Of course, I take an anti-depressant so that could have something: to do with it.

We've got a few words

Du (duck)
Ha (hand)
Pi (ping...the noise the toaster oven makes when the toast is done)

I'm sure she understands far more than 100 words now though. She seems to understand everything we say to her.

Lots of weaning going on around me. In my moms group, the 12 month old is down to just 2 nursings at night, the 10 month old is down to 1 nursing in the morning and the 8 month old is going to Norway with her aunt in May so she'll be weaned by then. I'm feeling like I'm sort of getting left behind. I don't have any plans to wean dd anytime soon but once in a while I do feel a bit ambivalent about the whole nursing thing. It's usually when dd is up to her normal acrobatics or if she starts screaming when I don't get the boob in her mouth within 2.6 seconds of her waking up.

DH has just taken dd down to the neighbour's to feed their fish. She was clutching hard to the sides of her little white wagon. So cute.
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Don't feel left behind! My daughter nurses all the time. Seriously. Though she was recently nightweaned, about 2 weeks ago she had diarrheah (I can't spell) and wouldn't eat anything, so I encouraged her to nurse as much as possible. Well, the bug passed, but she is still nursing 4 times at night (most of it between2 and 6 am).

She seems to have a new word everyday. The latest is "no" which I don't know where she gets it. We try not to tell her "no", but correct offending behavior in other ways, but with a young toddler it is difficult. Anyway, she says it whenever she doesn't get her way (like when she has to get her hair washed, or when I take something dangerous away!)
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My little man still isn't big on the words either. He does have words for dog, bird, up, grandmama (mamama), and grandpapa (papapa) as well as mama and dada. Mostly he just babbles though. I'm at a point now where I'm starting to think that he understands quite a bit, but often decides not to listen. He is very busy and full of energy and mischief. He's got a special little grin that will warn you if he's thinking of doing something that he probably shouldn't. It's awfully cute, but when I see it I know I'd better watch out.

He only has four teeth and he still wants to chew on everything. Books and wooden puzzles have to be used under close supervision or they will end up missing corners.

He has just recently started eating a lot more solid foods, but still nurses about 6 times in 24 hours. I'm still thinking about nightweaning and wondering if my fertility will return if we do. Haven't gotten past the thinking stage yet, though.

As for me, I am starting to doubt myself a bit more. It seems like we are on the brink of so many new things and I worry that I won't handle situations the right way. I bought the Discipline Book (Sears) to prepare myself for things to come, but have barely gotten a chance to open it.
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I borrowed a copy of the Discipline Book from my LLL too! I want to deal with dd respectfully and gently but I also don't want her to be a brat (to put it bluntly). Yesterday she was methodically pulling the leaves off my flower plants and I wasn't sure what to do. I told her "no" and gently took her hand away but she kept repeating. I picked her up and took her away but she returned, looking at me and smiling as she pulled the leaves off. I finally distracted her with something, I think.

Just saying "no" at this age really doesn't seem to work. Although, my mom is always telling me I have to teach her "no" soon and that when we were growing up she never had to move anything out of reach. Yah, right.
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Originally posted by Island Mommy
Just saying "no" at this age really doesn't seem to work. Although, my mom is always telling me I have to teach her "no" soon and that when we were growing up she never had to move anything out of reach. Yah, right.
Oh no...it will work...if you repeat enough to your child that he/she isn't allowed to touch anything, it will probably work -- my 2y.o. cousin is a great example of this -- he is so good that when he is at someone's house he will sit down in front of the tv and watch it silently without looking or touching anything.
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I've been starting to think about disclipine, too. I feel like I should come up with some ideas about how I want to handle it before I really need them. I just got Punished by Rewards from the library to see what I think of that guy's ideas.

So far, I feel like Lindy is still too young for me to expect her to stop doing something fun just because I tell her to. We almost never tell her "no" - we just distract her or separate her from whatever we don't want her to play with. Actually, if we ever do (very gently) say "no" or "don't do that" she immediately stops what she's doing and gets a serious, worried look on her face; a couple of times she even started crying. I didn't expect that at all - I thought when you told toddlers "no" they'd usually just laugh and do the forbidden thing again. But she seems really sensitive to any negative reaction from us. Maybe that will change when she gets older, but so far it seems like discipline might not be a big challenge with her.

I'm not in any big hurry to wean her, but I am thinking that I'd like it to happen by the time she's two, if she'll go along with that. I still nurse her whenever she wants, but I try not to suggest it myself unless it's time to nurse her down for sleep. (Yeah, I guess at some point I'll have to figure out another way to get her to sleep.)
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Daffodil -- my mom said I was like that -- she would say no & I would immediately stop...my sister on the other hand -- she was ALWAYS getting into trouble. My mom regrets now, but she spanked & spanked & spanked trying to get her to stop & it only made her more defiant. Oh, and congrats on the finger up the nose. :LOL

Ian is doing pretty well, except for the cold I think he might have & I KNOW I have! He just cut his THIRD MOLAR...that makes 11 teeth and the 4th molar is on it's way any day now.


I am sooooooooo tired of the whiney fussiness & sleeplesness-- he woke up at 10:45 one night last week and was up til 3:30 am!!!

He started signing "all done" and I think he's doing "more" as well, but it's hard to tell since they look similar -- and of course bye-bye.

Well, I'm fallin asleep typin, so that may be my cue to scoot...

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I haven't posted in awhile to the Jan 2003 thread. Fun to read about all of your toddlers' accomplishments!

DD is not quite walking yet. She takes steps randomly, but more and more nowadays. Her favorite thing is pushing her wooden shopping cart around and mowing over kitties, toys, and big people who get in her way.

DD knows several signs and also has a few words, among them, dada, mama, cheese (her favorite food), foo (for tofu), boo (for boom), bird, hot, hat. She also enjoys making animals sounds: "aooww" for meow, "wuh" for woof, "eee aaa" for monkey.

Daffodil -- I'm in the same boat as you with the nursing. I want to go to two years. I nurse basically on demand and to put DD down to sleep. It's such an easy, pleasant way to get her to sleep, I'm not looking forward to figuring out a new way when we start weaning!

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What's new with all the other kids these days?

I had such a nice time with Lindy today. I was picking up bark and wood chips from the wood-splitting area and putting them in a bag, and Lindy hung out with me and put a little piece of wood in the bag now and then, and we'd stop to look whenever I found something interesting like some ants or a worm under a big piece of bark. Then she walked down the driveway with me to where I planted a little apple tree yesterday, and watched while I dumped out the wood and spread it out as mulch around the tree, and then we walked back up and got some more. Nothing exciting, but I just love being able to do stuff like that with her. It's so much more fun than when the only way we could go outside was if I carried her.

She's finally starting to say some words! She's definitely said "ball," "dog," "moon," "hand," "arm," "out," and "on." I think there are others, but sometimes it's hard to tell if she's really trying to say a word or not. She says "M" and "N" a lot, too, but she uses them to refer to any letter or number, kind of like the way some kids say "dog" for every animal at first.

She's been working on learning to turn pages, and has gotten quite good at it. She can often go through a whole picture book with paper pages, separating out and turning a single page at a time.

She's entering an exasperating new phase where she shakes her head "no" in response to almost every question, fights having any clothes put on her, and won't let us feed her. But she's still cute and sweet most of the time, and I have more fun with her every day.
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Yesterday, dd and I were looking out the window watching dh split wood. She started pointing at him and saying "bu, bu". I'm thinking Daddy? wood? axe?..then I realize she's pointing at her bucket which is right behind dh. It's really the first time she's communicated with a word. Before, we'd say "Can you say bucket?" and she'd say "bu" or "Can you say dada?" and she'd say "dada". So, she'd repeat but she hadn't independently used a word to get her meaning across.

She cut her first molar and her sleep, which was never great, has gone to the dogs.

She broke her foot! A couple of weeks ago she started favoring her left foot, trying to walk on the outside of her foot and occasionally getting down to crawl. After a week with no improvement we went to the dr and he sent her for an x-ray. Turns out she had an undisplaced fracture in the middle of her foot! We don't know how she did it, she's always falling. Then we go to the ped and he starts talking about how unusual this sort of break is and perhaps she's lacking calcium or has brittle bone syndrome!!! Personally, I just think it was a fluke. She's fallen many other times and not broken anything. She's not favoring her foot at all anymore.

How is the teeth brushing going with everyone? DD loves to suck her toothbrush but whenever we try to brush she cries and struggles to get away. I don't know how much to push it.

Everyone still nursing at night? We've tried on and off to stop but no luck. I really don't mind nursing a couple of times/night and would happily continue that for awhile but dd usually likes to nurse over 5 times/night. Honestly, sometimes I'm just sick and tired of nursing and at other times I'm perfectly fine with it.
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Congrats on the talking, Island Mommy! It's so exciting when they actually start using words to communicate. So far Lindy has mostly seemed to think of saying words as just a little game more than as a useful means of communication, but she's just recently started saying "more" ("mo") when she wants more of some food. She's also been saying "dig" and "worm." (We've been working in the garden a lot.)

I'm afraid I've been slacking off a little on the toothbrushing lately, but Lindy doesn't really mind when I do it. I don't think I do the greatest job, though. It's hard to really scrub all the surfaces of those tiny little teeth. At this point, if she really protested toothbrushing, I wouldn't push it. I'd probably take a little break from it, then try to reintroduce it in a low-pressure fun way where I didn't worry about actually getting the teeth clean at first, but just tried to get her to accept the concept.

We're still nursing at night. Probably at least 5 times most nights. I sometimes wonder whether nightweaning would lead to Lindy sleeping longer stretches, or at least putting herself back to sleep without waking me up. But I'm just not sure it would be worth trying it. As it is, she wakes a lot, but usually nurses back to sleep quickly, and I go back to sleep quickly, too. The nightweaning process would undoubtedly be a lot harder on me than just nursing her, and there's no guarantee it would even help her sleep. (If there was a guarantee, I think I'd try it.)

Those of you who are still nursing at night - how much help do your kids need getting to your breast? Do they do it all on their own? When Lindy wakes up, she just lies there and fusses, and then if I don't stick my breast in her mouth, eventually she'll start moving around in a fairly aimless way, and maybe she'll sit up, but she seems almost incapable of finding my breast on her own. I have to get positioned right next to her and practically put the nipple in her mouth. Maybe she's just not all the way awake at first - but if I waited for her to wake up enough to do it herself, she'd be crying and flopping around in bed for at least 5 or 10 minutes. I read about babies who latch themselves on and start nursing without even waking up their mothers, and that sure sounds nice. I can't quite see how that would even be possible for us, though. I'm usually sleeping with my arm in front of my breast, and I don't think Lindy could get to it unless I woke up enough to move my arm. Maybe if you have really big breasts (which I don't) it helps.
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:LOL Dylan always has to wake me up to nurse!

She likes to use my toothbrush better than her own. I try to get her to brush her teeth twice a day, but sometimes I forget :hiding:

She says about 35 words plus a whole bunch of animal sounds. She just loves animals so much. We may be getting some chickens shortly (or BOK BOKs as Dylan calls them!) so she will be really excited about that.

Island Mommy, I am so sorry about her foot! I hope she feels better soon.

I can't see her weaning anytime soon, or even cutting down, I had planned to start ttc in August, but I don't think that is going to happen unless she changes her nursing habits and soon!
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