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So this morning I heard, err, told myself, that I would probably get another in-person hearing (most of mine are over the phone) before I quit my job in May.  Just now I got an email from a scheduler asking whether March 17th would be alright for an in-person.  Weird.  I've only had one in the previous two years.  Totally unimportant, but that's what brought me back to this thread.


Someone suggested the book Practical Intuition, and i was just wondering whether anyone else had suggestions. Not sure if Intuitive Jamie's new book would be on point?  I need to learn more, because it really bugs me that there is something there that's easily accessible (at times) and I'm just not accessing it.


Anyone had any recent success growing their intuition?

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I've read for Laura Day on several occasions.  I do not consider myself an intuitive person in any way.  I know her through a friend and it's just something she has people do.  And when she asks you to read she pushes you to answer specifics...she doesn't really accept general answers.  It's an interesting experience.  She also in her workshops pairs people up and has them read for each other for 5 minutes and then switch.  Afterwards you share as a group and the person you are reading for (who wasn't allowed to give info during the reading) talks about their experience and what you keyed in on.  Interesting too.  I've had some really cool insights from people this way.


Her point is that it's a skill like any other that needs to be developed.  Best thing you could do is just read for people for fun, learn how you "get" things and tap into it often.  I suppose you can do it on your own, but it's easier with others so you can sort of hone in on what you're getting and separate that from how you're interpreting it.  Those are my only words of wisdom and I'm not an "intuitive" by a longshot.  So take it for what it's worth!

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I've been quietly experimenting using a pendulum, esp with easy yes/no questions such as "Is this friend of mine having a baby boy?  A girl?  I have been surprisingly accurate with this lately - 6 for 7 at the last few babies born in my life -- but not completely accurate.  My miss was that I predicted (to myself) with the help of the pendulum about 8 mo ago that a friend would have a baby boy - well she lost the baby, but her daughter had a baby boy and now she is a doting grandma to this little guy.  


I am considering doing a meditation program with  visualization exercises.  I want to be able to get more useful information in answer to my questions..


I agree that practice is important, but I'm too shy to practice on real people.  There was a thread here a few months ago about trading tarot readings - something along that line might be useful.

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This thread is just what I am needing. I have fought my intuition for way too long and I am now ready to be open again. I think we all have intuitive skills. I just felt very nourished from a loving grandma for many years and it is right on the tip of my spiritual mind to fully open.
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Had to share this story here - dh lost his wallet, very unusual for him.  He was sure it was in the house and was turning the house upside down, with our dd's help.  I suspected he lost it at a restaurant he went to the day he found it missing, and was calling cc companies etc. to see if charges were being added to the cards.  


I played "20 questions" with a pendulum to narrow down the location of the wallet - never done that for a lost object before.  The pendulum session said it *was* in the house, in our bedroom.  I systematically cleaned out the bedroom and found it this morning in an unusual corner of dh's armoire that he and dd both *swear* they searched already. Yay for intuition!


I found it interesting that I feared/suspected one thing and that idea was not confirmed by the pendulum (which I believe is influenced by my subconscious.)  The pendulum *didn't* confirm what I feared to be true, but gave me a different answer, that was true.  So I guess I *do* have access through my intuition to reliable information that is separate from my anxieties. 


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way to go!

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I'm coming to this point where I know certain things so clearly, with the use of my pendulum... not just "in the moment" questions, but future stuff that is unfolding accurately.  How do I move past needing my pendulum to unlock that information?

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I believe that intuition is a (very fast) cognitive process, and not a spiritual one. To nourish my intuition, I respect it and listen to it. I try not to worry about things that are not happening right now, and so the real signal of intuition, like fear, are not ignored when I need them. Intuition may be wrong sometimes, but it is always based on concrete signals - even if we are not aware of that. So, I always pay attention to what it is trying to say. 

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