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Sit N Stand Stroller

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Anyone had good or bad experiences with this? I'm looking at buying one within the next year...
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I have a Joovy Caboose and LOVE it! Great stroller for the price.
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We just got the joovy ultralight maybe same as pp. DS is almost 3yo so I don't think we really needed it but DH was insistent so it stays in his vehicle. It is light enough easy to fold but bigger than I thought. We've only used it once out and for 3 walks around the 'hood. DS does seem to like it. He was jealous when DD was born 5 months ago and would not let us put her in the stroller then. So we have something if needed and hopefully we can recoup some money out when it's time to sell. But seems easier to carry baby in a carrier although mine don't seem to like that option...

It would be good for the mall or if you went to the zoo a lot let the older one walk until tired. We just don't do either one of those things!
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We've got the Joovy Caboose as well (there's a 'regular' and an 'ultralight', ours is the regular) Our girls are almost 3mos apart and we bought it becasue we were going on vacation that included a lot of walking.

We've used it a fair amount. It is better for the mall than it is for walking the neighborhood, but it gets the job done.

I liked that we could put the infant car seat in at first and then it converts to a regular front seat. The sun hood could be better- it doesn't really cover both riders. The straps/buckle for the rear rider doesn't get much use for us so DD1 is often on and off, on and off which gets a bit old!

But it really does come in handy when DD1 gets tired or slow. We debated getting it, but now I'm glad we did.
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I think it's cool but for the money we'll probably be passing it up. It just won't be used that often. On shorter trips it would be a pain and on longer trips like to the zoo, I'd probably just sling.

If it was closer to $40/50 I might get it just b/c lol.
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We have the One Step Ahead brand and we love it. My boys are 17 mos apart, so when they got to be about 2 and 3, the regular double got to be really heavy, plus the 3yo walked alot, but sometimes needed a rest (like at the zoo.) Since it's more compact than a double, the weight is easier to manage, so even now that I have 2 40# kids in it, it's still really manageable. I really like taking a stroller to the zoo and such just for the storage of drinks and snack, wipes,etc.
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I wouldn't use one for a young toddler - at least not if you have a toddler like mine who wouldn't sit or stand still on one for love nor money!

There are twin prams which convert to singles, to which you can attach a buggy board when the toddler is older. I know iCandy does one and I think Peg Pegero are also bringing one out.
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I've got an almost 5 yr old who still likes to ride and a 16 mo old. When our side by side double broke, I found a baby trend single sit and stand for $99 at target. The kids love it--my older son hangs out on the jump seat and likes being able to hop off so easily, and the baby chills in the front, eating snacks off the tray. The fold is super simple and it takes up less room in the trunk than the old one.
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