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What to wear on an interview?

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Wise and stylish mamas, HELP!

I just was called for an interview tomorrow for a position in an office.

Do I wear a dress or pants with a nice blouse? Heels or flats?

Back when I used to work full-time, I would always wear a lot of black. Is that good or bad for an interview in mid-May in Tennessee?

If I wear a skirt, how long should it be?

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From my memory of interview tips... you are better off going too formal than not-enough. They always said one level more than the people working there, or if they dressin suits, a suit, too. Black is always good b/c some people in business think the only okay colors are black and navy . A skirt should be to the knees IMO, b/c they used to warn us about some people will judge you on it being too short. I think pants are fine too, and whatever shoes are nice but easy for you. They really hammered it into us to dress conservativley, and this was in northern California, where people are very casual and funky!

ETA: Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!!
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I'd wear black or grey. I think you'll be good with a dress or dress pants.
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Black is always a good option. As for the others - what do you feel comfortable in and makes you feel confident?

I'm tall (5'10", but I like a nice heel (comfy again) when I want to feel powerful and confident, with nice dress pants and a button down shirt (w/ jacket). I think half of the interview while demonstrating your skills is your personality and demeanor. So play to your strengths and feel good in your clothes!

Just saw the skirt thing - If I was wearing a skirt - yup knee length and again I might pair it with tall boots (w/ a heel)
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Thanks for the opinions!

I've narrowed it down to two choices...a pair of taupe dress pants with a button-up black blouse or a charcoal gray dress that hits about knee-length. I think I look better in the dress but feel better in the pants, so I am of no help to myself.
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If you feel better in the pants then I would go with that! It sounds like a very nice outfit.

Not that you mentioned this but just in case I would also recommend not wearing open toe or open heel shoes as some companies have policies against it (don't know why but I've seen it quite a bit!) Heels or flats are totally your option though - I personally always wear heels to this kind of thing because it gives me that "power" feeling but that's just me.
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Black blouse, taupe pants and closed black shoes it is! Thanks for all of your advice!
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Great luck!
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Black is fine, no matter what time of year. I say black pants suit with a nice coral cami underneath. This way you have that little POP of color. I have seen very nice "suits" at walmart and target for not alot of money. Pennys too.

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I totally thought about a black suit I have, but it's already summer here and all the businesswomen I see are wearing bright colored tank dresses and glorified flip flops. Very strange!
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