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Bloody Show Finally! (But dont want to get too optimistic)

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Hi All. So I am 40+3 today and had an appt with the OB this morning. He informed me that he only considers me at 38wks and due on 5/28 since he's going by how "small " I am measuring as well as his u/s dates. I basically told him he could go by whatever dates he wanted, but I am 100% sure my LMP was August 9th and 100% sure that I conceived on August 23rd. So, of course when I told him I was 40+3 he disagreed and didnt want to do a "stretch and sweep". So he did do a cervical check and found me unchanged from last week: about 1 1/2cm dialted, cervix still long and very little effacement. Baby is head down, but not deeply engaged (not surprising as she's my 7th). I had no discomfort during the check and I told him "dont be afraid to *really* check things out there" LOL. He one again expressed his "concern" over my UC plans and urges me to call the office when Im in labor, just so all the providers could have a "heads up" and be aware. I just let it go in one ear and out the other LOL. Set an appt up for next week, and was on my way after seeing him for about 5mins. Had a good ctx on my way out the office, and chalked it up to the cervix check since I've had none at all other than that one.
Got home, had a cup of coffee and after abt 10mins had to run to the potty. A good chunk of dark stringy blood on the TP and more light red/dark pink when I wiped again! HOORAY! I feel a little "twingy", and some minor back pain (but not anything that i dont ordinarily feel being this far along), but no cramping/bh/ctx at all. I am excited that things may be underway, but i hate to get excited with no real uterine activity. So, going to continue about my daily routine and just ignore whatever is going on 'down there" until my water breaks or I need to push. Maybe then it will be the real deal?? Im cautiously optimisitc at this point. Hope everyone else is doing well. I will keep y'all posted.
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well momma, i'm praying that things continue to progress for you! good luck!!
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Super exciting! Here's hoping you are holding a baby in your arms very, very soon!
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Sounds promising! Look forward to hearing what's going on...
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it is 10:00pm here and I have continued to have light red/pink discharge (like a light period with the occasional small bit of mucus) all day, every time after I use the potty. I havent had any ctx at all (bummer), other than the occasional "grab" if Im doing the stairs a lot, so maybe the OB just busted a few capillaries during the exam and me being as active as I am with the kids and housework has been enough to cause some effacement and keep things showing. Considering how antsy I have been the past week i figured I would be totally stoked, but now that things "may" be starting to happen, I am getting all anxious. Yup, the mama with #7 is wondering if she can handle labor this time around and getting a bit scared. LOL. This is an odd turn of events for me because with 4 of my kids I had no bloody show until I was well into active labor and with my other 2 I had show going on for 2-3 days along with prodromal labor from the time I woke up until after I laid down for the night. I think the anxiety Im feeling is from the fear of the unknown. Im a control freak and a perfectionist and there isnt anything happening to me that is 'familiar' to use as a landmark. I am trying to let go of my need to control and allow whatever is going to happen, happen without me trying to influence it in any way other than with acceptance. I know I still have some "letting go' to do so trying to work on that.
Ok, time to get the I-pod loaded up with some good music for when my LO does decide it's her time. Ive been holding off on that, and maybe it's a good project for tonight to just keep me calm.
That's all for now. I hope to have more exciting news soon! Thanks, as always ladies for being here.
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