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I got "turned in" for breastfeeding

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So my daughter has been very sick and has multiple ER visits and doctor visits the past week. She is 3 years old and when she got sick about the only thing she would do is breast feed. So Wed. she was in the ER and the doctor wanted to know what my secret was keeping her hydrated (she was vomiting and had diarrhea a couple of dozen times a day at that point) and I sheepishly admitted Maggie still nursed. The doctor told me that was awesome and you could tell the doctor was genuine in her response and her enthusiasm for long term nursing.

So my daughter gets sicker and she stops nursing. So I take her back to the hospital on Saturday. I tell the staff and new doctor that she refuses to nurse (by that point she was vomiting every 15 minutes). So Maggie ends up getting admitted to the hospital. So the next morning I get a visit from a lady who says she was told I was still breast feeding my 3 year old daughter. My heart just sanked just what I need right now, I am exhausted and my daughter is incredible ill, in isolation but I will take on this battle so I admit my daughter is breast feeding (with the tone of what do you care?). The next breathe the woman goes "Hi, I am Nancy from lactation specialist. I am here to help you through this nursing strike". WOW I was shocked. She said everyone in the hospital thought it was great that I am still nursing my 3 year old.
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Thats awesome!

I hope your dd feels better very soon
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Your post totally just gave me more hope for humanity!

How awesome!
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Wow! OMG! That's awesome
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I came in thinking that "turned in" meant in trouble...I was ready to fight for your honor!

I'm glad to see it's different!
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What an awesome story! Well wishes to your little one.
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That's amazing! What a positive story! Hope your little Maggie is doing better now!
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Very cool! I hope your lo gets better soon!!
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fabulous! so glad there was a light in your dark day. healing vibes to your family.
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Oh my gosh I sure hope she's feeling better very soon! What a difficult experience for her to have to go through. My two year old was hospitalized in February, and it was very hard on all of us. The one thing that made it bearable for us was how wonderfully supportive the hospital staff was. I'm glad you had a good experience in that way. It's so rare to find medical professionals who really "get it" about extended breastfeeding, and it's refreshing to hear a positive story.
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Such an excellent story! Thanks for sharing!

Well wishes to you all!
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That is great! You don't hear enough positive stories like this.
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That is great!

I admit I came running to this thread all "RRRRAAWWRRGGG!!" Your title faked me out
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Don't do that to me! My stomach dropped for a second!

I'm so glad they are being supportive! That rocks!
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Thats great that they treated you as well as they did. If only more hospitals were like that. Heck when Shane was in the hospital in Jan. I got a couple strange looks when I told them he was nursing, he was ONLY 6 months old. So imagine if had come in with a 3 year old. I am really hoping she gets better soon.
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I'm so happy you had such wonderful support!
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hope she's better soon!
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The hospital sent over a lactation consultant for a 3 year old?!?
OMG awesome.

I hope your dd is feeling better.
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I've had similar experiences in hospitals with nursing, they are usually pretty shocked that I bf so long, even with my youngest when he was 10 months old they assumed formula fed... but how cool what the lady said!
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