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intuition about gender?

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For any of you who have already had children: did you have an intuition that your baby was a certain gender, and if so, were you right or wrong?

Despite the fact that I'm nervous because I'm still in my first trimester (its my first baby), I keep having these feelings that I will have a girl, but I'm not sure if its just wishful thinking. Before I was pregnant and in my first few weeks, I thought I would have a boy, but recently it has changed and all I can do is envision having a baby girl and dreaming about having a girl. I just wonder how much confidence I should put into this "intuition" of mine...
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i was 100% certain from the moment i found out i was pregnant it was a boy... so very very certain. I didnt care either way, I have one of each and was just blessed to FINALLY be pregnant after 2 years!

Shes a girl.
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I'm 2 for 2. Knew the first was a girl, knew this one was a boy.

Had dreams that my girl was a litter of kittens, had dreams that my boy was a girl. So, I wouldn't count on dreams.

But I always called my girl "her" even before I knew, always called the boy "he."
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Both times I had dreams so I was pretty sure I knew what I was having and both times I was correct. I think you have intuition on the gender than generally you are right.
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Have been wrong all 3 previous times. The first i wanted a boy so thought maybe that's what i had. With #2, my pregnancy was soooo opposite i thought for sure it was a boy. She is a healthy active little girl lol. With my last pregnancy, which was a surrogacy, i had dreams it was a boy. She was definitely not a boy! This time i swear it's a boy, only because i want another girl lol. We will find out in 2-4 weeks when it decides to make it's appearance!
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The only one I got wrong was I was absolutely SURE my twins were girls. I had a very strong spiritual feeling that it was twin girls, and was blown away when they said one was a boy. Other than that, all my other 5 have been right.
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It could just be wishful thinking but who knows right?!

Whatever yours might be (which I hope you keep us posted ) I hope it's a healthy "girl"..lol!!

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I think intuition can work as long as you are absolutely certain that there is no wishful thinking involved. My 1st baby, I was certain I was having a girl and I was right. My 2nd a boy, but I was wrong. My 3rd I had no clue (maybe because of previous pg), and had another girl. The 4th I didn't even want to guess, hoped for a boy, had a boy. The 5th was pretty sure/intuition a girl, and had a girl. 6th hoped for boy, had a boy. Now I am pg with twins, hoping for boy/girl or boy/boy. Time will tell. I have no intuition about it tho. Before I found out I was pg this time, I did have a dream that I was having twins. But totally wrote it off because we weren't trying to get pg, didn't even consider that I might be because we were using BC. Dreams can come true (obviously, but there's that element of your subconscious working out issues and other stuff, so it's kinda a toss up. I feel like in my case my intuition was right when I had it and it didn't involve any wish fulfillment.
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Somehow I always knew ds was a boy and I was right.

I had a dream he was a boy (and also about his name which I fell in love with irl and used).

Then I just sort of always "felt" he was a boy.

When he was born I forgot to think about it/check for a few minutes...

then they announced it was a boy and I was like "oh yeah...it could have NOT been a boy" in my mind. Like I had to remind myself that i didn't REALLY know...even though i strongly felt I did!
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Originally Posted by queenofchaos View Post
I think intuition can work as long as you are absolutely certain that there is no wishful thinking involved.
except with me that it didnt work and there was no wishful thinking... i didnt care one way or the other if this was a boy or girl and am thrilled to be having another girl... but swore it was a boy up until I saw those three lines on the ultrasound.
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My story is a bit weird... I thought I was having a boy up until the end of the first trimester when I suddenly just KNEW it was actually a girl and not a boy. However, ever since my daughter was born i've always had this nagging feeling that there is more to her than I know and that I wouldn't be surprised if she ever came out as transgendered.

she is only 14 months, so maybe I am crazy but it was my second instinct that was right although it never made my first one go away.

I want to add that I had wishful thinking towards a girl. We seriously could not decide on a boys name and the issue of circumcision is not one I was prepared to debate with him (I am extremely anti and he feels there are a couple good reasons to be for it even after knowing everything I do) so I have no clue as to how that plays into anything. I wanted and needed a girl. I had always wanted a boy first but when I got pregnant, I changed my mind although I thought it was a boy... but then towards the second tri I just knew it was a girl... yeah.
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I wanted a boy more than anything the first time I got pregnant. But I knew from the begining it was going to be a girl I was in denile for awhile but deep in my heart I knew it was a girl. We were only picking out boy stuff and looking at boy names and a co-worker said to me how do you know its going to be a boy and I turned to her and said it won't its a girl but I am hoping I am wrong.
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I had very strong intuition from very early on with all 3 of my born children and I was correct each time.

With my first it began with me just really wanting a Boy, but as the weeks went on I just knew.. I had a lot of people (close & other) tell me there was no way.. that I was surely having a Girl (based on genetics, how I was carrying, Ect,ect).... but he was a boy

My 2nd I knew would be a Girl before I concieved her. I also knew her name before conception.. Not many people doubted me.

And my 3rd..I was pretty sure would be another girl right as soon as I was pregnant and as the weeks went on I just got a stronger feeling of it. She is now 2.

Im pregnant nowand SURE SURE SURE im having a boy this time. the weird thing is I get girl feeling as well, which really confuses me because I have never doubted the gender of my child before.. The Boy feeling is very strong but the girl feeling is definitely there as well..maybe im having twins yeah. no.
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I never have but my husband did with #1.

He told me immediately after we got the positive test that it was a boy. He was 100% sure of it and he was right.
With this one he has the boy feeling again but he's not as sure.

I have inklings here and there but nothing I would bank on or say confidently. We'll see if those feelings are right come August.
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I thought girl for both of my first two (girls), but I don't know if I was right or if it was wishful thinking. This time, I'm feeling girl again even though some people insist it's a boy because of the much milder morning sickness I had.
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I knew before I got pg with #1 that we'd have a boy (all my friends were having girls, and I had the impression come to me that we'd be the first ones to have a boy - I was right).

Before I got pg with #2, I had what I can only describe as a "craving" for a baby girl. So, naturally, when we got pg I assumed that was my girl! More logic than intuition. And I was wrong. Boy #2.

Then we got pg with #3. Again, assumed that THIS must be the girl since the last one wasn't. Something felt funny about that, especially late in the pregnancy, but I couldn't pinpoint it. DH was never convinced and didn't care. Wrong again, boy #3.

This time, I had no strong feelings. I still want that baby girl I was certain was coming last time, but early, especially, I had NO strong feelings. Then, I started subconsciously referring to the baby as feminine. Like, when scripting what I'd say to my dad when I called him, I had to force myself NOT to say, "We just thought you'd want to meet your new granddaughter." Crazily enough, when I called him and said, "We just thought you'd want to meet your new grandchild," he laughed and said, "I knew you were calling to tell me I was going to have a new granddaughter!" (He has only my 3 grandsons so far.)

I've only had one baby dream thus far, and it was a very distinct, really pretty amazing dream about it being a girl. We won't find out until baby is here, but we are all holding out some hope that it really is. (Of course, on the other hand, sticking to all boys would surely be easier! )

So, my official record is pretty rotten, but I still think intuition can play a positive role!
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
Had dreams that my girl was a litter of kittens
Is it wrong that I thought "aww, pregnant with kittens!" I love kittens...
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Yep. And I'm 3 for 3. We'll see if I'm right about #4.

I am usually certain up to about 20 weeks, then I start second guessing myself until just before the baby comes. But, so far, it's always been what I always thought.
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This is my first, and I just "knew" it was a girl from the get-go. Turns out she's a girl!

... then again, I really do think I had a 50/50 chance of guessing right, so take that for what it's worth. My thoughts that it was a girl never wavered, however.
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I've noticed a lot of women change their minds about what they're having around the end of the first trimester. It would be interesting to study intuition accuracy in the first trimester vs. mid-pregnancy or later.

My intuition about this pregnancy switched around the end of the first trimester. All during the first trimester I was hoping boy. Then around 12 weeks or so I started having dreams that this was a girl, and that she was naming herself (or arguing with me when I suggested other names ). The dreams were incredibly vivid, and after a few of them I started feeling deeply that this was a girl. That hadn't happened in previous pregnancies.

Sure enough...girl.
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