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partner in life

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Hi! I was curious if you could see when i may meet the man i will spend my life with? Or maybe i have already met him, so in general anything you can see about this person? Thank you!
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Hello! Welcome to MDC. I love then name you picked!

I do not feel that you have met your soul mate yet. And let me state that I do not use that term lightly and I do not think that everyone is necessarily with, or married to a soul mate. However, I do believe that is the person you are waiting for. I get the sense that you won't settle for just anyone or any kind of relationship. There's a sense of pickiness about you, and rightfully so. It is obvious to me that you have a lot to offer another person as a partner in this life. Therefore you should wait for someone that will be your equal. The man I am seeing is very intelligent, charming and is very spiritual. He will walk along many paths with you, not just walk his own paths. Although he will do that too.
He's a beautiful man in looks because his soul shines through. He is very healthy in what he puts in his body and he also lives with Mother Earth in mind. He is being shown to me as athletic because of enjoying using the strength of his body, as well as he understands the importance of being healthy. He looks to me like he has longer hair, it's a light brown. He has stunning blue or green eyes. People are very drawn to him. I keep hearing something about school. Either you will meet him at one, or he's a scholar, or professor, or maybe its you that's in the school setting? I believe he is on your path. I think it might be a bit while before you finally meet him b/c you need to be in a certain spot in your life in order to bring this beautiful man forward.

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