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I do Not want prenatal 'care', is anyone else like that?

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I'm currently expecting our second baby, and am almost 6 months along as it is, but I do not want to have any prenatal 'care'. I did with our first one, and from what I know now, I do not want dangerous ultrasounds, mysterious blood tests, drinking that sugar water garbage (I gave up refined sugar!), etc etc etc. I wouldn't even want them to use their speculum to check me, or the doppler. I am healthy and do not have any problems or issues. Our first was a home birth anyway, and I had stopped going to my prenatal appts when I was about 35 weeks anyway. I also don't want to go with a midwife, even if I could find one that is accepting of home birth, we can't afford it right now. I have been trying to eat right and all that, actually I'm eating way better than I ever did.

Is anyone also not doing the prenatal rituals? I worry that if I do, that I would be ornery, cantankerous, uncooperative and basically naughty, as I don't believe in modern medicine fairy anymore.
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I do prenatal care but more power to you!
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its called UP/UC and you are not alone

I couldnt do it myself... but I have problems with my pregnancies and do not feel comfortable with putting myself or baby at risk (not saying you are... just that I would be if I did not have a professional there with a clear head to make appropriate decisions if those issues popped up again)
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I can't imagine it but that's just me. I have a ds who was born with a life threatening heart defect. You can bet I'm EXTREMELY grateful for u/s and think the benefits out weigh the risks on this particular topic. I don't really even just mean during pregnancy...my ds had TONS of heart u/s after they detected his murmur at birth.

Had the looked closer during his 20 week u/s they may have spotted it ahead of time which would have given me a lot more time to learn all about his defect and not be so traumatized when he was 1 day old and I had three doctors in the room telling me my son needed life saving surgery at a hospital hundreds of miles away.

Not trying to be Debbie Downer here but I have a different experience than you. My ds has also had NUMEROUS chest X rays...yeah it sucks but is also necessary. I wish you the best and of course hope you have a healthy pregnancy and child...but the problem is sometimes you just don't know...
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There are people out there like you. My best friend who was pregnant at the same time as me is all about every thing all natural. She did not want pre-natal care either but since she had lost a baby in birth at 20 weeks her husband put his foot down. But she did not have any ultrasounds and did not follow what the doctors said about prenatals. She took the stuff she knew she needed to keep her and baby healthy. They did check heart rate and stuff like that through out pregnancy but that was about it. You know I love modern medicine but I really respect the natural way and let me tell you my friends little girl is the custest and smartest little girl I have ever met! Good luck to you and you should always do what your heart tells you is right for you and your little one!!
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Originally Posted by ZoeJane'sMommy View Post
you should always do what your heart tells you is right for you and your little one!!
I agree with this 100% and I respect your instincts very much.

I was considering UP this pregnancy. My only hesitation is that I love my birthing centre and my midwives and generally like any excuse to hang out there with them. As for all the tests and such, I would decline most. With DS, I was actually kind of disappointed that my pregnancy wasn't taken more "seriously" by my family doctor and midwives. It was all so new to me and to them it was just so normal. Of course, by the end of that very normal pregnancy and easy natural birth (a few complications but all taken in stride without any concern), I came to terms with just how little medical oversight is needed during pregnancy. Our bodies know what to do in the vast magority of cases.

So this time around, I had pretty much decided to UP until 34 weeks or so, when I'd check in with my midwives because I still want to birth at their birthing centre (I just like it there better than at home). But I quite suddenly ended up in the hospital for severe HG around 9 weeks and this revealed a fairly serious case of hyperthyroidism which can bring with it all sorts of complications for the baby and mother in later stages of pregnancy. There is no question in my mind that close monitoring is required as my instincts just aren't going to cut it in this case. So in the end I'm grateful to have the watchful eye of my midwives and endocrinologist, and I'll happily submit to the occasional blood test. I'm still open to UP if we're lucky enough to have a #3.

Every mama is so different and so is every pregnancy. It sounds like you know yourself well and that you're on the right track! I think that kind of confidence goes a long way.
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I can understand this feeling. I am getting prenatal care and plan on having and assisted birth, but my deepest wishes are to gestate in peace and then birth my baby alone, curled up somewhere in a dark little space where I can have peace and power. All the poking and proding during OB "care" can take a bit of the magic out of growing and birthing a baby. Nevertheless, I am not brave enough to go it alone.
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I am for natural medicine and healing, but there are some things is modern medicine that have proved to be extremely beneficial.

I personally couldn't do it from my situation. At my first DS's anatomy scan, we detected velementous cord insertion. I am very greatful that this was detected because it could have been fatal for DS and traumatizing for DH and I. Because of modern medicine, we were able to be prepaired in L&D with a huge staff of specialist there for DS. We were prepaired and everything went wonderfully.
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I haven't UPed this pregnancy, but it's been pretty close. So far my prenatal care has amounted to one ultrasound and two NST's. I haven't done any blood tests and I'm skipping the glucose test as well. I actually have an appointment scheduled for the 7th of June, but I probably won't go.

I am also planning on having a UC.
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I respect everyone's right to make their own decisions, but I couldn't do it. I had an ultrasound at 23 weeks that showed that my cervix was dilating and that I had lost my mucus plug. I had an emergency cerclage, which probably saved me from having a miscarriage. The benefit was worth it for me.
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We're doing the bare minimum this time (#2). No u/s, no doppler, no genetic testing. We did do the glucose test (required by the birthing center to birth there), but my prenatal care has mostly amounted to measuring fundal height and chats with my midwives. We are happy with the compromise- it gives me peace of mind to just check in and make sure everything seems "normal", but I think I would be fine with UP as well. I think as long as your pregnancy is considered low risk and you're comfortable doing so, more power to you!

Best of luck in whatever you choose!
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I don't want it either. I waited till 18 weeks to set up anything with a doctor. I wanted blood tests and an ultrasound though. I like the idea of monitoring urine and blood pressure at home and having a doctor I can go to if I think it is important. I just ordered a fetoscope and I will probably be listening to that little heartbeat as often as I can .

Because I am birthing in a hospital, for me it is important to give a little bit of face time at the clinic. But for the most part, I am gestating in peace .
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I'd love to UP but do want a midwife at the birth and need to do prenatal care because of that.

I don't do the GTT or a pap and all the bells and whistles. I've researched each thing separately and decided what I thought was valid and beneficial. I do want a 20 week ultrasound however. Other than the u/s I feel like the rest of my prentals are just 'fluff'.

There is an Unassisted Childbirth forum here full of women who UP/UC! You'll find many kindred spirits there!
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I can understand feeling that the level of care you received last time around was unsatisfactory. The fact that you refer to getting "mysterious blood tests" indicates that your HCP did not take the time to explain things properly and left you feeling as though there was no point to these intrusive procedures.

In your position, however, this would not make me forgo prenatal care. It would motivate me to seek out a more understanding, communicative and holistic care provider.
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I'd love to skip prenatal care but then I wouldn't be able to get a midwife and I have no interest in giving birth unattended.

Prenatal appts for all my pregnancies have generally been a big waste of time.
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I respect your decision--but I'm confused by some of your statements. It makes me wonder what sort of care you really did get during your first pregnancy.

I've never been checked with a speculum during pregnancy--and I'm on my 4th that looks to be going to term. That's usually for a pap smear.

If you don't like dopplers, a fetoscope can be used... usually after 16-18 weeks. It's a simple request.

U/S can always always be declined--however, I do think that the 20 week U/S does have benefit. I'm unaware of any peer-reviewed studies that show any harm caused to any fetuses from u/s.

Any sort of genetic screening test can be declined... as well as pretty much any blood test. Many Mamas decline gestational diabetes screening or choose to do an alternative such as checking their blood sugar after "normal" meals for a few days.

I'm wondering if the issue may be that you're not comfortable standing up for how you want your prenatal care to be? Yes, there are some physicians and midwives who would prefer that their patients do everything that they tell them... but there are others that will respect your right to choose which care/intervention is best for you.

Are most births in the United States over medicalized? Absolutely. But I wouldn't discount all medical care or obstetrical/midwifery care as being of no value.
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Eh-I've not seen anyone yet. I do have a midwife lined up to start seeing at about 30 weeks, but she is very "hands off", and doesn't like to do any tests either. She willl if there is any indication that something is up, but would rather just let things be.

There is value to knowing your body, and to having some way to check in if things seem "off". Certainly, things can and do go wrong with a seemingly healthy mother and baby. And, yes, some of them can be prevented. My understanding, however, is that u/s only finds about 15% of anomalies, and causes a lot of concern about the unknown otherwise. You can be told your baby is perfectly healthy, and it is not, or be worried about "something they saw" for months on end, and have a perfectly healthy baby at birth. And if they think they find something, you'll have a lot of interventions that may or may not be needed. It's a very fine line, IMO.

Most issues will be detected at birth, and if you are not too far from a hospital, can still be dealt with in a timely manner.

My favorite line to testing, etc is, "What are you going to do with the information?"
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Hello beautiful strong mothers! I am pregnant with my second child and am choosing no prenatal care. I had previously chosen a birthing center for my first son. At first everything was a dream, very home-like, the midwives were great, but it was not as natural as a process as they claimed it would be. I found myself very tired going every week at the end of pregnancy just for them to say hi then bye... not to mention how much that cost. ON TOP OF THAT, THEY GAVE MY SON THE WRONG SHOT AT BIRTH. THEY GAVE HIM A SHOT THAY WAS MEANT FOR ME. I was in shock and didn't know how to respond. upon speaeking with cdc we were assured my 2 hour old son would survive..they  hoped. GOD BLESS he is alive and healthy. Looking at the rates it is about 3800 for homebirth midwives.... what the heck is that?! I am in awe of this state we are in. I believe as women we should be learning how to birth eachothers children or our own. WHERE IS OUR COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN/MOTHERS?? The only reason they want you to do it in a hospital is so they're pockets swell.  BUT, I DO RESPECT A MOTHERS CHOICE- DO WHAT IS COMFORTABLE/APPROPRIATE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD. AND I BELIEVE ONLY THE MOTHER WILL KNOW THAT! SO NO JUDGEMENTS ONLY LOVE!
 I BELIEVE IT IS TIME TO EMPOWER OUR WOMEN AND MOTHERS!  this is a very natural process that has been made to be comfortable in another manner than nature intended. Every women is capable of delivering her child. Just be safe and smart. Listen to your body.  I have had worse pains then laboring pains throughout my teens ( ovarian cysts caused by pearl tampaxx (BAN THESE PRODUCTS) So natural birthing for me seemed like something I knew would empower me and make me stronger and more knowledgeable regarding LIFE. 

 Did you consult midwife/ or dr about the procedure regarding the umbil. cord? When you have birthed your child, what are the next steps?
If you know please inform me. I will most likely speak with a mid wife and do more research but would love to hear from a powerhouse who has lived it.. Thank you! blessbless mama nature

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mamahunny-You may want to visit our Unassisted Childbirth Forum for more information and discussion of this topic.
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The umbilical cord is actually pretty simple, mamahunny. You can use new shoelaces, braided embroidery floss, or buy cord clamps in homebirth supply kits. Clamp or tie it with something about an inch from the baby and cut farther from baby's end with sterile and sharp scissors or blade. For me that's best delayed until the placenta comes and the first feed is done, if done sooner then you clamp 2 places and cut between them. Nurse the baby, look him or her over, mom pushes on her own belly some maybe to push out clots and get the uterus involuting, clean up, rest, keep feeding baby and keep resting. See a pediatrician soon for a checkup if you like, just tell them it was a homebirth. Beforehand see if in your state you can order the PKU/metabolic test paper if you want to do your own at 1-3 days old. Register the birth in the first week, lookup your state's procedure for that to be ready beforehand.


Care who you consult. Many midwives and all doctors are very wary of unassisted birth. Homebirth midwives in states that don't license or regulate might be more open and understanding about it, but most will warn you of the dangers, at the very least, since they are trained and experienced in handling complications as well as normal births. You would of course need to learn and prepare in case of complications, and be willing to transfer if there was trouble.

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