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Doctor VENT!*long*

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I need to vent. I've needed to vent for a while, but this- today- was my last straw!

Back Story-
DS-Jake is 8yrs old. He's got Severe Anxiety, Moderate OCD, and Sensory issues, he's got pretty severe Dyslexia, and there is a chance that he has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI-brittle bone)...he also has some autistic like symptoms- as he hasn't been diagnosed, and we are trying to decide if it's time to do more in depth diagnosing. Our Ped is great- but she doesn't really want him to be diagnosed, because she worries that given our insurance (state medi-cal) he will be lost in the system. We moved to a rural area 3 years ago and his progress has been HUGE!

Jake was playing on the monkey bars and fell. First time on them and his anxiety kicked in and he panicked over falling, and fell As a result he broke his arm and has significant pain in his groin area of his hips. The ER was awesome, and they insisted that he see the Ortho in one week. So I call the Ortho's office- the thing is that I see one doctor in this office. I love this office. My youngest broke his arm and was seen there and they were awesome! My husband also see's a doc there and he really liked him. Well, since we have Medi-Cal the Orthopedic office has decided that SOME people with this ins. have to be seen at the local Tribal Health office. I have no problem with this, other than they don't have an x-ray machine. Anyway- when I call the office to schedule his appt they give me grief over scheduling. They wanted to see him in two and a half weeks,
and I really felt that given the fact that Jake only had a temporary cast (plaster on the bottom and ace bandages wrapped around the top) and this hip pain that he needed to have the appt as the ER perscribed.
I had to call the Office Manager to get an earlier appointment. I had to be more assertive than I normally am I had to tell her that I didn't like that they were IGNORING a CHILD in Pain, and that Medi-Cal PROHIBITS Descrimination-just to get an appointment. I felt like such an jerk! I love this office- they have really helped me, and here I am making veiled threats!

So we get to the appt today. The office staff and nurse are awesome! The doctor...... had NO bedside manner! He was BARKING orders at my son! He was getting frustrated with Jake because he's clumsy and slow at getting up, his hips hurt He kept making comments that were rude and degrading to my kid! "How old is he? Well, he's really weak." he's got some sort of a hip injury! He tells me "If it was broken, there is NO way he could walk or even handle these movements." I tell him, "I did." he ignores me.(Jake hides his pain, and every movement this doc did Jake was hurting. He wants to cry over the pain, but he won't say one word. He's been this way since birth )
This guy is ready to walk away and never look back when I stop him at the door and ask him about his temp cast. "Well, this is crap." was his response. What doctor says stuff like that??? So he is going to re-cast it, great! He was so rough and rude and almost yelling at Jake- yet he's not giving him any instructions about what he was doing or what he wanted Jake to do
I was the one that had to tell Jake what he was doing, and what Jake needed to do! I had to step in and be nurse and assist the doc.

WHY do Doctors feel the need to behave this way!!! I know the answer, but it is SO frustrating! I am SO not taking any of my family to HIM ever again! I felt like he treated us "because he HAD to" if you know what I mean, it was just his attitude and behavior I know Jake's different. I know he's clumsy. I know he doesn't listen. I know he's difficult. I also know he's very smart, and very loving, and very wonderfull!

If you read all of that rambling....thank you I really appreciate you momma's and poppa's here on MDC for supporting me and my family. Sometimes it's so easy to feel over-whealmed and out numbered!
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That's awful!! I'm so sorry that Jake had to go through that. How is he doing today?
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So how is his hip? And that dr is absolutely wrong (as you well know). I was not only walking around, but also running and working out on a hip that was fractured and had a torn labrum. I kept telling the drs that it was not right, that something was wrong, they kept calling it bursitis and told me it would just get better (but because I was military, I had to keep running on it). Doctors!!!
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You should absolutely file a complaint against that doctor. Treating ANY patient like that is horrid, but a CHILD? With special needs??? Ug...absolutely unacceptable.
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Oh, Mama, I feel your pain. I'm so so so sorry that you and Jake had to deal with this. It's really difficult sometimes when I know the doc knows that VeeGee's a medicaid patient. Rarely do we ever get any flack, but I have been told before that doctors "just don't like treating patients for free." I get that, and I'm grateful for everyone who does participate in the programs, but, wow, it's tough sometimes.

I hope Jake is okay and healing. How is his hip?

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Originally Posted by DoulaVallere View Post
You should absolutely file a complaint against that doctor. Treating ANY patient like that is horrid, but a CHILD? With special needs??? Ug...absolutely unacceptable.
This. For sure.

How is Jake doing today? Hope his hip gets better, soon.
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Just wanted to remind everyone of this part of the UA:
Do not post in a disrespectful, defamatory, adversarial, baiting, harassing, offensive, insultingly sarcastic or otherwise improper manner, toward a member or other individual, including casting of suspicion upon a person, invasion of privacy, humiliation, demeaning criticism, name-calling, personal attack or in any way which violates the law.
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The doctor sounds absolutely horrid and if I were you, I would sit down and write a nice little letter to him about his behavior. Then, I would contact the medical board and your health insurance company and file complaints. I would also go to those websites that let you voice your opinion about the doctor you see and leave your story so others can see it! I do this all the time.

I'm sorry your LO had to deal with such a doctor. Hope he is feeling better fast.
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oh, mama, i feel so bad for jake! and for you! what an awful experience to have to go through. i have known a few ham-handed doctors over the last few years, but...wow. this guy sounds just awful. i am so sorry you have to deal with this

i'm not normally one to get very aggressive, either, but i think that i would try to get hold of whoever runs the clinic and complain about this dr. it sounds like he's really not worthy of the title.

's mama, lots and lots of 's
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Thank You- all of you for you wonderful thoughts and hugs! I feel so loved here

Jake's hip is still hurting Today he had difficulty walking in the early AM, and asked for the Codine they gave him for his arm...he wanted it for his hip pain We are going to head into the ER either tomorrow or monday.

As for the doctor...I immediately wrote a review at one online site, and will continue to do so. Lilypie32 can you PM me the sites you leave review's at? I am also going to file a complaint and letter to the practice that he works for.

2BoyzMomma- you sound so much like me! I had a huge hip fracture, required 2 rod's in my leg to fix it. I didn't have the torn tendon though Ouch! I hope that you have fully recovered from that!

AndVeeGeeMakes3- that is EXACTLY how I felt in this office!!! I appreciate all that the doc's do, yet at the same time THEY are the one's that have made the decision to accept this insurance! We can't help our insurance, and punishing us for it makes things more uncomfortable.

I will update you all again after we see someone about his hips. Thank you, again for being here and letting me vent. You are all AWESOME momma's that have been through so much, yet are SOOO supportive!!! I so Love MDC!
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This is the medical board for the state of California, which grants that Dr. the license to practice in that state. Giving reviews on ratings websites won't change this doctor's behavior but an investigation from the state board might.

Poor Jake- I hope this whole episode becomes a fuzzy memory for him soon.
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