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the healing power of breastmilk!

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My 6 1/2 year old developed pink eye over the weekend. We are pretty sure it is viral rather than bacterial, because he also has a mild cold. Antibiotic eye drops only help bacterial infections, viral infections just take their course. So I was scouring my parenting/health books trying to find some help.

In one book - 'Taking Charge of Your Child's Health' by George Wootan, M.D. - *breastmilk* is mentioned as a cure for viral pink eye (the milk contains white blood cells which fight the virus & bacteria!)

My younger son just weaned (last nursing about a week ago) but I am able to maually express a little milk. I have been bathing ds's eye with milk (and believe me, he is less than thrilled about this!) and it is working!!! His eye looks much better!!!

Why am I suprised? Breast milk is awesome! Any other stories out there about the healing powers of breast milk?
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I heard it also works for ear infections. My best friend swears by it when her dd gets one!

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I read here a few days ago about using it for diaper rash, and dd's is clearing up finally (I think it's yeast). Of course, I never remember to express any before diaper change, so I just squirt her. It is really hard to control the direction!!!
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Yes!! We've used it for diaper rashes too. And when DS had a clogged duct. But my favorite use for it is clearing up a runny nose. I can't even imagine how funny it must look trying to squirt breastmilk up my son's nose!
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