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help me figure out how to be a wahm

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so here's a brief bio...
i have 2 children, one in school, the other at home. i watch my nieces 3 days a week and make about $90/week doing that. I am expecting (SURPRISE!!) another lo early next year and probably will not be caring for my nieces anymore. my house (and patience) is really too small to do childcare in my home. i am a childbirth educator, la leche league leader and i have degrees in early childhood education, american sign language and community health and human services. i love to sew but i'm not a good sales person.
from what i've been reading on here, i will probably need to do a few small jobs to get the kind of money that would help us. dh is really stressing about money since we found out about our new addition the other day. we were kind of hoping i could get back into the work force once ds was in kindergarten, now that will be put off for a few more years.
i would really appreciate any advice and suggestions. i'm new here and i'm not "hip to the lingo", so please speak slowly and use small words, lol!! thanks.
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I wonder if you could put together an online childbirth education class, partnering with another organization or for women living in rural areas. Maybe through skype?
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Baby sign language classes

Get together a play group type atmosphere and teach a Mommy and Me Baby Sign Language class! If you go to YouTube and type in a search “baby sign language” that should lead you to posts by SmartHandsCA. She is obviously doing well with her baby sign language business. Good Luck.
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First, I don't know if you like to do it or not, but I can tell from the tone of your post that you're a good writer. Therefore, I'd recommend you try freelance writing. You can find out more about this work from home opportunity via the following sites and forums if you're interested:

WAHMs Who Write

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Freelance Feed

All Freelance Writing


No Job for Mom

My Best Advice to New Freelance Writers


Inkwell Editorial

You may want to specialize in writing and selling articles that encompass your professional degrees and experiences. Think, also, about starting a website and marketing your own ebook on whatever topic(s) you wish. For help and advice on how to go about doing so, I recommend the Warrior Forum.

I know you said that you are not a good salesperson, but if you really like to sew, consider putting some of your work up at eCrater and Etsy just to see how you like it.

Lastly, for general information on work at home jobs for moms and ways to make money online, these sites may help:

Work at Home Jobs for Moms (The site offers daily leads to work from home opportunities and there's also a work at home quiz there that may help you more clearly define what you're suited for).

My Lil Gold Dress (This site offers a lot of good ideas for ways to make money from home. Be sure to sign up for their free ebook, which is full of useful tips that aren't featured on the main site).

Work at Home Jobs Community (An informative site that also features a forum and blogs that are all devoted to working from home).

I mentioned this one further up, but I highlighted the Moms Who Write forum. Just want to mention it again to make you aware that their are jobs posted here, as well as other forums for all kinds of work at home jobs, as well as home-based businesses (if you're interested in a particular job or a biz oppty, this would be the best place to get feedback from other moms): WAHM

The bottom line is that there are a lot of things that you can do to earn an income from home. I will warn you, however, that there are a lot of scammers posting ads online, so be very careful. This doesn't mean that work from home opportunities are a bad choice to consider, only that many of the ads are quite misleading, to say the least. Learn how to spot and avoid these, and you should be just fine.

Hope this information helps!
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I would teach baby signs classes. Do it as a playgroup/babysign class. Charge maybe $5 a class and do a group of 10. That's 50 an hour right there.... Sign songs,do sign ect.
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oh, and once you have a clientelle from the baby sign language, you can work up a class for the under 5 set about preparing for and accepting a new sibling coming. . . .
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