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Loïc Charles is here

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So this is coming almost a week late but I haven't been on the computer much lately.

We had our baby boy unassisted at home on May 13. He was 8 lb 1 oz. Labour took longer than expected, I think because there were a lot of distractions. Loïc was the first of my children to not be born in the water. I laboured in the water but I got out for a bit of a break and he came in the next 3 contractions - right beside the birthing tub.

We're all doing well. He's nursing really well and I'm getting my milk supply under control. His older siblings are adjusting very well, especially my oldest.

I'm so in LOVE!
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Congrats!!! Have a wonderful babymoon!
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Congratulations Mama! Enjoy your babymoon
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Oh! How wonderful is that story! Congratulations on your little land baby! And how do you pronounce his beautiful name?
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your sweet boy! Welcome Loic!
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lovely news! Very happy for you and your family
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Thanks for the congrats!

Originally Posted by Carliegirl View Post
And how do you pronounce his beautiful name?
His name is pronounced Lowick. It's a form of Louis.
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Welcome to the world baby boy! Congrats Mama!!! I absolutlely love his name! Wonderful to hear of another beautiful UC, Im hoping for mine any day now. Enjoy your babymoon!
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