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Gr8flmom, I had planned on ttc in September, but it looks like it won't happen for me either. Desmond has really cut down on his nursing, but I don't see him weaning anytime soon and I don't think I'll be fertile again until he does. As it is, he is down to 4-5 nursing sessions in a 24 hour period. Sometimes he'll wake up once in the night to nurse and sometimes he'll sleep through. Otherwise he nurses when he wakes up, before and after his nap and to go to bed.

We've actually been doing pretty well with toothbrushing. I give him his toothbrush after every meal (while he's still in the high chair) and he does his own brushing. When he's in the mood to let me brush, too, he seems to kind of like it and will let me be pretty thorough. We're still not using toothpaste yet, though. He would definitely swallow it.

He is gradually starting to talk more. He loves to point to flowers, birds, trees, dogs and airplanes while we're out walking. He has his own words for all of these things and sometimes he'll say them when he points. His cutest thing lately is to call my parent's cat "dida" (kitty cat) and he tries to imitate my dad calling the cat "here kitty kitty kitty" = "didididida". It's kind of hard to describe. Also, this morning when I put his coat on, he looked up at the dog and waved bye-bye, without me even saying the usual "let's say bye-bye to the doggie".

How is everyone doing with eating? Desmond really likes soup. I can get a lot of vegetables into him if they are in soup. I tend to make ones with lentils or beans, because he reallly likes them. He loves fruit and bread/crackers/pasta, too. He'll also eat just about anything if I put tomato sauce on it. I try to give him a lot of variety, but I tend to run out of ideas for new things to make.
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Oceano also says "didididi" for kitty kitty kitty. He's got quite a vocabulary, but it's amazing how many words can be made with a variation of 'ba' (book, ball/balloon, box, papa (sounds like baba), bye-bye, sheep noise, baby, booby...all sound kinda similar when he says them!). or 'da'...
still nurses for around 98% of calories most days, but he's developing fine so no worries. usually he likes cooked veggies/beans best...and whole wheat pasta. not so big on dips or sauces (except to play in). it seems that most of his veggies come out the other end in perfect pea-sized little bites...hope he learns to really chew since he's getting his molars!
how do you all manage the desire to run around independently? in our neighborhhod he's pretty intent in trying to run into the street, at the nice safe park he heads to the bikepath or the stream or some other danger zone. after a week of refusal he now holds my hand when i make him...usually. he sometimes will let me sling or backpack him, but he's getting more anxious to be loose every day. i'm seriously considering a harness/leash even tho i once said i'd never do that to a kid. i run around holding the back of his shirt a lot as it is!
can't imagine wanting to ttc yet. well, mostly thats just me, not sure i can imagine ttc ever! i'm looking forward to no diapers, time to myself, actual conversations with my child, etc, even though i'm enjoying now! good luck to those that do want to!
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Guess where dh found my birkenstocks today? In the clothes hamper. Now, who could have put them there? I hadn't been able to find them for days.

No AF here either. People keep asking me if we're going to have another child. Because of our advanced age it's a bit of a preoccupation with my family and friends. I guess nature will decide if we're meant to have another. At the rate dd is nursing I can't see AF returning anytime soon (famous last words).

DD is a fairly picky eater. Some things she loves...like marinated baked tofu, raisins, corn and shreddies with milk. It's hit and miss with everything else. Tonight for dinner she had 1/2 a corn cake (like a rice cake) and some tinned peaches. Not what I'd consider very substantial. I always said I wouldn't have a picky eater!! How could I have been so smug? However, she weighs 25 lbs which is around the 75th percentile, so she's not starving. Guess that momma's milk is pretty good stuff.
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I'd be TTC right now (well, not this very second ), but I'm another one who still hasn't gotten AF back. It might not even be possible for me to get pregnant again because of my age, but I'd like to at least give it a try. But I can't bear the thought of making Lindy suffer by refusing to nurse her either.

She loves food and has a pretty good appetite, but in the past couple of weeks she's suddenly started getting pickier about what she'll eat and also very reluctant to have us feed her at all, so we're having to come up with some new food ideas. Lately she's been eating lots of peas. They're a good finger food - and particularly fun if you eat them by poking your finger into them until they squish and stick to your finger, then putting your finger in your mouth.

So far Lindy hasn't been too interested in running off when we're out together, but if it gets to the point where I'm always chasing after her and worried about her getting into danger, I'll probably just get a harness and leash. I don't think there's anything wrong with them at all.
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I love these updates and seeing all the differences in the kiddos . Anna was born Jan 23rd 2003. She's 15 months and all over the place. We thought she was over her reflux, but after a miserable month of no meds we're are back to her high dose and she's back to her good self. Looks like we'll be on prevacid till she's at least 2. This runs in our family.

Anna still cosleeps in a daybed hooked to our bed. She takes one nap a day. She's dropped most bottles and only really likes water. She's on pediasure for extra calories. She's 15months, 19.5 lbs, and 32.25 inches long. Long and skinny (both dh and I are SHORT)!

I have another post floating somewhere here about her favorite foods. Baked potato, pepporoni, french style green beans, and mac&cheese are big favs. Anna said "kitty cat" at 8.5 months. We thought she'd talk early, but not quite. She loves animals and being told what they are and what they say (what does a turtle or antelope say?). The melissa and doug animal magnets are her favorite toys. She does babysigns for: ear, smell, hat, "on top of", help, diaper change, all done, more, water, book, and bye. Her words (that we can translate) include: bottle, night night, monkey, kitty cat, coco (cat), lucy (cat), nuts (homemade trail mix), snack, water, cook, cookie, woof, moo, quack, neigh, and kiss.
She loves to play pretend with her dollies and feed/water/swing/push/carry them. Spinning just began and is apparently pretty fun. Still bathes with me and won't have it any other way. She's learning to blow dandelions instead of eat them...
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Tammy, your dd looks so old compared to mine and yet they share the same birthday! But what a cutie your Anna is. My babe is still carrying alot of baby fat and has a round Gerber face plus she's short at only 29". She still has the bowlegs of a baby.

I'd post a picture but that's beyond my computer skills.
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How neat to know someone who has her same birthday! I think Anna's hair, height, and lack of any fat makes her look older. I would love to see some rolls on her! or a butt! She's just too active and picky to get chubs. I don't know what I'll do if my next baby actually takes time to eat and likes it??? Anna's feet still turn in a little, but so do me and my dh, so that may not go away...
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Well, this thread had me thinking, so the other night I decided to actually count up all of Dylan's words thinking it would be around 30 and it's

drumroll : : : : : :


I can not beleive it! Although, my brother says I can't count "ABC" as a word, but still, I had no idea what a vocabulary she actually has.

I am kind of bummed about not being able to : right now. I had it all set up. I was going to start to work on a beautiful white azalea garden in the back yard, conceive around aug or sept and go through a whole year of school before having a garden birth while the azaleas are in bloom. After being pregnant in the winter I wanted a spring baby because the maternity clothes are so much cuter (shallow, I know, but maybe some of you know what I am talking about!) :LOL

Right now current favorite foods are strawberries, hummus, pizza (I hide spinach and other good veggies in it!), brown rice, salmon, and saltines. I thought that by only giving her good healthy foods I would avoid having a picky eater too, but it hasn't worked too well. Atleast she hasn't had soda or Doritos yet! However, my 11 and 13 year old sisters think that whoever gives her the best snacks will be her favorite aunt so I have to keep an eye on that situation.
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Wow, Tammy, Anna looks way older than my dd too! Lindy still doesn't have much hair and she's on the small side, so she looks much more babyish.

And Dylan can say 72 words! It's going to be quite a while before Lindy gets to that point. Today was the first day anyone besides me and DP actually got to hear her say a word. My sister came over, and I unearthed a worm in the garden and pointed to it and asked Lindy what it was, and she said "orm."
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I noticed that in the beginning of this thread Emily mentioned that to her dd any bird was 'duck'...we have the same thing except any bird on the ground is 'duck' (including the neighbor's plastic pink flamingos!) and any bird in the air is a raven (indicated by oceano saying 'ahh ahh'...raven noise.) We're at about 40 words i recognize i think...which is plenty for me to brag about
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Thought I'd dredge up this thread.

DD's started talking...sort of. She says the first consonant of a lot of words (du for duck, bu for ball, bu for bucket, etc.) And she's started signing "no more" when she's finished eating. Not much compared to some of your dc's but we're excited!

She's got quite an understanding of language though. We can give her instructions to go get something and tell her where it is and off she'll go and bring it back. In her "100 words" books she can identify most of the pictures (We say "where's the elephant?" and she points to it). She really seems to understand most of what we're saying to her. Of course, we tend not to go too in-depth when discussing politics, religion, etc.

She definitely understands "NO" and uses it on us all the time. She shakes her head so hard it looks hilarious.

Let's see - what else?

She clenches her legs shut tight whenever we try to put a new diaper on her. That's fun.

When nursing she goes left breast, right breast, left, right, left, right, every 5 seconds or so. If I try to get her to stay on one breast she screams and starts banging at me. She won't lie down to nurse during the day, only wants to stand up and nurse. She loves to play with my nursing bra, cover up the nipple and then uncover it (over and over and over again). She also wants me to lie flat on my back so she can crawl all over me or sit astride me and nurse. Nursing in public is not fun these days.

Temper tantrums have started although they don't last long yet. But if we do something she's not happy with (I closed the door today because she wanted to go outside, it was wet and time for dinner), she goes all limp, sinks to the floor and SCREAMS, kicks her feet, etc. Then looks up, smiles and continues on her merry way. DH says she had one in the grocery store today. He just put her back in the buggy but had to be careful she didn't hurt herself.

But I could watch her all day when she gets into that serious mood and starts methodically doing something...like feeding her doll or sorting some beads, whatever. She's just so intent.

What's new with everyone else? Oh, 3 molars down...1 to go. I'll be glad for a little respite.
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Ahhhh, I think we are done with the teeth until the 2 year molars come it. Fortunatly, none of them really gave Dylan any trouble. I got her together with a little friend of hers today who is 5 days older than she. though, they didn't 'play' it was neat to see them interact.

Both girls can tell when they have to pee. Dylan hasn't let me put a diaper on her for about 2 weeks until today, when she laid down on one before we left the house. I would say she makes it to the potty 75 percent of the time. If she is tired she tends to let it build up until she goes all over the floor, but oh well.

She is talking like a champ. Her favorite animal is a monkey.
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Who has time to post! Xander Jake (1/24/03) is always climbing everything. He loves to be outside running in the yard,he loves airplanes and kitty cats and waves hello to the cactus plant. My only concern is that he isn't very verbal yet. DD was extremely verbal at this age,and is also very gifted,so maybe he just a little more "average". He is cuddly and huggy and sweet. He has started having tantrums lately if he doesn't get what he wants he just howls for a while. He is still night nursing,but usually just once or twice during the night (we cosleep). He nurses about 5 times in the day,although sometimes just for a few minutes when he needs reassurance. He tends to want to nurse when big sister gets home from school,sort of a mama-hording behavior. Everything is in happy turmoil since he's been around!
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Lindy is talking a little more these days. The word she uses most (and pronounces most clearly) is "more." Other than that, most of the words she currently says fall into two categories - words that begin with "d" (dig, dump, drive, duck, dry) and words that (at least when she says them) end in "m" or "n" (on, in, ant, hand, arm, worm.) Words within a category are distinguishable from each other mostly only by context, though she does often get the vowel sound right, too, so that dig is "dih" and "dump" is "duh." For some reason she's nearly given up making the "b" sound entirely. I get the impression that deliberately making a particular sound is not at all easy for her, and she doesn't seem to be able to work on too many different sounds at once.

I don't think she's had anything yet that I'd call a full-blown tantrum, but she definitely protests loudly and tearfully when we prevent her from doing something she wants to do. I usually try to distract her with something else before she gets too upset.

I wish she'd get interested in taking herself to the potty (or just letting me know) when she needs to go, but she rarely does, even though we've been doing EC since she was 2 months old. She's been diaperless since she was 8 months, but that only works because I'm good at knowing when she needs to go.

How are all your kids doing with puzzles and shape sorters? Lindy still has trouble even with the simplest ones.
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Desmond still only has 6 teeth (four on top and two on the bottom). It seems like he must be teething lately, but I can't tell where the next one will be coming in.

He is talking a little more these days, but still not too much. He certainly understands a lot, but seems content to point and grunt to get what he wants most of the time. I always say "Would you like another tomato? Here is your tomato" or something to that effect when I respond to his pointing and noise making.

He has just recently begun wanting to nurse more often and lifting my shirt whenever he does. For a while there he just nursed to sleep and when he woke up in the morning and from his naps. Now I never know when the shirt tugging will happen. My mil keeps asking if I'm giving him whole milk yet and acting surprised and worried that I'm not. Um, my milk is better for him that a cow's milk...

He has shown no interest in potty learning. I'm going to let him take his own sweet time with that. I assume that someday he will care if his diaper is wet or poopy!

As far as puzzles and shape sorters go, he's getting better with the shape sorters. Sometimes he gets frustrated, but he's starting to get the hang of it. I haven't brought the wooden puzzles out in a while, because he spends more time chewing on the pieces than anything else.
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My dd can only do the shape sorters if I point to the correct hole for the shape she's holding. She'll turn it around and most of the time she can get it in the hole. But I don't think she's even close to finding the correct hole. Same with puzzles.

How are books with your kids? I had visions of sitting for hours on end reading stories to my dd. Nope. She just wants to turn the pages, back and forth, back and forth. She won't let me read the story.

She likes the vocabulary books the most. She loves to point when I say "Where's the horse? Where's the apple?, etc"

She's cutting 5 teeth right now! 3 molars and 2 eye teeth...she can get pretty cranky at times.

Her doll and doll stroller seem to be her favorite toys. She wants to be outside all the time. We spend 80% of our day outside.

My neighbor across the street just gave me all these beautiful English clothes for dd. I don't know why kid's clothes in Europe are so much nicer than clothes you can get here?
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I'm so glad to see this thread again. Ds is now 16 months, he loves for me to read to him. he'll have me read him the same book 20 thousand times. he also will repeat the animal sounds with me. woof, maaaauuuu (meow), glug-glug-glug-glug (cluck cluck), ooooo (mooo) he doesn't have many other words yet, somewhere between 6 and a dozen i would guess. though he just said and waved bye to his daddy for the first time a couple days ago. he also started nodding recently. and if i tell him i love him he smiles sooo big and nods at me sooo cute!

He has also hit the toddler stage in temprement over night learning how to climb up on to anything and everything, have temeper tantrums, hit everyone, throw things (preferably at your head), and do the exact opposite of what he is asked. His favorite game is to try and run out into the street...which is of course always terrifying and frustrating especially when you are trying to get a puppy to poop.

he really likes to help now, he'll help me put away the laundry, help me hold the doggies leash, hellp me wash dishes....though he plays with silverware he still doesn't eat with it.

somedays he is still nursing exclusivly soemdays he eats tons of food and only nurses a 4 or 5 times. his favorite foods are oranges, watermelon, mushrooms, kix, cheerios, (homemade and salt free) tostitoes, dh gave him garlic flavored Ritz and he loved those, cantaloupe..and he has had homemde oatmeal and peanut butter cookies that he likes pretty well..though maybe not as much as oranges or watermelon.

oh yeah and he loves all animals...just loves them to death...and it hasn't yet occured to him that he has any options aobut being slung (Thank goodness cause he is a destruction derby when he isn't being slung) he's shy and sweet and waved at a stranger when the strangerwas actually lookin at him for the first time last week.

oh yyeah and he mostly sleeps through the night...and has been periodically bringing me the potty when he needs to go

his laughter brightens my day and it is amamzing to watch him figure new things our every single day!

here are some pictures of him fro mthe last couple of months

edited for an easier link
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Selissa, I hate to say it, but I'm glad to hear someone else's dc is not talking yet. My dd really isn't saying much at all. She seems so smart (to me) that I don't really worry about it but when I come on MDC and hear about what other kids are saying already, it gives me pause for thought.
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i know what you mean ds is definatly smartand learning everyday...but when i hear about kids his age talking up a storm..well it makes me feel insecure. so i'm glad he's not the only one too.
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Don't feel insecure. I always hate it when parents talk about how advanced their kids are, and so, I never really tell people the extent of Dylan's vocabulary, which grows by about one word a day. But, just because she is really quite verbal, doesn't mean she is smarter than any other kid her age.

She just last Friday mastered eating with a fork. She did, however, manage to pull the "O" key off my computer's keyboard, and I never realize how imprtant that letter is, until having to hit it extra hard.

Dylan will not do a puzzle, and she does shape sorters somewhat. She is sooooooo easily frusterated by them, though. She loved books, but won't listen to a story either. Mostly, I just ask "Whats that?" and she answers. word books and ones about animals are favorites.

We spend much time outside. Today, she was naked as a jaybird, and she put on a pair of sunglasses and led me to the door saying "Ousside ousside ousside. She is considered the neighborhood nudist. She loves the beach and is fearless when it comes to the ocean. We try to go there for about an hour a day.
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