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Soy allergy and meat

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For people that have LO's with soy allergies or are allergic themselves, what do you do about consuming meat?

DS has a soy allergy and I have been diligent about reading labels and avoiding soy, but than I had a conversation with a WPF member who pointed out to me that most chickens and turkeys and cows (even if they are organic and "grass-fed" as grass fed beef is usually "finished" on grains for the last few months) are fed feed, made predominately out of soybeans and corn. I suppose the same would thing would apply to LO's with corn allergies?

I researched quite a bit and found a company online that raises all of their meat on coconut based feed so it is all soy free (they sell eggs too), but it is sooooo $$$$$$$$$$$$. I mean I cannot afford 90$ for 3 chickens!, forget the beef prices. I can probably swing the eggs.

What do others do? I feel like the only alternative is to be a vegetarian and his diet is so limited anyway, he is underweight and I feel he needs the protien. I really don't know what to do HELPPPPPPP
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I suppose it depends how sensitive the person is. A friend of mine has a soy allergy, and has no problem with grain fed meats (she also has no problem with soybean oil or soy lecithin).

With my DS and DD2, who are intolerant to both corn and soy, we get pasture fed beef (they're not finished on grain) because it's healthier. They actually haven't had a problem with commercial meats. And they are pretty sensitive. The pasture fed stuff is certainly more expensive. We do a mix so that we're not having all of one or the other, because that's the only way we can afford it.
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US Wellness Meats are grass finished and their beef prices are comparable and sometimes better than my Whole Foods, I've ordered from them for years. Not sure about what their chickens or pigs or sheep eat.
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Some people react to animals' feed, most people don't seem to, based on my reading over time on this board.

For financial reasons, we're consuming conventional meat and semi-pastured eggs.
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My ds reacts to non pastured meat. Not sure if it is from the soy or not in the feed but he is very allergic to soy too. Because of the cost of pastured meats, as dh is unemployed, we eat meat sparingly and when we do get a whole chicken, we use every part of it to make the most of it. I found a local lady that raises pastured chickens for $7 a bird. We can afford 1-2 a month. So other than that, and some fish and a little beef (mainly liver), we just avoid meat altogether.
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My ds is allergic to soy (IgE). He gets eczema from even a tiny amount of soy oil/lechitin. He does not react to soy fed meats.
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thanks for responding

I suppose I will wait for my ALCAT results to see what category soy falls into. We have been avoiding gluten and soy for months now but DS is still reacting to something/s. That's why I decided to do the ALCAT. I am having no luck figuring out what the things are with elinimation. I suspect his reactions are quite delayed. Its all very confusing!

I hope the soy issue is not that he reacts to the meats. that may send me over the edge!
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