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Multiple Follies and IUI

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Hey ladies

Driving myself crazy with research, so thought I'd just post here and see if I could get some opinions or personal experiences....

Dealing with secondary infertility (PCOS diagnosis). I am 29, I have one 6 year old conceived naturally (when I wasn't trying and I was oh so young :/) I ovulate on my own, but late, and after 14 months of trying I knew something was wrong. RE put me on Femara to see if that would help things along. It didn't help by itself, but I managed to catch the egg around CD 20 on my first IUI cycle. I wound up having a chemical pregnancy at 19dpo.

The following cycle we tried Femara and Follistim boosting and I got two nice follies, but wound up with some kind of infection (I think it was from the IUI to tell you the truth, Catscan said "cannot rule out salpingitis" but the RE's office denies denies denies). Anyway, took last month off, and back at it again this month.

To make a long story short, this month she increased my follistim, and I wound up with 4 mature follicles (2 that could possibly be mature by the time I ovulated after trigger)
My RE's office is ultra conservative (undertandably) and was hemming and hawing that I had four mature follicles (they were all around 17-18mm), and they didn't want to do the IUI- etc. etc. (I only want one child, two at the most, but three or more is not for me- I would never put my children's health at risk like that. I'd feel like I was being selfish to try and carry more than 2). So I agreed to do selective reduction, if it came to that. (I know you all won't judge). So I did the IUI on Tuesday with a whopping 70 million spermies all with above average motility and morphology (GO DH!).

Anyway, what do you guys think the odds are of more than two? I'm extremely nervous, especially since the first IUI "worked" with only ONE follie (technically) but everything I've read has said 3-4 follies is ok with IUI. Am I being silly worrying about this? It's all I can think of, and with another 7 days till test day, I'm driving myself bonkers! HELP!
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I don't have any experience with multiple follicles, but didn't want to not respond. I can certainly understand your concerns. Hopefully someone who has done injectibles before can chime in. I'd like to hear about it since gonal-f is in my future.
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Thanks Leslie- still hanging out here waiting to know. It's misery! Funny thing is that I bumped into my RE at Relay for Life here in Orlando, (I didn't see her at all this cycle, I saw her partners, because our schedules just wouldn't coordinate) and she told me not to worry about it. Easy for her to say! . Anyway, I'll give you an update Friday (testing day)
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Good luck - I'm curious to hear what happens.
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I did a Follistim/Lupron/Ovidrel protocol when I conceived my daughter but we did timed intercourse and not IUI.

So obviously, you have a higher chance of conceiving multiples because of the presence of multiple follicles and with IUI the chances of conception at all go up from timed intercourse.

Keeping that in mind...

....I had four mature follicles at trigger, 2 or 3 that were close to mature, and I conceived ONE baby.
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My RE's office cancelled my cycle at 8 follicles. Four was not an issue at all, and I did not succeed with 4.
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Thanks ladies- your input really helps I'm still waiting to test, and hoping for the best- I just need one little sticky bean darnit!
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i triggered and did my first iui with 2 maybe 3 follicles in Dec and did not get preggo, then this last cycle i triggered and did my 2nd iui with 4 maybe 5 follicles of good size, and wooohooo im preggo, i'll tell you in 2 weeks with how many. i'd be ok with two and i'm willing to reduce if i have more, mostly im just so glad to be preggo after so many years of all this hell.
I'll be looking out and crossing my figures for your BFP as well!
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Obviously none of us knows the answer, but I would *guess* you aren't pg with more than twins. It's a nice position to be in, really! I wish my body would make one follie. I had a friend who did IVF and put back 7 embies (to my horror), but none stuck. It all comes down to egg quality and how hospitable your lining is.

Good luck
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Adorkable- I was so happy to see you pregnant *finally*!!!! You'll have to post as soon as you know how many you've got in there Just to update everyone- apparently nothing to stress over because BFFFFFN Four follies, great sperm counts and still BFN. My progesterone was really really high, and my LP was nice and long, 15 days, but nada. Moving on to IVF. I'll be doing the first IVF cycle in July. Wish me luck
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Thanks Nanette, i have been reading that success rates and multiples have a lot to do with estrogen level around o time, part of me thinks that me taking FSH for the first time (3 days of very low dose follistim) is what made the difference, because i have been getting follicles and ovulating just fine just on clomid and even sometimes (just late) without and my previous iui in Dec i have 3 follicles and BFN.

i get my first u/s tomorrow at lunch time, woot! i'll be so happy to see my little gummy bear, even thrilled to see two but boy i would be freaked out big time to see any more than that.
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Not Only Did I See A Heartbeat Today... I Saw Two!



we are having twins!!!
they are clearly Di and the heartbeats were strong and everything looked totally great. all the cramping I'm feeling is probably due to 2 really large corpus luteums i have on my left ovary, all good, im sure they are working hard to pump out lots of progesterone for my two little gummy bears!

hubby is still working on taking it al in, after the many years it took to get here and at out age, this is great news. it will be a challenge but o so great!
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Oh MY GOSH!!!! CONGRATS GIRLIE!!! You've been waiting so long for this. You deserve it!! I'm so very happy for you AFTER ALL THOSE MONTHS OF BFNs two little heartbeats- YAYYYYYYY!!!
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OMG Adorkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!
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YAAY! Congrats!
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