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switching from disposable to cloth with 1yo - advice? update #19

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DS is 13mos - he's always been in disposable diapers. I thought about cloth before he was born, researched, read somewhere that cloth was no better for the environment b/c of all the water/heat for washing/drying. I just read the CD article in the current issue of Mothering & am seeing the error of my ways!

I'd like to work in some cloth & eventually switch completely. I've read about the different kinds of CDs & some of the product reviews, but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Any advice for our situation!?!

I'd like to avoid spending a lot of money, so economical advice would be appreciated.

Since DS is used to disposable, he is used to not feeling too wet. Does this mean we should start with pocket CDs - they have the moisture wicking layer, right?

DS is ~23lbs - there is a chance for future babies though - should we get large diapers or 1-size that we can re-use?

DS has never had a diaper rash, but we use Weleda diaper cream when his butt gets a little red - is that OK for cloth?

I wash all clothes with Tide free & clear - I think I read that is OK for CDs too, I hope!

I really want to try this, but need some guidance! I'm even hoping the switch could be a step towards potty learning (maybe)! TIA
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I thought about switching to cloth with my 2nd when she was close to a year and never did-I cloth diapered my 3rd from birth, and always regretted not making the change with my 2nd.

My best advice is to definitely make the change, you won't regret it!

That being said...A MDC mama who gives cloth diapering seminars made a YouTube video about cloth diapering, and it is full of all sorts of information I think you'll find very useful to figure out what type of diaper(s) will work best for you.

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My DS transitioned from sposies to pretty easily, I used fitteds and he seemed to actually love them. I was worried he wouldn't like them because of that wet feeling, but he would just tell me he was "ewwies" and I would change him.
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I'm also contemplating switching from disposable to cloth, my son is 21 months old. He's my first and if I made the switch I would also be making a commitment to cloth diapering future children. My mom read the recent mothering article while at my house and put the idea in my head. I still have to read the article myself.

My son is BIG. He's been wearing size 6 seventh generation diapers since he turned 1. I think he currently weighs about 32lbs and is 3' tall, if not taller.

Any suggestions on the best diaper to fit a big boy? He is also in daycare and I've been told I should get either AIO or Pockets if I expect daycare to use them (not by daycare, but by another cloth diaper user, I haven't run it by daycare yet).

A local shop is having a cloth diapering 101 class in a few weeks so I will definitely be attending that
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I made the switch when my ds1 was a baby and am so please I did! I love my cd's!

You have a lot of options, and yes, it can get overwhelming. Prefolds are definately the least expensive option and plenty of people have successfully made the switch with an older baby. There may be a couple days of learning curve, how to fold, snappi, etc, but after you figure it out, prefolds are very easy, simple to clean and cheap! So even if you don't like them, you're not out a ton of money. (And you can likely resell them). If the wetness seems to be an issue, you can simply lay in a fleece liner (you can buy them or cut your own anti-pill fleece or microfleece to fit) and that will help with wicking. Also helps with poo clean up imo.

One sizes would probably work well for you (OP), because they take most kids through PL'ing. Or you might consider something like the Thirsties Duo Diaper (two sizes instead of one), that is supposed to fit to 40 lbs instead of 35 like most one-sizes.

Zoe77, you'll want to look for larger dipes, a one-size probably won't last very long for your big boy. The Thirsties Duo Diaper would probably fit for a while, or Motherease has a toddler fitted/cover. I'm sure there are others that fit larger kids. I'm sure some other mamas can offer suggestions.

I really like the Duo Diaper - fits well for us, comes with a great mf/hemp insert and the insert agitates out in the wash so you don't have to reach into a slimey diaper to get the insert out like you do for some other brands.

I often suggest, especially with pocket diapers or aio's, that you buy a couple brands to see what fits your LO the best. Good luck with your decision and have fun with it. CD'ing is a great thing imho and I bet your LO will do great. Keep coming back to ask questions!
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Thanks for all the great info!! That YouTube presentation is awesome - so much great info there! I'm still researching & haven't bought anything yet . . . but I'm getting there!
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It's definitely overwhelming at first! But so worth the initial effort - it has actually become a hobby of mine, though I had DS in sposies and he wasn't out of diapers until he was 4!!

I have found some AMAZING deals on used cloth diapers on Craigslist. I would highly recommend checking out what's available near you, because you can try out different styles cheaply before committing to any one style. I started out with prefolds, then used pocket diapers, then discovered that fitteds and covers were my favorite! And I never spent much on any style, and was able to sell what didn't fit anymore, or I didn't use, back on Craigslist.

Good luck and have fun with it!
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I'm in this exact same position with my 13mo DD. We tried prefolds when she was a newborn and didn't like them, and she's been in sposies since then, so I was worried about spending a bunch more money on CDs that wouldn't work for us. I asked my local crunchy mama friends if anyone had any cloth diapers they weren't using right now so I could try out a bunch of different kinds for free. Maybe I just have generous friends, but six different mamas loaned me a variety of different kinds of diapers. So far what's working best for us is pocket dipes. In fact, I think I'm about to buy some Fuzzi Bunz on Diaper Swappers.
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I'm about to make the leap myself, I have about 6 diapers (Goodmamas, Bumgenius AIO, Fuzzibunz in both styles) and I just washed them today! My DD is also 1, and I've been using mostly Pampers (some Huggies, some 7th Gen) and I'm over spending the money and the rash she was getting from the Pampers.
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I contemplate using cloth for my little one. I tried prefolds and somehow they leak and get bunched up easily. It seems expensive to begin a diaper stash from scratch, especially when your used the convenience of throwaways, but I know it's better for the environment and the child to use cloth.
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I also made the leap to cloth (part time though) with my 19 month old! It's not anywhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be and I really wish I had done it sooner.

I ended up buying 2 FB OS and 2 BG OS. I had one BG OS from her nb stash that never got used. I wasn't sure if I would like snaps better than aplix. I like snaps better, and now that I know that, I can invest in more with snaps.

I started working them into our routine. She still sleeps in a 'sposie and I can't get my DH to do the cloth when he watches her. He freaks about the poo. She spends 1 day a week at grandma's when I work, so she gets 'sposies there. But I do 4-5 cloth changes a day during the week, so that's at least 20 sposies saved per week. I think it's worth it.

I chose OS pocket diapers b/c I wanted them to last her through PL'ing, and b/c I figure I can get use out of them early on with the next baby (whenever that is).

Double check about the diaper cream and the detergent. I'm not sure about those. I use All Small and Mighty for washing diapers and for our clothes, too.
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I really love hearing the stories of others who switched after their babe was older - I'm glad I'm not the only one! When I was pregnant, cloth vs disposable was one of the (many) things I looked into, made a decision, & thought that was it - that's how we'll do it. I'm really not sure what made me think it was all or nothing!

We started today with CDs!! I got some Flips, which, so far, I really like. No poops yet (I purposefully waited to use cloth till after he'd pooped - is that bad? )

The YouTube videos linked above mentioned this website - it has TONS of info about detergents, diaper creams, etc.
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I finally did it! I switched about 2 days ago!! My dd is about 12 months. I got rid of the Goodmamas, they were just too bulky and needed a cover. I have 3 Bumgenius AIO, 1 Bum Genius organic OS with snaps, and 2 FB--one is a perfect fit and the other is a one size one. So I have 2 brands with 4 different types LOL.

Right now I like the velcro on the BG but I'm waiting to see how they wash/wear before I buy more. The FB are easy too.

Anyway, since I only have 6 diapers, I'm using those during the day and disp. at night. I wash every night and hang the FB up to dry and dry the BG & inserts in the dryer since the BG were taking forever to hang dry.

It's been a few days...going great so far!
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Wow. Your post couldn't have been any closer to my thoughts and situation than if I wrote it myself! Even down to the tide free detergent! I also am looking to switch my 13 mo dd over to cloth as well and I feel overwhelmed by the choices. I was feeling kinda left out as if I'd missed the boat on this one and it was too late to switch for some reason. But now I see others are in my *almost* exact situation. Thanks for posting...I feel better now!
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The Fuzzibunz are super easy, and the BumGenius ones are too. I think I prefer the FB because they dry really fast. I'm only doing cloth in the day and washing everynight since I only have 6 diapers (can't afford more right now) but it's awesome going thru basically 1 disposible a day! (overnight)
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The only caveat, if your babe is verbal: they might tell you outright they want sposies.

We use sposies at night and during really busy portions of our lives. Ds hates cloth and starts crying when it's put on. No idea why because his skin is clearer and everything with cloth. Maybe he doesn't like the dampness he feels? He also completely outpees any cloth diaper unless I super pad it and then it's bulky. Sposies can barely keep up.

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I just switched my 14 month old. I started by just ordering a snappi, a cover and a couple of contours. I did some receiving blanket flats. Then I caught the bug and bought a ton of pockets, prefolds, AIOs... everything.

I will never go back.
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update - so far so good!

It's been about a week or so since I made the (gradual) switch. We skipped last weekend b/c we were out of town & I just wasn't ready to deal with CDs on the road - plus we still have lots of disposables to use! I bought a day pack of the Flip diapers - 2 covers, 6 cotton inserts. You have to fold the inserts in thirds, so they're quite bulky. I think that is my biggest (actually only) dislike about CDing - the bulk! Some of DS's shorts seem so tight now & I worry he's uncomfortable.

I've been using the Tide Free to wash. I was going to buy a new CD-recommended detergent, but can't find any in the stores here. They seem clean, are not stinky, & no rashes on DS yet.

I bought a wet bag & have been putting everything in there when dirty. No can. It's not stinky at all. I do rinse all the poopy ones, though.

Since we only have 6, I wash them every night (still use disposable overnight). I'm thinking about getting another Flip day pack, but getting the stay-dry inserts this time. They're synthetic - that's still better than disposable, right? I think they'd be less bulky & maybe we can even use them at night. I also plan to get a sprayer that attaches to the toilet. I'm not enjoying dealing with the poop! (The first time he pooped in a CD, I was a little offended. I thought, "You're pooping in the nice diaper that I just washed for you!?! )

So far, I kinda like doing it this way! I feel so much better about what I'm putting on DS's body & we have a lot less trash! DS hasn't seemed to notice, that I can tell. So, to anyone wondering about it, I say go for it - just try it! It's not nearly as difficult or as complicated as it may seem.
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Erin, sounds like me!!! I have 6 total diapers so I wash everynight and hang most to dry, though my AIO's usually get fluffed in the dryer to finish drying them. It's SO easy! I'm still working out the poop problems here too...I tried rinsing in the utility tub...not good, not all the pieces washed down LOL, so I had to get some toilet paper and throw it away and then clean the tub good LOL. Next I tried using tp and wiping the diapers and flushing the tp but the poop is too sticky, that didn't work. As of now, I'm dunking, which is gross but does get the solids off the diaper, then I put it in the wetbag.

I need a sprayer for sure I think...and more diapers!
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