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Best vacuum for stairs?

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So I did my stairs this morning. Um, yeah, that sucked.

My main vacuum is way too big and bulky to do it. I got out the hose/attachments for the whole house one and that worked fine but was kinda odd to hold. I'm sure I could get used to it.

Does anyone have a small, totally portable vacuum they love for stairs?
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I've been wanting to get one of those small ones, too, for the stairs. I've noticed them at Target and they look really cute! (well, vacuums aren't really cute, but they look useful.)

We have a central vac system that I love for everything else, but stairs is a PITA b/c of where the hose connects to the wall - I hate vacuuming the stairs and will often make DH do it.
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We have an upright Oreck (10 years, 2 countries, 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 moves, and counting, lol!) and it is very lightweight which makes it nice for the stairs. We also have the smaller vac with attachments, but honestly, I keep that in the basement storage area for the vehicles - I barely have enough room to conveniently store 1 vac upstairs let alone 2. It has worked great for us, thank goodness!
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I have an upright Dyson that is great for stairs. It is really light and easy to manouevre.

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We have an upright Oreck, also. We use it for the regular stair vacuuming that happens 1-2 times a month. It is light and easy enough to maneuver for a quick job.

We keep that Oreck upstairs in our master bedroom closet. We also have the Oreck canister vac that came with the upright. We keep that one downstairs in the storage closet (no basement, no attic, storage closet is just an under-the-stairs type closet) on the main floor. (We have carpet upstairs and on the stairs while the entire main level is cork flooring.)

When I really want a thorough vacuum job on the stairs, I use the canister vac. It works way better for getting into all the nooks and crannies and it is much better suited to the physical constraints of vacuuming stairs. Plus, I flip the hose around to the "outflow" hole and blow down the cobwebs in the two-story foyer and staircase where a broom is useless.
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