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Sticky, darkgreen stool, almost black

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My 6 month old hasn't had a bowel movement in the past couple of days. I didn't think anything of it other than perhaps constipation. I was going to get my hubby to bring back something for it to help on his break today.

Well, about 25 minutes ago he finally had a poo, and as the title says, was "Sticky, darkgreen stool, almost black". I had noticed a dinginess to his urine this morning too.

I called the pediatrician, waited... waited... waited, no answer. I ended up leaving a message for them to call me back ASAP, so I'm waiting on this callback.

Anyways... I'm in a panic. I don't have a car so it's not like I can get anywhere right now. I don't know anyone to take me anywhere. I basically have to wait for my hubby to get off on break, which isn't for another hour 1/2. I need some support, possible scenarios that might not mean internal bleeding.

He does eat a formula with iron in it, but he has been on this formula for a while and has been having regular stools, until now. So, I doubt his stool being the color it is, is from the brand of formula. I've tried solids maybe 3 times.

There is no fever... though I would consider him more fussy than normal. I'm keeping a very very close eye on this until I can get in contact with the pediatrician.

I don't know what to do. I've been reading but it seems black stool only points to a few things; different foods, formula with iron, or internal bleeding.

Could it possibly be anything else? Like I said, no fever... a bit more fussy.

Anything else?
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I got a callback, I made an appointment for tomorrow, it's the only time could fit us in.

She said it could be fine but it might not be... so.

Still seeking answers on other things that may cause this kind of stool other than the things I listed.
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I don't know what could cause a change like that other than the things you've listed, but try not to freak out (I know that is easier said than done). if they were really worried they would have seen you today or sent you to the ER.
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My DD2 always has black stools after eating blueberries.

FWIW, though, my DD1 was on iron-fortified formula, and she sometimes had those blackish green stools. And sometimes she didn't. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. So it really still could be the formula causing it, especially if it was greenish rather than a tarry black.

Even if he is bleeding-- the likeliest reason for blood in the stool would be a food allergy. You mentioned attempting solids a few times-- what did he have? Could he have had a poor reaction to those foods? My DS had bloody stool with his dairy and soy allergies, and it was scary, but it cleared up quickly once we knew what the cause was.

And I agree-- if the ped office was in no hurry to have you in then they clearly didn't consider this something that needed to be worried over too much.
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My dd is on formula and will often have dark green sticky stools. What brand of formula are you using?
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