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Originally Posted by e_mom_e View Post
Wow that made my heart flutter, how wonderful to hear they actually not only supported you but even got you help!

So did she giv you helpful advice to get her to nurse again?

Thanks for sharing!
She did but once Maggie's vomiting was under control she picked up right where she left off at.
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So glad to hear your little one is feeling better--- that long of an illness must have been terrifying.
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wow - how wonderful - what a happy ending - there's still hope - bring tears to my eyes too and I'm not even pregnant!!!! Glad that things are better - 13 days is not fun - hope you are all recovering. Hugs to you all.
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That totally brought tears to my eyes!!!
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That is such an awsome story! Thank you so much for posting it. I am so glad your LO recovered and picked up nursing again. Very inspiring.
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That's so awesome!
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I'm so sorry to hear your little one was so sick. I can not fathom having a 3 year old that sick for 13 days! How incredibly miserable for Maggie, you, and the rest of your family. I hope you are all getting some rest now and returning to normalcy.

However, what an awesome story about medical staff supporting a breastfeeding pair. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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How wonderful! I hope the trend of bf supportive caregivers continues.

I am glad your LO is feeling better now.
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So awesome!
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Wow!! :-) That is so awesome!!! I actually teared up reading your post. Thanks for sharing this story. I wish that all medical personnel were so informed and encouraging. I hope your daughter is doing well.
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That's fantastic, I love reading this!

I just had a very similar experience: 22-month-old DS finally recovered about a week ago from a scary 2.5 weeks of high fever, diarrhea, irritiability, some vomiting, and total disinterest in food which also landed us in the doc's office and ER multiple times.

We never did identify the bug - but nursing got us through and DS stayed hydrated throughout the illness.

Hugs mama.
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that really makes me smile!

I took my kiddo to the ER at about 14 months after a few days of a slightly elevated fever (around 102) when she suddenly threw up which is EXTREMELY strange for my kid who never even really spit up as a newborn. The doctor told me it was nursing her to sleep that made her wake up vomiting and that she shouldn't have any foods or liquids for the rest of the night to help her tummy settle. I was like, really? My kid is HOT and throwing up and I shouldn't give her ANYTHING for hours? doesn't that cause dehydration? Not to mention I had already nursed her TWICE since being there... it definitely wasn't my milk that made her throw up I was pretty shocked I was told to NOT nurse my SICK kid.
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Originally Posted by abimommy View Post
That is great!

I admit I came running to this thread all "RRRRAAWWRRGGG!!" Your title faked me out
me too! But the post brought tears to my eyes.
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Originally Posted by treeoflife3 View Post
I was pretty shocked I was told to NOT nurse my SICK kid.
The ER here has tried to tell me that several times. They have a sign posted saying that children aren't supposed to eat anything until the doctor clears them. Good luck with that when a BF babe is stuck for hours without seeing a doctor

The last time was right after it took four sticks, and the tech was digging around trying to find DS vein. I told them it was a clear liquid, and comforting. The nurse quit at that.
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I was so ready to POUNCE but was pleasantly surprised after reading the full OP. I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out of the story.
So glad things went as well as they did and that Maggie is feeling better.
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That is great! You should write the hospital, doctor, and LS, a note so that they realize what a big difference their attitude made for you. That way they will remember for the next mama.
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Aw, that's so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! It gives me hope that there are doctors who are so positive. The ped came over to see my newborn son a couple of months ago, and was shocked and appalled to find out my 3.5 year old still nurses too.
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That's awesome , I hope your DD is feeling better soon.
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Wow! Your story made me cry! Thanks for sharing. I hope your DD is better.
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Thank you for sharing!.. I hope you DD starting to feeling better and have a nice recovery!!
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