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What do you do with other Dads?

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Just wondering what things you guys do with other Dads, if any?

I started a Dad's only bookclub a couple of years ago, but, it fizzled out due to lack of interest. It was hard finding guys who liked to read and could keep up with the 1 book a month. I only managed to find a half dozen people, and most meetings were only attended by 3 or 4.

Another Dad and I are going to be starting a movie club, which I hope will be a bit more popular than my bookclub idea.
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I do not participate in any Dad groups.
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Seems there's not a lot of people active in dad networks. I recently joined a local group but their message forum has no recent activity and the only thing on their event calendar is ... horse racing?

I would enjoy a group that got together for hikes or city walks, that sort of thing.

Heck, I'd like it if more dads simply got on a few parenting message forums ...
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Might make sense for SAHDs, which I'm not. I do a few activities that include other men: disc golf and powerlifting, but they are not specifically "for" Dads. Just happens that a lot of us are dads. Doing those activities is the sum total of my free time. :P

Regarding message boards...I'd love to find a good one for Dads. This one is good for information about children, but really isn't friendly to Dads/men, IMO, which is why I try not to get into arguments in threads too much. I just post my opinion and try to get it done in one post.
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I'm pretty lucky. There is a local website in my town that has a few active Dads that post, and are interested in getting together for Dad only things.

I do find it is hard to find a good 'Dad' site. I was on a message board when my wife was pregnant and I was the only guy (out of 100s of moms). Kind of sad eh?
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I don't belong to a group. I used to have some friends who had kids the same age as mine, but they've moved out of town.

We used to do things like go to a hands-on or history museum nearby, nature walks, Nerf gun wars, cookouts, etc. with our kids. We didn't really do much just the adults, but one guy and I used to hang out and talk about music and books.
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