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To buy or not to buy IUI vials?

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Hello everyone,

I was on here in 2007 ttc #1. Now I am contemplating ttc #2. I am still nursing and just finally got my first pp AF. But I just found out the donor I used for my son is retired and there are only 4 vials left. I have 2 vials left. My dilemma? Do I just give it a shot with the 2 I have and deal with the consequences if that doesn't work? OR should I spend quite a large sum of money and buy the last 4 vials? Thoughts? I would like my son to have a full sibling, but is it really that important? Any help, advice, or information would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi solojean,

I would go for it! If it doesn't work out, then it's no big deal. But it's at least worth a try!

DP and I are planning on buying up our donor once I'm pregnant so that she can use him, too, in about 2 years. Our bank has a buy back program that at least allows you to recover part of the cost if you don't use them all. Maybe your bank has that, as well?

How long did it take you to conceive your son?
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it is hard to know how to answer your question since everyone's opinion is going to be different. as i see it, it all boils down to how important it is for you to have a full genetic sibling to your child. if it is really important (and only you can answer that question) then buy the vials. if it is not that important then you may want to take your chances and maybe choose another donor if he runs out. have you also looked on the donor sibling registry website to see if vials are available from other families?

good luck!
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if it were me, i would buy them. they are available and it gives you a few more tries for a full sibling.

we wanted to use the same donor for all our children since dp and i both planned to carry. however, we didn't bank a lot of vials and managed to luck into 6 more vials before dp ttc. both our sons have the same donor (1 that i carried, 1 that dp carried) but for our 3rd try we only have 2 more vials left. however, we have decided that having a third child outweighs all 3 kids having the same donor. we bought up 12 vials of another donor last year - he has similar characteristics, height, and major as our original donor. it's interesting to note that ds1 looks like me and ds2 looks like dp. we must have strong genes!

having said all of that, in the end, i think if having another child is important to you, it will outweigh having a full sibling. after all, 6 vials is no guarantee of pregnancy!

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If it were me, I'd buy them.

When I *finally* got pregnant with our son we bought what was left of our retired donor, which meant we had 5 vials in storage.

It took several years and too many donors to get pregnant the first time, so I wasn't feeling too optimistic about only having five vials. The second time around we were super lucky and got pregnant on the first try, using two vials (two IUIs over two days). Our family is complete with two children, but the three remaining vials are still in storage until after I give birth to this baby (hopefully very very very soon).

We don't know what we're going to do with them, but we really wanted a full bio sibling for DS so having bought them and paid to store them all this time and now letting go of the three vials seems like a small price to pay.
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful insight and advice. We were super lucky the first time ttc #1 and got pregnant on the first try with one IUI. So I'm hopeful I'll be lucky again, but I'm older now (38) and realistic. Having a sibling is the most important thing, but I would like it to be a full sibling if possible. I will likely buy them if they're still available when my HMO signs my forms - which as anyone who has an HMO knows could take way too long.
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