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I don't know if any of you remember me...

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But I posted about a while back about my then almost 2 yr old DD (she is now 3)...she had extensive ECC...her 4 front teeth needed to be removed as did her 2 top back molars, went to a couple dentists and found one I loved. She let me wait until I felt comfortable w/her going under GA at the Hospital. We tried halting the decay but that didn't work. We reluctantly scheduled the surgery for 5/20 (yest).

I was SO nervous before the surgery...It was so very scary! But it went so awesome. They let me go in with her when they put her under and it took all of 1 minute...lol! Then they tried to get me before she awoke but she awoke seconds before I got their...when she woke up she was thrashing around and crying but I asked if I could nurse her and they said of course, go for it...I was STUNNED but SO happy! That calmed her right down and she slept for another 45 minutes or so then we woke her up, gave her a freeze pop, showed her her presents, got her dressed and we were able to go home. She slept the whole way home then when we got home she had applesauce, some soup, ice cream and lots of freeze pops...lol! She is doing AWESOME! She says to me "My yucky teeth are all gone and don't hurt anymore." She just looks sooo happy! She ended up having to get 6 stainless steel crowns and get 6 teeth extracted...she didn't want any pain meds at all! Today she is doing awesome, just a bit tired but other than thats shes great! I am SO glad it went so well and we had such an awesome experience, I just wanted to share in case someone else is going through this! My DD is such a trooper
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Thanks so much for the update

My now 3 year old DS is in the same boat, his surgery is scheduled for next Friday.

Unfortunately our local hospital doesn't seem to be as flexible as yours....the dentist already informed me that they would NOT come and get me before he awakes.

But I'll try to talk to the nurses etc. on the day of the surgery, maybe I'll be able to find an understanding soul

Thanks for giving me some good ideas for comfort food such as freeze pops and ice cream. I was so focused on the medical stuff that I hadn't really thought about those things yet

Glad to hear your DD is doing well. Hope our experience will be as positive
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Just bumping this in case others want some info! Its been 2 wks and the change in my DD is amazing! She seems so much happier, not so crabby! I am so happy we went thru w/the surgery!
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