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Sick 2 yr old

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My toddler caught a cold yesterday. He is sneezing like crazy and his nose is running like a faucet. So far he is the only one that is sick. I'm so worried that he may pass it on to the baby. Is a cold really bad for an 11 day old? Ds has only been sick a handful of times since he was born and it was also with a cold. But he was never sick at a really young age. Should I be worried? What should i look ou for?
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I don't know all the answers to your questions, but as someone whose DH has been sick for over 2 wks, I would say for you to use the neti pot every day. It has been my key to keeping his ICK at bay. Perhaps if you're able to fight it off, little baby will get your immune response benefits?
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Hey OPM,

I would wash your 2yo's hands a lot, esp before he touches baby. Use a humidifier at night for all of you and you start downing some Vit C and other stuff to boost your immune system.

Newbies are obligant nose breathers, so if they are stuffy, they have a very, very hard time sleeping or nursing. So you have to aspirate their noses w/those suction things--yuck. My DD has HATED those things since birth. So do as much prevention as possible. It doesn't sounds like you DS has a fever or anything, right? If it's just congestion, and your DD gets it, just use saline and nasal aspirator, humidifier, etc., and watch her temp.

GL and big hugs,
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Hope DD doesn't get it and you stay healthy, too.
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Just now seeing this
I hope you can avoid having your newborn catch it!!
Keep them separated, sleeping in different rooms, etc. at all costs if your son really and truly is sick.

My son who is just about your son's age caught a cold at the house of friends who were watching him while I labored and we didn't realize it until we were home 2 days later.
He had a terrible runny nose and was sneezing all over the place.
By the weekend, he was grabbing his ears and crying...took him in and got him antibx for his first ever double ear infection.
He had already been around the baby of course...giving her kisses and touching her for a few days.
We then tried to keep them separated...my husband slept with our son in another room and I stayed in the back of the house nursing.

Within a day, poor baby girl was coughing, snuffly breathing and sneezing herself.
When she was 7 days old, we had to take her to the ER b/c she couldn't even latch well to eat, was so congested and upset, suctioning w the Nose Frida wasn't helping much and we were scared.
At the ER, they did chest xrays and told us she had pneumonia!!!!
They then proceeded to give her IV lines and draw blood as well which was so unbearable to see.
They transferred her via ambulance to a better ped hospital where she was admitted.
This was all a blurry nightmare for me.
I was alone w her b/c my DH was home w our sick toddler.

The docs there determined she did not have pneumonia *whew*
but had a viral bronchial infection likely given to her by her brother.
B/c she needs to breathe through her nose in order to nurse, they take this very seriously w newborns.
She was observed overnight and thankfully due to me staying awake the whole time...seriously...and nursing/suctioning her everytime she got congested or panicky, she avoided being put on oxygen or kept longer.
We were lucky that she never lost her desire to eat despite the congestion.

She is still a bit snuffly a week later and we have another f/u ped appt. on Tuesday to examine her again.
Its been a stressful past week and if I could change anything, I would have been more vigilant in keeping my son quarantined.
His little cold was a big deal for a newborn.

Anyway, hope your little ones are faring better and resting easy as we speak.
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