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Help! Where do I go with this?

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Let's see, currently there are 5 of us living in our (just barely over) 1000 sq ft home. Within 1 yr, we will be living in a much larger 1500 sq ft home, with an additional large screened porch (so really more sq ft). My guys are 6 yrs, 3 yrs and 10 months old currently. We have saved every.single.thing between each child and decided this time that #3 is our last. I have given away many things and plan to sell all other strictly baby items at the yard sale I'm having in 2 weeks! However, my dilemma lies in toys....what do I keep and what do I sell? We're pretty good about tossing true junk toys and such, but with 3 boys....well, they have WAY more than we have room for....right now.

In the bigger house, we'll have much more room and could easily keep what they have inside our home now (I already have purged 2 large boxes of toys for the yard sale that are in storage). It's the "right now" home that we have no room for this stuff in....minus a few smallish things, they do play with all of it, maybe not every week, but at least every other week. Not to mention with the youngest guy....do I save any of it in case he may enjoy it? (That's all he has right now, things we saved from the first 2). In some ways, I feel like I should purge until things all fit better in this house, but will I regret that later?
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We live in a 1000 sq foot home, and we had a huge problem a while back with stuff just everywhere. What I ended up doing was setting up a shelving system in their closet, using mini bookcases and cardboard boxes, and just stuck almost all of their toys up there neatly.
I set up their room neatly, trying to make the most of their floorspace, and then brought down several (8) toys they hadn't played with in a while. There are a lot more toys down in circulation now, but what we needed was to get everything back in order. There was somuch stuff everywhere that they weren't actually playing with anything, but rather just making a big stinky mess.
btw I did get rid of some things that I was totally in love with (just hanging on to it for my sake, kids never played w them ), but saved most of it
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I wish we had room in the closet! When they moved into this room together (to make room for new brother in the teeny tiny nursery), we had to hang a double rod in the closet just to fit ANY clothes in there! I finally made room for a dresser last week (by parting with some storage) and it still feels like we have no room for clothes My 3 yr old really really loves the Geotrax stuff, so that's my biggest issue right now. It did reside in bins in the living room corner....then we had to make room for jumperoo....trains went to the hallway, and now I'm sick of walking around them daily. However, he plays with them ALL the time. They are every day toys. (and the bulky awkward station is one of his favorite parts). I've considered getting rid of other things (pirate ship? beloved very small bag of stuffed animals? more books? (I did part with a large portion of their books that are never opened)) but then I think....in less than a yr we'll have more room and they'll be able to not only put this stuff away neatly, but also have room to play with it! Then I look at it and want to toss everything!
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All I can say is that I had to get rid of a TON of stuff last year, and even more recently. I haven't regretted one single thing I got rid of. Not one. And my kids haven't noticed anything, and what they did notice was things that I absolutely had to get rid of, no choice. (Mold.) I just told them I had to get rid of it for X reason, and they said, "Oh, okay." They are almost 5 and 2.5.

Even if you have tons more room in your new home, do you want to have to clean it all up? That's my main motivation now. I want less to clean.
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I remember reading in the Toddler forum on MDC that someone used a train table with storage underneath as a coffee table in the living room. It was a plain-looking table from Pottery Barn Kids-- I'm sure they make cheaper ones somewhere too-- so it wasn't like they were putting their coffee on top of a replica of the Island of Sodor.
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Thanks for all the tips! No room for a coffee table here....however, I just carried out 6 garbage bags FULL of toys for our upcoming yard sale! Yay! I have at least one more bag full to get rid of (mostly stuffed animals) and I'll feel a good bit better. Now to hope it all sells!
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