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HBO is awesome...I loved Oz, The Wire, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome...Mad Men is AMC but is totally great too! I loved most of the shows you just watched
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Oooh, OZ, my most very favorite show! It's not for everyone, but if you can get into it, it's fantastic.
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Originally Posted by lorijds View Post
I can't believe no one has mentioned Battlestar Galactica! The women kick as much a$$ as the men, the social commentary (what it means to be human, religion, how to organize politically/socially/militarily after an apocalypse, etc), it's just great.

AND it has an ending. There are four seasons, and they knew it wasn't renewed when they made the fourth season. So the entire fourth season wraps up many unanswered questions, and the finale is truly a finale.

BSG is on the instant watch on netflix. I like it. It can be a bit soap operay sometimes but well...that is how that show is.
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Mad Men
West Wing

These are all of our favs! i was actually sad when we got done with all 7 seasons of the West Wing.
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FIRELY!!!! Unfortunately, it's only 14 episodes. But very entertaining and worth your time to watch.
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Putting in repeat plugs for The Wire and Mad Men.

We just started watching Arrested Development, which you can watch on instant download right now if you have it. We also are enjoying Nurse Jackie and Californication.

One of our favorite series of all time is Slings and Arrows. This was a Canadian show, about a regional theatre, and is particularly wonderful if you love Shakespeare. Loved this series so much!
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What about Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Army Wives, In Plain Sights, or Law and Order.
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West Wing rocks...just rocks. I was so sad for it to be done when we finished the season.

How can you not like Dexter??? We're watching it right now (just started season 2) and it's awesome.

My mom likes Bones and Boston Legal.

Monk, ER, CSI:Miami (we are finally caught up to when the new DVDs come out).

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Everything by Bryan Fuller. Seriously I LOVE his shows. Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and ESPECIALLY *Pushing Daisies*!!!

Also, extra votes for Weeds (though it really gets weaker and weaker with every season), Big Love, Mad Men, and Monk.

Oh, and I don't think anyones mentioned United States of Tara.
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Veronica Mars
Freaks & Geeks
Gilmore Girls for sure
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I have not read any of the other responses so it may have already been said.

Arrested Development

Funniest show ever.
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My husband is watching THe shield right now but i have no idea if its good or not
I am watching:
Big love
The tudors
and True blood

I also like weeds, six feet under, friends, sopranos, and sex and the city

on my queue is
arrested development
sara connor chronicles

I am liking all the recommendations though, I tend to watch the seasons so fast so i'm always in the lookout for new ones.
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Arrested Development

I was going to suggest Once and Again but they only have season 2.
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