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Heaven on Earth

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I just bought this book today and have read chunks and chunks and chunks and I really like it. I was wondering what your point of view on the book is. I've never heard anything negative about it so I'm just curious
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I have not read it, but I did flip through it. I was planning on buying it, but at glancing thru, it looked A LOT like You Are Your Child's First Teacher to me. I may be wrong about that, but it did keep me from buying it at the time. Now that we are finally back into a tv-free, hang out and play rhythm, I do plan on running out and buying it before the school closes for the summer. It seemed to have a lot of ideas in it & I NEED to get back to our Waldorf roots!
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It's WAY better than You Are Your Child's First Teacher! YAYCFT has good information, but it's very dry. Heaven on Earth is just a lovely, inspiring read.
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I second that it is way better than YAYCFT. Its beutifully written and the well-designed layout really supports the primary content. The section on celebrations was just fantastic. I think it would be a great book even for non-Waldorf households.
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I agree, YAYCFT (that's a funky acronym!) was kind of bland- good information- but still not a fun read. Don't get me wrong- it did help me with a ton of questions I had, but I wish it were written like Heaven on Earth.
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Hmm, well I am feeling the opposite here! While I am enjoying HOE, I got a lot more out of YAY.. I did not mind the informative tone at all; it was exactly what I was looking for at the time. I am finding that my initial impression of HOE as "YAY.. lite" was true. Not that I am not enjoying HOE, b/c I am, but I was looking for a book of different activities, festivals, recipes, songs, etc. I already know the "whys", I want the "whats". I am feeling as though I paid to read parts of YAY.. again :/

So, a good book suggestion for me?
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dogretro- I think you'd probably benefit from reading waldorf parenting blogs and joining your local waldorf community (if you have not already).. they have more of the "whats" and the "hows"
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I sent in the application for the parent/child class which will be starting in the fall. DD1 is finally old enough for it (it's 2-4yrs). That starts in September. I do read a few Waldorf blogs & have seen so many nice things so far. We have been doing A LOT of outside time, even when it has been raining. My goal was to work up to 2 hrs per day, but it has been no work at all! DD1 loves going outside & it is easy to spend hours and hours throughout the day out there. I don't have v much time to get online these days w/ the new baby & I am still only about half-way thru HOE, lol!
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